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A VPN, for its acronym in English “Virtual Private Network”, is a tool that is constantly used in computer networks. This technology is based on the extension of a private network over an Internet network.

It works with point-to-point connections remotely, that is, through the Internet we can connect with another equipment in a private way without interrupting the sending data in the transmission and with restricted access according to our password. .

Everything you need to know about the best VPNs For Linux you will not be able to find in this article, in which we will also talk about how you should connect to a network through Ubuntu and we will analyze whether a paid private network is better or not.

Top 15 Free & Paid VPN List for Private Browsing on Ubuntu

Top 15 Free & Paid VPN List for Private Browsing on Ubuntu

Before I start talking about best tools for Linux We want to show you all the steps that are necessary to be able to connect to the virtual network from Ubuntu.

Next, we detail each of its steps, using the forticlient VPN as an example:

  • We open the terminal
  • We wrote “cd Downloads /” which is the directory where we have downloaded the data
  • At this time we will have to unzip the folder as super user, for that we will write “$ sudo tar -xzf _linux_4.4_2331.tar.gz”
  • We verify the directory that we have created by writing “/ Downloads $ cd forticlientesslvpn /”
  • We execute the script that we have already created, we execute the script “$ sudo sh fortissvpn.sh”
  • At this time a window will appear with the license agreement for us to read and accept
  • We flip the server data “vpnssl. .es”
  • We wrote “User”
  • We choose the “Password”
  • We leave the fields empty “Certificate” Y “Password”
  • We choose “Connect”
  • When we finish the connection we will write “Stop”

Once we already know how to connect with “Virtual private network”, we detail the best tools that currently exist so that we can navigate privately in Ubuntu.

They are:

Express VPN

It has important characteristics in terms of speed for transmissions and also to protect privacy, since it stores private data in ZERO.

Has more than 1,500 servers with which connections can be accessed in more than 90 locations thus allowing an intensive use of torrenting and also transmitting data packets in a very fast way. Its cost is $ 9.99 with a 30-day free trial.

Private Internet Access

It offers us the possibility of being able to connect from our PC through encrypted and unreadable data to the Internet, having our IP connection in a hidden way.

It has three types of plans in which we have 7 days to return the money if we do not need to acquire it. For only $ 6.95 per month we can acquire the license, if we do not need this kind of monthly commitments we can acquire it at $ 39.95 for a year.


It gives us the possibility of having more servers in different countries, Spain being one of them. It is available for Windows and MacOS, also offering an unbeatable Ubuntu experience.

Its interface allows us access different controls that will give us a hidden IP and also there will be no records of our activities obtaining high performance servers in different places.

Among its offers we will mention:

  • 3 days, € 2
  • 1 month, € 7
  • 3 months, € 15
  • 6 months, € 29
  • 1 year, € 49
  • 2 years, € 79
  • 3 years, € 99


Thanks to this security tool we will be able to browse the Internet privately seeing access to different sites without leaving Traces of our history.

In addition, it gives us the possibility to connect to many servers in different countries of Europe and the rest of the world. Its interface is simple, which is an important advantage over other competitors.

It offers us offers of up to 3 years and is also available for Windows, MacOS Android and iOS.

Tunnel Bear

It is an application of Very simple to use private security network which will allow us to browse privately without any inconvenience.

If the feature of deleting all the data that is generated every time we access the Internet, the tool connects we can have the peace of mind that our security will be in good hands.

Private VPN

Thanks to this compact tool we can obtain a great speed in our navigation and make Ubuntu work in a simpler way with few controls to use.

We have the possibility to navigate in a hidden way without any problem and being able to connect remotely with all the privacy and security guarantees that exist.

We can choose between three plans, 2 the most important offer of up to 83% savings for a 2-year contract for only $ 45.36.

Zen Mate

We have easy access to content that is restricted in different places as well as safe browsing that allows more than 2000 servers 140 locations to allow us to have access safely.

It has the characteristic of having a very simple interface with which we can execute the commands from Ubuntu in a simple way.


With this tool we can navigate without problems if we need to maintain our privacy from Ubuntu. The speed quality is very good and the servers it has will allow us to have good connections.

Its download is available in three types of plans, the 2-year one being the cheapest with which we will pay $ 47.76.

Proton VPN

It is a free download service for a private security network, with which we can achieve high browsing speed, protecting our privacy from end to end.

In its interface it has a world map in which it will show us where we are accessing from, Linux being the ideal platform for the development of this technology.

Mullvad VPN

It helps us to browse privately, this tool can be installed with very few steps, which will allow us to have a high Internet speed and also control the connection from end to end.

Cyber ​​Ghost VPN

For only $ 2.75 we can get this tool that will allow us to access blocked sites, as well as secure point-to-point torrenting. It gives us the possibility of accessing games that are blocked in the area where we access the Internet.

Ultra VPN

We can get a very fast and secure VPN that promises us our money back in 30 days if we are not satisfied. We have different types of location and transmission for free, as well also a firewall and VPN access for 6 months.

It is a tool that works very well in Spain, not having any Internet restrictions for content with censorship from other countries.

Pure VPN

This is another great tool that takes care of our security from end to end so that we can browse privately without leaving our content data or any other information that cannot be erased.

The speed offered by the servers is very good since allows you to transmit without any inconvenience to a group of more than 300,000 IPs.

Their plans are very competitive with respect to their cost, as the 24-month one is the best for us since we will pay only $ 2.88 per month.


We will be able to browse the Internet in a private and safe way since they will not find us or we will always remain hidden when we perform tasks on the network.

It has a large number of servers distributed throughout Europe and also in other countries, which will allow us to have a very fast speed and unlimited access to a large database of IP addresses.

Astrill VPN

If we use Ubuntu as an operating system, my penis can be of great help to us since by installing this tool we can have an application center that will allow us to carry out different jobs on the Internet in a very simple way.

Its interface is so intuitive that we will not waste time concentrating on finding what we are looking for.

Is a free VPN really safe or is a paid one better?

Is a free VPN really safe or is a paid one better?

Let’s remember what are the basic characteristics that a virtual private network must have:

  • Verification of the identity of the person or team on the other side.
  • Check that all data packets have been sent without any alterations, as well as take into account that privacy must be respected, so that it can only be decrypted by the destination user.
  • The performance of the service has to be good, based on the measurement of the data transmission speed.

If a VPN minimally meets these requirements, it does not matter if it is free or you have to pay a membership for it, it is considered to be safe, since its importance lies in the secure extension of the LAN network over a public network or the Internet.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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