+15 Devices and Gadgets to Improve Your Privacy  List ▷ 2020

Privacy is not an issue we should take lightlyOn the contrary, we must carry out all the necessary tasks to improve it every day. Our data, photos and secrets should always keep confidential, and no third party takes possession of these without our consent.

You are not exaggerated your paranoia is normal, because the dangers we face every day make our lives an unsafe world, where everything can be used against us.

We know that you want to protect yourself at all costs, so here is a list of the most recommended gadgets and used in the world, when protecting identity. Let’s be radical about this, and stop the abuse of our privacy.

Our privacy at stake Why is it important to protect our data?

It’s normal that let’s keep a private life, since there are things we do that the people around us shouldn’t know. However, privacy is not something that is entirely up to us. In other words, the sites or devices we use to carry out our activities, save information personal. Imagine that it was exposed, and all our secrets were disclosed, it would be total chaos!

Protect our data, it must be our objetive in all cases, because by doing so we prevent them from being used for a purpose other than the rights that we had approved. As an example of this, we can imagine a person with a disease whose name must remain confidential, because if others know them, they would discriminate against the infected person. If the information is not confidential, social and work life can take a negative and even dangerous turn.

List of the best privacy gadgets we should have

Although many classify us as paranoid, it is never enough when we want to protect our privacy.

Part of the most recommended gadgets, to protect our privacy 100%, are the following:

Mic-Lock Microphone Blocker

microphone jammer

Because many people have been affected when their devices are possessed by an attacker, the microphone blockers. The objective of this is to prevent get a recording when we are careless. They are small 3.5mm hardware that can be inserted in a computer, phone or tablet, which simulates the connection with a microphone, completely blocking any recording that may exist.

Lindy USB port locks

PortaPowUSB data blocker

If we want to prevent our information from being stolen through external device connections, the best way is block USB ports. Although it is a very basic strategy, it is totally effective.

Webcam covers

webcam covers

Cameras can capture all kinds of activity, either by direct or remote control. If we want to avoid uncomfortable moments and live calmly, we must make use of the famous webcam covers. With the use of these, we will stop living with anxiety, that they may be watching us from our TV, computer or mobile device.

Faraday fabric for EMI / RFID shielding

faraday weave

Mobile devices typically connect to different open networks, but with the use of Faraday bags, we will isolate all wireless connections, including Bluetooth. This fabric can be manufactured by hand or purchased at any technology store. It is extremely useful, if we believe that our mobile equipment has an information leak, and through this we will avoid the violation of our confidentiality.

Panasonic call blocker

Panasonic call blocker

Let’s avoid once and for all those calls that we do not want to answer. With the use of the call blocker we will put aside those conversations that waste our time, whose real intention we do not know. In this way our landline will be free again, using it only for special and important calls.

Anti spy RF scanner

Anti-spy RF scanner

If your paranoia is so high you can make use of RF scanners, so that you can immediately detect all threats to your privacy. Although it is mostly a situation that happens in movies, there may also be real cases where spying devices are installed, but with the RF scanner, you can detect and disable them.

PortaPowUSB data blocker

PortaPowUSB data blocker

Never use public USB charging points without first wearing a protection. This protection is known as USB condom, and its objective is to protect the device that is going to be connected to a public charging point from all the attacks that may be transmitted through it.

Tableau Forensic Bridge Kit

Tableau Forensic Bridge Kit

Leaving our device freely accessible is not recommended, because anyone can take control of it and extract all kinds of information. For situations like this the use of a forensic bridge kit is recommended. The operation of this professional kit consists of the edit and write lock of the memories, where only we can have such access thanks to the passwords we have designated.

StarTech 1: 5 USB Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser

StarTech USB Flash Drive Duplicator and Eraser

Depending on our needs we can use this hardware to erase or duplicate discs. They are normally used to format more than one disk at the same time. Although, if you want to create a kind of promotional brochures, you can make use of this duplicator to use small spaces and copy the information.

Lowell Destruct Hard Drive Eraser

exponential equations 5

It is not a device that only exists in movies, also in real life we ​​can acquire a hard disk eraser. Its function is delete all existing on the discs on contact. Many know him as memory destroyer, but regardless of the name you can give it, the truth is that it is very easy to use and highly reliable.

StarTech 4-compartment controller eraser

StarTech 4-compartment controller eraser

In most cases, when we are going to do a cleaning a hard drive we use our computers, but the truth is that it is a loss of resources, since this is not the activity of our PC. If we want to erase or format our disks, we simply have to do use of proper equipment, and therefore we recommend use StartTech. No matter the state of your memory, just plug it in and it will be like new again.

Apricorn Aegis Padlock Fortress FIPS USB 3.0 Hard Drive

Apricorn Aegis Padlock Fortress FIPS USB 3.0 Hard Drive

With the use of external hard drives Apricorn, we will forget about our low levels of security, since these offer us a more secure system for our data, including protection for brute force attacks.

Resorting to glare


There are glasses like those offered by Privacy Visor, which areasks for identification from the cameras. Thanks to her and the National Institute of Information of Japan, who were the ingenious, we will be able to walk freely through the streets and shops, without our identity being put at risk. The objective is to cause a dazzle in the cameras when the focus is made at a direct angle to our face, preventing recognition facial.

Use Hardware Wallets to Store Cryptos

Cold Wallets

These devices work in the form of a cryptocurrency wallet but no internet connection, with the objective of keep all security keys stored in a safe way. They are also known as Cold Wallets, and thanks to the fact that it does not need an Internet connection, the leakage percentage is very minimal.

Security Routers with VPN

router with vpn

Security Routers with VPN They are extremely recommended to protect our data, and keep less traces in our Internet browsing. This technology is widely used by large companies, because they protect the communication networks between your computers.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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