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Discord in an application or social network where many people can speak and communicate across the world. Either, making a video call on Discord or by written conversations.

They can find many Discord groups or specialized servers on specific topics, such as video games, movies, terror of any kind or more informative topics like reading or jobs.

This makes you a very large and diverse social network that allows it to be very versatile without the need for many complications, since it has a relatively low learning complexity and a very comfortable interface aimed at all audiences.

The best Discord servers about online games that you should know if you are a gamer

There are many servers and groups that are dedicated to both one kind of video game and many at the same time, creating very active entire communities, with varied but entertaining content.

Among the best servers that we can currently find we have the following:

The Gamer Portal

The Gamer Portal

It is a group of Discord that is dedicated to talk about very popular video games such as League of Legends “LoL”, shooters like Valorant, and survival and construction games like Minecaft.

Click to join El Portal del Gamer

Nintendo Universe

Nintendo universe

As its name implies, it is a server completely dedicated to video games from Nintendo such as Super Mario Bros, Super Smash Bross, The Legends of Zelda and many more. The downside is that the site is predominantly English, but if you speak or know something of the language you will not have problems.

Click to join Nintendo Universe



It is a group / server where many people talk about different video game content, from the oldest to the most current. In addition, to share content and guides to other players and group members.

Click to join GeekWordl

Anime Spanish

Anime Spanish

This is a server very varied in which they talk about both video games and anime. Also, lots of nice and fun content where you can interact or meet people of any kind, all with a high level of respect to show.

Click to join Anime Spanish



This is one of the most varied groups that you can find on the list, in this you can find high-level Gamer content. Also, things related to the anime world like manga and novels. Like the solution to problems that can be found on your computer and guides of any kind.

Click to join Sashimi

List of the most used Discord groups to have conversations and meet new people

Are you looking for a good group to meet new people? Do not worry!

Next, we will talk about the most recommended groups when it comes to making yourself known and talking:

The Alpha

The Alpha

It is a server where find a friendly and diverse community, they talk and post a variety of “predominantly anime” content made to meet people and have a good time. With Alpha you will be able to converse with many people in the world, and not only share cultures but also opinions on different types of topics.

Click to join The Alpha

Cats Friends

Cats Friends

Are you looking to meet new people, someone with whom to share all kinds of hobbies, play games or just talk? Join the largest social community in Spanish. This server will give you the opportunity to meet other users and discuss your tastes and preferences. To be part of this community you will not need to pay a subscription, because the only requirement is to have an active email.

Click to join Amigos de los Gatos

Coffee room

Coffee room

A cozy place for anyone who wants to find new friends, relax and find companions with which to play. People who enjoy anime are also welcome. More than just a room, it is the perfect place to meet without leaving our comfort, and the best thing is that it connects us with people who share our tastes.

Click to join Sala de Café

Autistic Community

Autistic Community

As the name suggests, this is a group to meet mostly Autistic people. However, you can also find all kinds of interested people in knowing and helping others without external merit. It is a very nice place to hang out.

Click to join the Autistas Community



Feel like in the bar or meeting point in your neighborhood! Anteiku is a community with a varied theme: You will be able to talk and do many things! No one here is discriminated against because of their race, sex, or ideals. Go and have fun meeting people, talking, listening to music, playing games, hanging out or sharing moments and laughs.

Click to join ANTEIKU

The Discord servers you should know to learn about work and productivity issues

Do you have problems with the productivity of your company? Are you looking for a group where you can talk about labor issues? This is your chance!

Next, we will tell you which are the best groups to learn about labor issues and productivity in this area:



This is a Spanish-speaking server, where they are always active and maintain a healthy community, you can chat about any topic with colleagues. Either about work or about production worldwide. A nice community where you can find friendly people willing to make friends! Said server cares about maintaining a 0% toxic community and maintaining information on any topic to as many people as possible.

Click to join MLG SERVER

Depressed N ‘Impressed

Depressed N 'Impressed

It is a small server for people who they want to talk quietly about philosophy, music, art or simply tell their problems. No toxic people or junk content (shitpost, papulinces, etc).

Click to join Depressed N ‘Impressed



It is one of the servers most dedicated to the labor issue. Yet you tend to talk on different topics that complement the same server, where you have topics of jobs, entertainment and more.

Click to join MultiTown

The ideal Discord groups to learn how to use the platform as an expert

Discord groups, are communities that are created categorized into different parts of the world, where professionals and do not share ideas and strategies of games that allow us to learn tricks and skills to become excellent gamers.

Let’s see the best ones below:



Discord groups, is a new server that allows us to connect with players from America, although, its approach is more inclined to the creation of rooms intended for Discord experts from South America. This does not mean that there are no characters that are part of this community from other continents or countries.

Space weebs

space weebs

With Space Weebs, we can be part of a list of different communities that are categorized according to the game and people who are part of them, as well also the knowledge and skills within the Discord platform. These servers do not require any membership paymentWe only have to make a record of our data and access with the credentials obtained.

Click to join Space Weebs



If you want to share or chat with your gaming friends, you will not need to continue paying for expensive software or memberships in luxurious communities, you are only part of Discordians, there you can enter and chat with great experts in video games and learn everything you need about Discord and thus be able to master the platform to perfection.



Makigas is a site that maintains a close relationship with Discord, which allows us to communicate with other people, share our ideas, strategies, learn about techniques, projects or other topics in reference to video games. In this community they do many professionals part, being the only community where programmers and engineers share topics and topics in relation to gamers growth.



Finally we have Discordea a great place to find group servers, where large communities of gamers share their experiences and strategies so that we can become the best video game player in the world. This website does not maintain relations with Discord, and its objective is to unite all gamers in the Spanish-speaking community. To be part of this family we need to make a previous registration for the creation of our credentials.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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