+15 Open Source Programs and Tools  List ▷ 2020

We will ask ourselves, what free software can we use in the middle of 2020? where the accessibility of the Internet is exponential, practically unlimited and that helps us improve our day-to-day lives.

For many it is essential find very advantageous toolsEven more so for those who are programmers, web designers or graphic designers who seek to achieve a striking feature in this computing world.

Open source o (open source) is the basis of designs from a wide variety of programs that have certain peculiarities that any user could make the most of, with their continuous development, it is becoming easier modify and improve the software to our liking.

What are the benefits of using Open Source tools?

Open Source systems, are fully accessible and modifiableBut they are not limited to these simple benefits.

It also offers us other great advantages that we will show you below:

Open Source

It is important emphasize that the objective of Open Souce is to provide the freedom to access the source code of the programs and to be able to improve it as a whole, beyond the commercial uses that may be given to them.

Unlike “closed source” software he can make his source code available, allowing users to research it, modify it and improve its design. By being able to enjoy open source, we have all the encrypted information of the program and we can safely handle the files we have. Furthermore, as it is free software, it can be used for any interest.

Improve a Program

Its main issue is to present solutions regarding the needs of users. These measurements are arranged by means of high quality tools, that produce optimal programs that manage to correct errors. Reinventing a program causes rapid improvement progress, which can be obtained by new improvements that you want to add. Also, it allows us to freely share all the developments made and commercialize them, depending on what you want to do.

Free license

Another of the benefits is precisely that the program license does not have to be paidThis means that there are no fees for permits, maintenance, or assistance, only the services offered by the software provider.

List of the best Open Source programs and tools that you should know

They are many software that is based on an open source system, but today, we will simplify the huge lists that you can find throughout the Internet, naming only the 15 best in the world.

Let’s see below:



One of the best and best known video players, with a wide visualization of audiovisual files in different formats, one of the tools that stands out is the volume enhancer that it gives to the sound equipment.

Download VLC Windows

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

Many of us have heard of this great browser, and its benefits in terms of security and privacy they are huge, detail that makes it one of the most famous softwares in the world.

Download Mozilla Thunderbird Windows

Download Mozilla Thunderbird MacOS


What is Chromium?

Other browser which derives from Chrome but in its Open Source version, and this stands out for its non-compulsory use of accessories and services. It has an open source license, making it easy to use its source code for different solutions on other platforms, but, with the same technical base.

Download Chromium Windows



FileZilla, is a software that we can use to organize different sites at the same time, and support protocols such as SFTP or SSH. Also, it has powerful search toolsThanks to this, every day it is easier to find files hosted on remote servers.

Download FileZilla Windows

Download FileZilla MacOS


OpenOffice Calc

For those who need to work with writing, write documents, presentations, database without having to pay a license, comes OpenOffice. A software that supports many file formats, which has the ability to use other templates and extensions to enhance and customize the suite.

Download OpenOffice Windows

Download OpenOffice MacOS



If you want to edit photos in a professional way, you can consider this software as one of your options. GIMP allows a variety of image formats and is characterized by being customizable with variety of plugins and effects that can be used.

Download GIMP Windows



Another alternative for those who cannot purchase a license adobe, it is PDFCreator. A very powerful and effective tool, that in addition to create PDF documents, allows you to merge multiple documents into one document and export it to PDF format.

Download PDFCreator Windows



This open source video editor is very versatile and easy to use. It has a wide range of compatible formats that allow us to use images, audio files and videos to create high-quality work.

Download OpenShot Windows



For the video editing professionals, there is an excellent alternative to 3D design and animation, which is so powerful that it can even be used in movie theaters and large professional projects such as video games. This software provides us with everything we need to perform modeling, lighting control, rendering, animation, and 3D graphics creation.

Download Blender Linux



The software allows us to create various vector images and save them in the SVG format, so that we can use it in any project. We can use tools to draw whatever we want and add default edits. Too, We get the benefit of importing documents to edit and improve them.

Download Inkscape Windows

Download Inkscape MacOS



Is a Programming IDE editor designed by Microsoft which can help you program in any language. Although, this software is open source, it includes proprietary parts in the code and data collection functions.

Download VSCodium Windows



One of the most effective open source alternatives used by many today. ShareX is a program that allows us to take screenshots, edit and share at an expert level through the Internet. Too, you can record what happened on your computer screen without having to resort to other software totally free.

Download ShareX Windows

OBS Studio

OBS Studio

For those who love video games and who love to transmit them, I bring you this Open source. The best thing is not only its free mode, but it is one of the most complete softwares that offers a unique service to work as a streamer.

Download OBS Studio Windows



To end this list, we leave the best player based on Linux, whose system and structure allows us to play any video or audio file with just a few clicks. Its great speed for the reproduction of the files has made it a optional software for all types of devices, including mobiles and Mac OS.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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