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Collage is a term that refers to a recognized artistic technique. It consists of using several elements, of diverse nature, and connecting them in such a way to create a new unified vision. In the past, it was associated with painting, however, the method has migrated to other media, such as photography.

Nowadays, mobile device cameras lend themselves to capturing tons of images per day, and along with the fondness for photography, photo editors take relevance. Specialized tools for adding certain touches and, of course, creating photo collages.

Because the Photo collage provides a creative impression of your best photographs, it has become a frequent element in different aspects of everyday life. Meet the best programs to create photo collage!

List of the best programs to create quick and easy photo collage

Apps to make photo collage

Most likely, you have hundreds of photos in your mobile gallery and you don’t know what to do with them. Fortunately, there are several applications with which you can make quick and easy photo collage to share on social networks; or make a more interesting album.

Next, we leave you a list with the 10 best programs:


Picsart App

Free app to edit photos and make photo collages. It is one of the most popular among Android and iOS users, thanks to its collage mosaic tool. In addition, the app has numerous functions, such as adding text, drawings, stickers, effects, filters, and touch-ups. It also allows you to edit videos and adapt your images under the parameters of the social network where you want to publish them.


Free editing program that you can get on the play store. The tool offers a wide range of functions and a simple interface, ideal for users who are a little unfamiliar with the professional world of photo editing. As far as collages are concerned, Moldiv allows you to combine up to nine photos in the same frame. In addition, you can add touch-ups, texts, filters and other effects on the image. Likewise, you can export your creation in different formats.

Moldiv App


Photo editor that, in many ways, resembles Photoshop. This is due to the ability to layer for editing. Its interface is not complex, although the editing process can take some time. Previously an online tool, it became so popular that it is now an application for the less experienced. It has thousands of combinations, between effects, stickers and mosaics, to make exceptional collages.

Pixlr App

Pic Collage

Pic Collage is a photo editor that offers the possibility of making photo collage. It is considered one of the most complete on the market, due to its wide variety of options. Allows you to edit and design memes, GIFs, among others. In addition, it offers textures, backgrounds and exclusive stickers of the platform. Too has templates to generate collages, so it is highly recommended for those looking for a quick tool.

Pic Collage App

Make Photo Grid

This free app is one of the most downloaded in Play Store. You can combine up to 18 photos in a frame for your collage. It is characterized by allowing the editing of photos with free style or grids, as well as you can adjust the relationship of the collage and modify the color of its borders. Further, Make Photo Grid offers more than 100 different designs, as well as filters, stickers and texts. Finally, you can save your images in high resolution and upload it directly to social networks.


April is a novel application, developed by Camera360. It offers its users multiple templates to make any collage design, completely free. You can choose photos from your gallery, and add them in the app. Your creations can be adapted to be uploaded immediately to Instagram.

You can choose between 1 to 9 different photos to make the collage of your choice. In addition, you can adjust the bond between photos, add and modify the borders, or edit each photo individually, with the tools, filters, textures and angles that April offers.

App April


The application is characterized by having a very easy to use interface. Originally, it only offered the option to do mosaics. However, the program has evolved. Now, you have the opportunity to choose between different templates and filters.

Likewise, You can also choose between light effects, and photos of adaptable sizes to easily upload to social networks like Instagram. Photofy It has more than 90 types of text fonts, and around 50,000 graphic elements to design creative collages.


Cymera is an editing app aimed at a young audience. It offers the option of taking selfies, and has beautification tools, such as facial recognition and skin correction. In addition, you can add makeup and improve the tone of the hair.

Its handling is simple. Provide different models of frames, and you can combine up to nine photos in the same image. In the same way, it has the option of mirror effect, border modification, more than 3000 stickers to choose from and a photo gallery to manage your creations.

Cymera App


The photo editor InstaSize it is an ideal tool for content creators. Offers the ability to make quick edits. It has 80 photographic filters different, 30 exclusive fonts and at least 25 themed border packs. Although it is a free application, you can also pay for the premium version. The tool allows you to retouch the sharpness of the image, giving it more brightness, exposure and contrast. With its collage feature, you can move, add and edit photos as you like.

Instasize App

Layout from Instagram

Instagram offers an application to design photo collage. Layout It has a simple and intuitive interface, which allows you to make creative designs by combining the photos from your gallery. Its great advantage is that does not affect resolution. You can combine up to nine photos, choose the “photo booth” option to take impromptu shots and then make spontaneous creations. The creative control that the app gives you is total, so you can adjust, reduce, rotate, move, flip and combine or divide your best photos.

List of the best online tools to make photo collage without installing anything

Online tools to make photo collage

Make a photo collage it is not necessarily a tedious job. In fact, no need to use professional programs as Photoshop for decent results. On the Internet there are various online tools with which you can edit your photos and design creative collages from your computer.

Among the best, the following stand out:


We start the list with a online tool developed by the creators of Photoshop. As it is a website, it is not necessary to install any program. In addition, you can also access it from the mobile browser. To start editing or making photo collages, you just need to create a free account. Afterwards, you will have access to all the tools offered by the web. You can upload images from your computer’s gallery. When you have completed your design, you just have to press the button “Download”.


Canva is a popular tool on-line Used both for private uses and for work reasons. The platform offers you a wide variety of options, templates and functions, with which you can make creative photo montages. You need to create an account to work. Registration is free, although you must choose the option “personal use”.

After logging in, click on the collage button and start uploading the photos you want to combine from your computer. Then drag each photo onto the artboard. You can add text, textures, colors and stickers. When you’re done, just save your creation to your computer.


The third online tool in the list is Fotor. A portal that gives you the possibility of designing unique collage models, together with totally exclusive effects and filters on the web. It is a free site, specialized in photo editing. Too has a premium version, to enjoy unlimited options.

Its interface is a bit more complex, although making collages is not that complicated. You just have to click “to import”, select the photos you want to combine and then edit it to your liking. At the end, save the project in PNG, JPG or PDF.


Befunky is a photo editor and content creation tool. It is intended for a young audience, although its functions are also provided for work reasons. Its interface is intuitive, and its handling stands out for being simple.

To start creating your own collage layouts, you just have to upload photos from your computer. Then select a theme for the frame and background. You can also add text, stickers, colors, textures, and even a title. When finished, you can immediately share your creation on social networks.


PhotoJet guarantees that, in three simple steps, you can make a creative photo collage design. Its interface is very similar to Canva, since you only have to select the option “Create collage”, and the template. Then, click on each grid to determine which photo will occupy that spot.

Having established an order, proceed to add some of the effects offered by the extensive FotoJet catalog. You can choose between texts, filters or stickers. Finally, download your collage in format PNG or JPG. It offers good results since it does not lower the resolution of the photos.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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