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Carrying out a thorough diagnosis of our computer is simpler than we often think, since there are different tools that perform this work in a very simple way. We will simply have to choose the one we need according to what we are going to analyze and then we will have to install the corresponding software.

These tools are software that, through an interface, they show us reports about the performance of the hardware and software we have. Some of them only diagnose and others can diagnose and repair.

In this article we will show you why it is necessary to carry out a permanent diagnosis of our computer equipment. We will also show you the best tools so that you can install it and make your own diagnosis in a simple way.

What is a software diagnostic tool and what is it for?

What is a software diagnostic tool and what is it for?

A software diagnostic tool is an element that we use, through our processors, to be able to diagnose and control everything that happens in the different programming and system software and also in the application software.

With this tool we can obtain reports about the security of the operating system, diagnosis of the video adapters, and the temperature of the network card. We can see also how RAM works and according to that analysis, we will know if we are safe in terms of privacy and we will also know, in a correct way, what we have to repair.

We can say then, that this tool also serves for prevention, that is, so that we keep all our software in perfect condition to protect all installed programs and also correct deviations that can cause them to malfunction and cause hardware damage.

What is a software diagnostic tool and what is it for?

Why is it important to constantly analyze the state of our hardware and software?

Why it is important to constantly analyze the state of our hardware and software

When we need to monitor the performance of our hardware, for example the network card, the processor or the SSD, we have to do it through a computer tool. This tool is software that measures performance, temperature, and many other hardware variables, as well as software.

This task is necessary because through it, we can find a detailed diagnosis of all the components that are malfunctioning.

If a software malfunctions, for example the antivirus, it will not be able to detect the entry of malicious files, thus generating destruction somewhere in the operating system.

If we don’t control the hardware too we may have performance problems Based on connections, component malfunctions, for example, you have to constantly analyze whether an SSD has its read or write head in perfect condition.

You have to constantly check RAM memory operation, since if it does not work well, information may be overwritten on the disk, or in other nearby storage places, generating internal software conflicts. It is also necessary to analyze the video cards, the temperatures that the processor reaches, among other things.

When we have a periodic analysis of these components we make sure that our computer works well with both its hardware and its software.

List of Top 15 Software Diagnostic Tools on Windows and MacOS

Top 15 Software Diagnostic Tools on Windows and MacOS

According to everything that we have been talking about, it is necessary at this time to establish the best tools that you can find today so that you can do your own analysis in a simple but effective way.

Next, we will present the best 15 software that you can find distinguished by its compatibility with the operating system and with the element it analyzes.

They are:

Intel® Processor Diagnostic Tool

The feature of this tool is to perform a diagnosis of the Intel processor, which is free to download. It offers us a diagnosis of the operating frequency as well as in its report it analyzes the characteristics and the tests that it made to the processor, available for Windows and MacOS.

Download Intel Windows Processor Diagnostic Tool

Intel® Processor Identification Utility

Available for Windows and MacOS. This tool also dedicated to the analysis of the microprocessor identifies the operating frequencies that the processor has in a real way as well as allows us to know if its operation is above its normal characteristics. It is also for the Intel brand, its size is 7.05 Mb.

Download Intel Windows Processor Identification Utility


Also dedicated to the supervision of the processor of our computer, it analyzes the frequency of events according to a unique list for that class of processor model to verify if there are bottlenecks in the data transport process by analyzing errors that may be being committed in the cache and other diversion lines. It is available for Windows.

Download PerfMonitor Windows

Memtest86 +

It dedicates its tests to memory in an independent way, its download is free and it analyzes the commands, issuing a detailed report of each of its sizing with respect to memory. It also provides us with information about error requests. Available for Windows.

Download Memtest86 + Windows

Windows memory diagnostics

It is an exclusive test for Windows which offered free of charge gives us information about trial programs of memory by conducting exhaustive examinations of it. It gives us the option to make the necessary adjustments to correct it.


It is a tool that is used to perform a complete system analysis and also for the overclocking. It provides reports that will show us each of the aspects of the operating system and its environment. Is available for Windows and also for MacOS.

Download Prime95 Windows

Download Prime95 MacOS

PC Wizard 2014

It presents a configuration to be able detect errors in system performance in general as well as performance of the hard disk cache of the RAM memory and also the different performance of removable media. This tool is available only for Windows.

Download PC Wizard 2014 Windows


Provides different statistics for complete system analysis. Including the hardware of our computer as well as RAM memory different graphics cards hard disk and the purchase with the audio and optical drives. We can find this tool for Windows and for MacOS.

Download Speccy Windows

Seagate Sea Tools

Tool specially aimed at hard drive analysis in a comprehensive way, it can quickly analyze the drive health, as well as peripheral units. Its report is simple and practical and can be installed on the Windows operating system.

Download Seagate Sea Tools Windows

Wireless Mon

When we need to monitor wireless networks, this tool is intended to verify the status that have the WiFi adapters and thus be able to gather information about the zones that are generally active and the entrance doors or access points that are nearby in real time.

If we have a Windows operating system, we will not have any problem since this tool can be installed on this system.

Download Wireless Mon Windows

Keyboard Test

It is a tool designed to know the status of the keyboard with respect to its operation in terms of lights, state of sensitivity of the keys, special functions, etc.

It also scans the internal codes that the keyboard generates and gives me the speed with which we write as an extra element that this tool provides. Available for Windows.

Download Keyboard Test Windows

Apple Hardware Test

Intended for the complete analysis of our Mac, this tool allows us to exhaustively analyze each of the components that our computer has.

In order to use it, we will follow these indications:

  • We will click on “Share”
  • We will choose the option “Help”
  • We look for the option “To print”
  • We disconnected all external hardware, leaving only the keyboard, mouse and speakers.
  • We’re going to “Manzana”
  • We select “Restart”
  • We hold down the key “D” for a few seconds
  • We choose “Apple Hardware Test”
  • We follow the screen instructions

Drive Genius

Analyze and control the different disk drives for MacOS operating systems, among its tools is also the cloning and duplication of the disks, checking their integrity and repair of structures. It also offers the possibility of defragmenting it in a simple way.

Download Drive Genius MacOS

DiskTools Pro

Available for MacOS operating systems, it provides functions that allow monitor your hard drive and be able to diagnose SMART errors.

Possibilities to defragment the disk and correct the deficiencies found.

Download Drive Genius MacOS


This tool is intended to check the graphics processors and different power supplies they own them. It also analyzes the processor in an independent way, it is available for Windows and has its paid version.

Download OCCT Windows

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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