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If we have a blog, or we simply want to be part of that large percentage of people who make use of GIFs To transmit information, it is necessary to take into account that the first thing is to know what do we want to send to public, or put another way, what do you want people to receive.

Many sectors, both educational, entertainment and advertising, make use of this technique in order to to make a big impact. A good GIF animation depends not only on the use, but on its quality. For that reason must always have the best tools.

Here we will show you one list of 15 programs, chosen for being the best. Add quality, more creativity we will have excellence.

The best programs to create animated .GIF images fast and easy

GIF animations occupy more space in people’s lives every day, not only because they allow the transmission of loops of movements or short presentations, but also because have become a form of communication. Creating our GIF images is not difficult, you just have to have an easy-to-use tool.

To avoid the exhausting search between Google results, here we are going to show you a list of 10 magnificent programs that will be very useful:


 ImgFlip GIF Creator

In order to create GIF from YouTube videos, we simply have to use ImgFlip and enter the link. This fascinating tool offers us two versions of it. Its free version allows us to use all its options, with a watermark on all downloaded creations, while the premium one frees us from them.


 Biteable Video Maker

Biteable Video Maker, is an online tool that allows us create our GIF images in a few seconds. Among the different things that we can find, it offers us a list of templates that can be attached to each of our creations.

This program can be used for a long time through its free version, however, this mode limits us in some actions. To go beyond these limits we must pay a subscription, jointly eliminating the watermarks that in its free mode are recorded in the animations.

GIF Maker, Video to GIF Creator

GIF Marker, Video to GIF Creator

GIF Maker It is an application that we can download on iOS devices. It is mainly characterized by allowing us to convert all videos or images into GIF animations, including making little Boomerang for Instagram.

With this tool we can do the following:

  • GIF creation through the Chamber.
  • Generate video clips loop through other files.
  • Make memes from our photos.

GIF Maker – GIF Editor

GIF Maker - GIF Editor

GIF Maker, it’s a fantastic tool for android, creator of animated Gifs.

Its main characteristics are the following:

  • GIFs can be created through the videos uploaded to YouTube or on social media.
  • We can crop images and videos before creating our GIFs.
  • Allows us to edit our animated GIFs.
  • Each GIF created can be shared on our social networks.



BannerSnack allows us create GIF animations in the simplest way. Its free version offers us an excellent series of options, although it integrates its watermark in the entire GIF image. In Pro mode, watermarks are removed and it gives us the opportunity to share all our creations through social networks.

Microsoft GIF Maker

 Microsoft GIF Maker

This application it is designed by Microsoft. In it we can create our best GIFs, edit and share them. Microsoft GIF Maker, is characterized by allowing its users to add 150 images to create a GIF, edit and add effects before saving or share them with our friends on social networks.

GIF Animator

GIF Animator

Developer: Test Technologist Corp.

Price: Free



This fabulous program allows us to record our desktop and make GIF animations from them. Its use is mostly professional due to the qualities it presents. If we have a blog and present tutorials or courses, this is an excellent tool to complement the steps we leave.



This iOS app, allows us to create in the most fun way our animated images. It does not have a free version, but the cost is not very high (0.99 euros). It offers us more than 100 templates to make our best GIF animations. To use it we simply must download it on our phone and have some imagination.



ScreenToGif is a program that can be downloaded on our Mac or Windows computer. It allows us to make the best GIF animations, with just a few steps. The quality of this tool is its easy use, and desktop recording. Everything we do on our computer can be recorded and turned into an excellent animation.



Finally, this is an online tool, which helps us create our best GIF images. It is very easy to use, although with a negative quality for part of its audience, and that is that you can only enjoy the free version for 7 days.

List of the best online tools to make animated Gifs from a video

From the videos great animated GIFs can be generated. But if we want quality, we must use the best tools that exist, and five of them, you will see them below in the list.

Go for it:


gif cat

Gfycat is an online tool that allows us to create our animated GIFs through videos or groups of images. Our GIFs can be ready in 60 seconds or less, since has incredible ease of use. To make use of this tool, we only have to paste the link of the YouTube or Vimeo video, when the upload is complete, it can be cut or add texts. At the end of our animation we can share it on our social networks.



shout is a completely free program that allows us to make a GIF animation in a few seconds. Many of the people use this tool for educational and business purposes, with the idea of ​​integrating them into their presentations. To access copy the following address https://grahammacphee.com/shout.



With GIF Maker, making our GIFs will be very fun and simple. Among its options we can find the extraction of videos, speed up animations, image clippings and more, which are really useful for create quality animation. This online tool is completely free; Furthermore, unlike other sites, it does not require any registration for its use.


giphy gif maker

This is a great program that allows us to use our images to create a GIF. Its use is completely free, and it also has a small but valuable group of options that will help us beautify all our creations. We can use as a base for our GIFs, other images with this format or videos that we have on our computer, YouTube or Vimeo.



Bloggif is the last tool we will show. It is characterized by being the simplest and easiest program to use, simply we must enter the URL of the video we want to extract to make our animation, cut it out and our creation will be ready.

Its interface is not very flashy, but meets the required needs, in addition to does not ask us for payment or registration to be able to make use of it. On the Internet we can find many more tools, but for the consideration of users and the good comments we found about them, we decided to create this list. The idea is not only to create GIF animations, but enjoy them and have fun.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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