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If you have lived the digital prehistory, you will know what a form is about. In the same way you will have seen mountains of papers, entire rooms of metal files, stamps, windows, etc. Fortunately, things have gotten a bit more dynamic today.

There are many virtual tools that facilitate administrative work. One of the most important are digital forms. They are present on various websites, they are so common that we do not realize the vital function they fulfill in ordering data.

Basically, it is a document that joins a website in order to collect the data entered by the recipient. This function simultaneously sorts this information and collects it in a database.

What kind of forms can I create with these online tools?

What kind of forms can I create with these online tools?

Within this type of document there is a great variety of types depending on the function they fulfill on the page:


Imagines you offer a job and hundreds of interested parties appear, each one with a piece of paper in hand. Wouldn’t it be difficult to sort all that information? With this tool you will be able to categorize the participant data as you prefer. A great option to avoid a shower of emails.


One of the most used types of forms. It is used extensively in the field of marketing and politics. With this tool you can cover much more ground than with home visits, public roads or telephone surveys.


It is used regularly through social networks. Mainly to generate question and answer games. To enter this competition, the user writes his data, this is a great asset for businesses.


It is rather a variant of the contest. With the main difference that you do not have to answer questions to participate. The award is given at random. The information entered is of great importance to the creator of the form.


You may have seen this form on many company websites that offer services or products. In order to obtain a customer feedback, these text bars are placed on the site. In this way, the subject should not enter their own email. Which would imply less interaction.


Widely used by web stores. With it, the seller ensures that they have all the important data for shipping and / or billing and the type of product that the buyer needs. In many cases this form is linked to virtual wallets, banks or credit cards.


Emails from magazines, sites and products in your inbox? Surely you completed a subscription form. Maybe you don’t remember it because they only ask you for one piece of information: your e-mail. In the same way you can use it, make your customers subscribe to the news and newsletter of your product or company. It is one of the most filled out forms, since only one field must be completed.


Congresses, conventions, courses and others would not be so crowded if not for this tool. Thanks to it, it is possible to generate ticket tickets or credentials automatically. In addition to controlling the quota. It is also possible to view the scope of the event in real time.

Data collection

It is the essence of the forms and basically refers to what you want to obtain. You can create them to your measure and obtain the data you need.

List of the best platforms to create forms for anything

List of the best platforms to create forms for anything

If you have decided to start using this wonderful tool and incorporate it into your website, We can recommend that you choose between any of these options:

Google Forms

A Google product is never missing from our recommendations. You may recognize this tool as free alternative to Microsoft Office. But it also offers the possibility of creating forms. Include all the necessary fields to get started. Unfortunately it does not have options for payment fields or to upload files. It’s 100% free.


If you don’t want to complicate the creation of forms too much, this may be your option. Offers basic surveys and is easy to integrate with social platforms such as your website. The free version allows a maximum of 10 questions and 100 answers for each of them.


It has an easy to use interface. The questions will appear one by one, which gives you great dynamism to the form. It is recommended for mobile devices, as it takes up a minimum of space on the screen. Up to 10 fields per form and a maximum of 100 responses per month are free.


It contains a great variety of functions, you can choose between 40 different questions, in addition to adding the possibility of upload files and virtual payments. The free version is limited to 5 forms.


If you use Zoho CRM or Zoho Creator To make your web pages, this tool is perfect. It is intended to be used in a collaborative mode. If you work together with a team, you can edit together. Offers 3 free forms.


It belongs to the SurveyMonkey family. To create a form with this application, you just have to drag and drop. Includes payment and document upload fields. It also offers templates and themes to facilitate its creation in case you need it.


One of the fastest and easiest options if you are just starting out. Choose the template, customize, publish and use the link to use it on your website. It offers 5 free forms with 100 maximum entries per month.


Within this application you can choose between 200 templates. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and Wix. In addition, it guarantees that the data entered is not lost, thanks to the multiple notification system.


A tool More professional. It allows the validation of data within the fields, such as email, uploading of complete files, and offers a control of statistics. You can add online payments to forms.


One of the recommended semi-free options. Although it offers a paid version, the basic has no limits on created forms. Payment management is also present in this mode. If your budget is limited, this is a great alternative.


It is one of the plugins most used on the platform WordPress. In its free mode, it offers different forms and integrates with spam control.


One of the best options in a free plan. Allows the customization of forms through the tool “Theme creation”. As if that were not enough, it also offers more than 200 templates, two-step verification and even digital signatures. It is ideal for integrating with platforms such as WordPress and Wix. You can also activate notifications to three different email accounts.


A simple application intended for beginners. Thanks to your initial tutorial, you will be able to create a functional form. It also allows the creation of fields for online transactions and notifications via SMS.


It offers various functionalities in the paid and free versions. It works through templates and they are easily integrated into social networks. A comparative advantage is the possibility of creating a PopUp within a website.


Coming to the end of the list we find this tool. Very intuitive to use, Polldaddy allows you to add images, videos or other content to surveys. It has 15 pre-designed topics and 19 types of questions. All of them in their free version. We can say against that you can only use it through your WordPress account.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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