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Having the ability to edit videos is very important. The Internet is crowded with them and you have surely noticed the difference between a well-edited work and one that is not.

Professional editing and video editing programs are often expensive and complex. In addition, they need powerful computers, even specific peripherals. If we do not have these options, this is the solution.

If you have a product to sell, a promotional video is a very effective way to reach your customers. Or if your dream is to be a “YouTuber” and you want to upload content from high quality and you don’t want to die trying, this post is for you. We will show you everything you need to know about Online video editing.

What are the advantages of editing videos from online tools?

What are the advantages of editing videos from online tools?

As we anticipated before, there are multiple advantages when editing a video online. Hardware omission is one of the main reasons why many choose to edit online. Publishing websites use their own hardware to render your videos. This way it is not necessary to have a powerful computer. It is enough to have a stable Internet connection. Most of the publishing sites have a friendly and intuitive interface.

This makes it easy to handle and allows an inexperienced editor to have very good results.. Many of these pages also have templates that structure, stylize and even add effects to the videos. Another of the great advantages over conventional editors is the compatibility with online video platforms. Today, several audiovisual content sites have their own online video editors. This makes the task easier when it comes to exporting or rendering.

If you have previously worked with audiovisual edition, you will know that it is always necessary to have backups, backup copies of the originals, sound effects, images, etc. All these resources usually take up a lot of space in the HDD. With Online publishers this is not a problem. Many of the options that we will present you have the possibility of store content for later useAlthough not always for free, it is still a great option when we must free up space on our PC.

List of the best websites to edit videos and multimedia content online like a pro

List of the best websites to edit videos and multimedia content online like a pro

The following list is not a ranking, since Depending on your need, you can choose one or another editor. But we can assure you that they are the best options if you want edit videos simply, quickly and without the need to download any software to your PC or Mac.

Let’s see several of them:


This site offers various types of plans to edit, including the free one. It has the option of adjusting color, hue and saturation that many other pages do not offer. We will have the possibility to create vertical compositions ideal for Instagram TV. The free version limits the output quality to 480p. An acceptable quality for IGTV.


It has a simple and easy to understand interface. It gives us the possibility of uploading audiovisual files from the computer or adding it through Google drive. In addition, we have the option to record content from the webcam. The tools it gives you are not extensive, although not the most limited. Crop size, effects, montage and works with the most popular file formats. The cons, which requires registration by the user and the videos to be edited cannot exceed 500 Mb.


If your purpose is create a funny video, add music and upload it to social networks, kizoa is the right choice. In it you can upload photos, videos, gifs and audio files to a timeline. It also has the ability to add effects, transitions and texts. It is quite simple and should not present any difficulty for us to use it. The bad is that, with the free version a watermark. We will also have a maximum storage cap of 1 GB.


With Loopster you can store projects and files. It offers a collaborative option, in which multiple users can make changes. On this site we can record our voices in real time and we will have a Full HD output option.
It does not offer any free version.


This option is more of a mounting tool. Designed for users who already have the scenes arranged. The site allows us to join the clips with a soundtrack to share it later in a very simple way. Another quality of this option is multiplatform, since you can use it on Android, iOS and the web.


It is one of the most powerful options on this list. It has multiple tools, some simple and others complex. Like Youtube, this platform offers content monetization. The site allows us to add text and sounds to our videos. In addition, we will be able to retouch clips and access a multimedia resource platform. The negative of this site is that it does not have a free version, although we can test the product for 15 days before making the purchase or not.


Offers many tools similar to its desktop version. We can add texts, transitions between scenes, among others to our creations. The most remarkable thing is that it offers a library of royalty-free images, videos and sounds, which are very useful. By way of criticism we can say that its interface is quite messy and even complicated. Although once you get used to it, you can get a lot out of it.


One of the simplest options to trim and rotate lightweight videos. If you only want to make these adjustments to your videos, this website is for you. Supports a wide variety of formats for uploading or downloading. Your best virtue is also your greatest disadvantage.


Rocketium has countless templates to facilitate the creation of videos for social networks. It also provides us with a gallery with free files that we can incorporate into our creation. It has many payment options, as well as a free version. Another very good feature is that it offers us to use it from the mobile through an app. The bad, the free version imposes a watermark on us.


Don’t be fooled by the interface, this site provides you with very good tools to cut, merge or change the format of our videos. It allows us to add our own watermark, audios and subtitles. We can also import videos from other web pages or record from our webcam. On the contrary, we can say that the free version limits the file size to 600 MB and that you will have to support numerous advertising banners.


This Spanish site is ideal for creating slide videos. It has interesting templates that speed up the editing process. It is suitable for making a short piece in high video quality. This site does not provide us with as many tools as the others.


So is, you can edit videos on the same platform you are going to upload them to. Vimeo offers the possibility of editing the content of our creations in a basic way. It also gives us the ability to make changes with Adobe editors. These options are free for all registered users of the site. The bad? There is nothing wrong if you want to upload your content to this site.


One of the most complete online editors today. Wevideo gives us the possibility to edit our videos in a simple way, at the same time that it serves to store the files that we are uploading. Its interface is simple and easy to interpret. It has tabs that contain the different functions to use. One of the great comparative advantages is the output resolution, which is 4K.


If you need an animated presentation for work or to launch a product, this tool is very suitable. Offers you a variety of eye-catching and well thought out templates, which will save you a lot of editing time. Has only one plan version, but it allows you to do a free trial of it. It is undoubtedly the least indicated if you need to do work with many audiovisual pieces.


The largest audiovisual content site couldn’t not provide us with an editing tool. Youtube offers the ability to automatically retouch parameters such as color, brightness and contrast. You can also slightly stabilize camera movements, cut out fragments and even blur faces. All these options are in addition to those already known, such as adding audio or adding subtitles in different languages.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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