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Music gives us hope, joy, motivation and accompanies us at every moment. Sometimes you want to listen to a specific genre with various singers and online, and here you will discover a large number of them, to enjoy every moment of our day.

Some of us clean the home, study and are passionate about music and how every moment counts on the Internet, we can experience many genres and preferably artists, some of us have a fairly varied taste and we don’t have all of them at our disposal.

There are different digital platforms that give us free music, some with more than 50 thousand songs to enjoy. Next we will give you some options of Web pages that will help you to expand your range of sites to enjoy this universal pastime.

List of the best websites to listen to music online completely free

You may be surprised with the many genres and artists that exist. In the following list we will present you the best known pages on the internet that allow us to listen to music online and for free:



It is one of the best known and most used platforms to listen to music online. He began by performing alone music file downloadsHowever, it then made it possible to listen to music online and for free from its website.

It has more than 30 million songs for the enjoyment of each of its users, all that remains to be said is that in its free version you will have to deal with some ads, plus it is only free for a limited time.


SoundCloud Music

Like many other pages, Soundcloud It is designed primarily for listening and also downloading music online. It is a digital platform that its users are taking advantage of, since in this space you can record audios and upload them through a cloud to social networks.



In addition to being able to listen to music online from desired artists and favorite songs, it is a platform that offers you various audiovisuals, where you can enjoy official productions as editions of other users that give a new point of view to each subject.

This web portal allows you to upload and watch videos without having to download to your computer and is one of the best known and used today.


Deezer Music

Deezer, with 13 years of service, offers the possibility to listen to music for free with a varied catalog to choose from. Like Spotify, it is an Internet page that offers a free version, however, there will be ads that are usually annoying. Se can pay to remove these ads.

Google Play Music


You have the possibility to offer a free versionHowever, if you want to enjoy all the advantages and different options that this portal has, you must pay. You can have the application on your smartphone or tablet.

Apple Music

Apple Music

It has up to 60 million songs to enjoy with variety in genre and artists. You can also listen to live radio stations and even download music, however, this portal offers you only 3 months free as a trial, where you will have a large part of the benefits, but not in its entirety.



It is similar to Spotify, but it does not limit you to a list of random music as in that or other platforms. In Grooveshark you can search for the music of your choice, offering you a wide catalog of songs from all genres.



It has more than 35 million songs and its specialty is based on “radio.” You have different options such as where the music you listen to the most will be saved and search when you want random songs of your choice.

In addition to having an application for mobile phones, this platform offers you the possibility of listening to music online for free.


TuneIn Radio

To listen to the radio live as offered by Rdio is TuneIn, where you can not only enjoy music from your locality but from around the world, as well as sports and news. Unlike the rest, you will not be able to choose a specific topic, only a station according to your taste, in the location and language of your choice.


It is a platform that brings you a wide variety of music from different artists and genres, through which you can enjoy your preference randomly, completely free.


Regarding New Music, not unlike many of the aforementioned pages, and it is that it is a player with various genres and artists that gives you the pleasure of listening to music all day and for free.

Music VIP

Like the aforementioned, the player of this platform has different artists and genres to choose from, using a player that randomly allows you to listen to music online for free. Enjoy great acceptance in the Spanish-speaking public.


With the aim of transmitting music to your ears is Planeta Musik, which has audiovisual taken from YouTube and a lot of variety. Unlike the rest, you can only select a genre and a category offered by the platform.

It does not have a search engine, however, it has many options to choose from such as the language, the country or of interest (suggested by the portal).


It is a platform that mainly presents the different musical genres, then below you can find two lists, one with the artists of the selected genre and the other with the songs of the artist of your choice.

The musics are played randomly and you can change to another if you wish. its player is at the bottom of the second list.


It is a somewhat fun platform, as it gives you a list of categories to choose from for each mood. For example, if you are happy, you can find in it a list of varied songs and of different singers that some another user created to enjoy, as well as you can use the search engine if what you want is a specific artist or genre.

Can you download music with a free Spotify or Soundcloud account for offline listening?

Sometimes there is a topic that we love and we want to listen to it always, we want it to be at hand every time we want to reproduce it.

On some platforms this is possible. If you use the paid website you can download by approved method. It is very simple and you just have to search under the song and press the download option. You can only download the songs that the artist allows, as some rights are reserved, and it only allows you to download one song at a time, so it is not an option to download a full playlist.

If you want to download free music, there is another widely used method and it is by an online converter or online extractor. The first thing you should do is locate the song you want to download, copy the URL in the address bar from the top of the browser. Then paste this address in the converter and press download, you will see that your theme begins to download, which you can find on your computer.

YouTube MP3, SIMP3, SOYMP3, URBANOMP3 and KlickAudThey are some of the most used converters today to download music or convert audiovisuals into tracks to enjoy at all times, so we recommend these pages.

What are the risks of downloading music from a pirate platform?

Every time we download music from a platform pirate or not legal, we run the risk that the content is infected with viruses or that the audio is not of the best quality, in addition to receiving uncomfortable ads that interrupt our process.

It should be noted that some of the web pages that offer free music also provide an online extractor that is much safer when it comes to downloading the track of your choice. If you don’t have one, you can be exposed to any of the following risks:


There are a large number of viruses that we can transmit to our computer through a download from some non-legal site, which can cause damage to some files, modifying or destroying them completely.

That is why we must be very careful when downloading music online for free, since we do not want our computer or mobile device to be damaged by downloading infected content.

Invasive advertising

They tend to be extremely annoying, presenting themselves as floating billboards or windows, whose objective is to profit at the expense of users. It is also true that puts at risk the personal information and privacy of the user.

If for some reason it is added to the browser, it could reveal passwords, email address, location, bank accounts and much more information. It is important to take this point into account, since the user could be exposed to the theft of information and possible fraud.

Poor quality audio

We all like to listen and enjoy the best music and if when downloading it is not of good quality, it does not make sense to listen to it. When we download music from unofficial websites, we run the risk that our audio may not be heard the way we want and we have lost time downloading it.

Therefore, if we want our audios sound with better quality, we must use the official sites offered by some digital platforms.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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