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Reading books is very entertaining, and more now that the new technologies allow us to carry them wherever you want, on our Tablet or phone. Thanks to this e-book sales have grown a lot, allowing many people to sell, without going through a frustrating process.

With this new methodology, our dream of being a writer of novels, or stories, can come true, and the best thing is that today there are many sites that can give us that little help we need to achieve it.

If you still don’t know what are those portals that allow us to sell books, and make a lot of profit, here we will show you, and since you are so excited to grow in this world, then we recommend that you also read the tips that we leave for you.

How much money can I earn selling my digital books on online platforms?

Currently, due to the wide competition that exists in terms of online sales, it makes make it a bit difficult for a new seller to grow, author, or store. The same happens when we talk about books. We well know that there are many people who love to write, and they have a lot of good quality books that they can sell, however let us tell you that it is not an easy task.

On the other hand, you do not always manage to win what you stipulate. According to the analyzes that we can obtain from different book sales platforms, such as Amazon Kindle, 100% of the authors, including new ones and those who have been in this world for a long time, only 28% of them earn more than the annual minimum wage in the US, that is to say 58 dollars a day, or more specifically 0.725 dollars for each hour of work in a full day.

List of the best 15 platforms to sell and publish my ebooks

Just as there are many authors, there are also more and more sites that allow us to monetize each of our books. Although there are many portals, not all are recommended and more when you are starting in this world, for this reason Here are 15 of the platforms most famous for you to grow up quickly.

Go for it:



Smashwords is a platform that allows us to market our books, having a profit of at least 60% and a maximum of 85% for each sale. On the other thedo the page has an excellent guide that allows us to learn and guide us how is the trade in it. We will not need to invest anything for the registration of our profile, but if they remove us a commission for selling on it.



Bubok is a platform that allows us to sell and publish our books, at no cost, becoming, thanks to this feature, one of the main sites with the most registered users. In addition, it does not limit us in the publication of our books, and allows us to market the books in electronic format, on paper, or copies of them.

Kindle Publishing Programs

List of all Ebook formats supported by the Kindle eReader

Kindle is one of the most famous, which allows us to publish and sell our books, we do not need to pay anything, to publish or make a user registration. This is one of the best options we can find, and it is that you can not expect less from Amazon.

Thanks to its wide compatibility with different systems, and high recognition, it is almost impossible not to have even a sale of our publications, although when we talk about electronic books, we can only have 35% – 70% of the earnings, since the rest is for the platform by commission.



Interwriters is a platform that allows us to publish any book regardless of its weight, and spread it on any social network, although requires payment of 50 euros for each publication. Books can be published in any format, be it EPUB, MOB or PDF, and can be distributed among Android or iPhone users, allowing the download on mobiles, iPad, PC, Tablets and others.



With Blurb we can create an ebook from scratch, or load one already done. This platform has a fairly simple structure, with basic functions, just drag and drop. It is a perfect place to sell and publish our booksIn addition, it has a wide distribution and compatibility with all devices, such as Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iPad. Earnings vary by registry, and payments received can be processed by check or PayPal.

Nook Press (The New Barnes & Noble Press)

Nook Press

Nook Press is a site that allows us to publish our e-booksEven if we want a physical layout, we can do it. It has quite a simple mechanism, and we will not have to pay anything for registration. To do this, access by copying the following address: https://press.barnesandnoble.com/

There is no delivery cost, no cost to publish books, but if you take a percentage from us for each sale made. For example, if we want to market a book for € 100, we will only receive € 65, because the platform keeps 35% for sale and distribution.



Kobo is a portal that allows us to publish our books, in the simplest way that it can exist, having visibility in more than 120 countries worldwide, and having one of the fastest sales that can exist.

On the other hand, provides us as an author and seller a dashboard that allows us to monitor all our sales, and know how much visibility in searches our books have. The platform removes approximately 20% for sales commission. The most loyal and skilled people on this site can make a profit between 30% to 70%, but it depends on the knowledge and development as an author.



More than a platform, in itself, it is a tool that allows us as an author, to self-publish our digital content, with quite basic functions and easy to understand. One of the most outstanding characteristics is that we do not have to pay for any procedureas it is a direct buyer contact with us.



It is a site that allows us to sell our books, distributing it in different channels such as Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, like other celebrities. In it we can obtain quite considerable sales profits, varying from 50% to 80%, It is a very attractive site, but on the condition that in order to create a profile on it, we must pay 149 euros.



It is a portal that has multiple tools that allow us to publish our electronic books, being an ideal solution for new writers. Thanks to its efficiency and great distribution we can get quick income from it.



With Booktype, we can create digital books, and distribute them digitally or in print, with our seal, and publisher if we prefer. Creating a store, or a profile on this platform is free although with many limitations, to eliminate them we must pay a better profile than varies between 99 – 999 euros per month. You can access their website from the following link https://www.sourcefabric.org/software/booktype



Sellfy is a very simple platform to use, and has a sufficiently active mechanism that allows us to distribute our publications to almost all networks, and to a large group of readers. Payments received for each book sold, are through PayPal, and from sales we have a 95% profit. We could not fail to mention that we will not have to pay anything to open a profile on the portal.

Google Books

Google Books

Google Books, is one of the largest platforms that allows us to market our book for free, although on some occasions we may request a Premium profile, or a commission for sales made. At most the commissions are 10%, allowing us to obtain most of the profits.


The book house

House of the book is a portal that allows us to distribute and offer our digital books, counting on a huge group of readers, who constantly buy new books. To do a book upload, we must pay at least 49.99 euros, being cheaper than in other places.

Apple books

App Books

We finished the list mentioning the big apple book, being this one of the most famous platforms to download and publish books. This portal has a lot to offer us as an author, however, we must give a commission per sale, which varies according to the book or manual to offer.

Tips to improve the sales of my ebooks and make money with them

As we already mentioned selling books is not an easy task, and not knowing how to get started in this world can make it even more difficult. For this reason, we will show you some tips, which you can put into practice, so that you can assemble your e-book empire.

Let’s see next:

Share on social networks and create a community

Many of the platforms that allow us to publish our books have the option to share them on different social networks, like Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The truth is that today social networks play a very important role in the cyber community, and it is one of the cheapest advertising media. So if we want to sell books, we must make them known, and what better way than to present them through the networks.

Create a writer profile on social media

Publishing, our books is an excellent option, but if we do it from our profile as a writer, it will be much more effective. We have to bear in mind that we are a store, and that we must make ourselves felt everywhere, including the virtual, and with a profile on social networks, we are sure to introduce ourselves, to anyone.

Besides that in a way, gives more identity or better aspect of us to the client. It is like when we want to buy online, this must have a store, with comments, or others, that we certify its quality and existence.

Invest in SEM

SEM is search engine marketing, this being the most used method today for advertising. Thanks to this, small physical and virtual stores grow rapidly, and companies that nobody knew about are recognized. Although this method requires a small investment, it is something that generates some large profits.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing is a method that was created in order to promote advertising, through people considered as influencers due to the large audience they have. Aiming achieve a series of links, to achieve a great visibility. This method is very effective, because influencers have good communication with their followers, which is a good complement when advertising.

Create a sales funnel (email marketing)

The marketing email It is one of the most used methods to catch the client, so that the buyer is always aware of everything we publish, as well as changes in prices, offers or new published books. This being a great strength for medium and large companies dedicated to online sales. Simply you need the email of the client, or the potential client, but that he is interested in your product, and the rest remains in knowing how to make him fall in love.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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