+20 Stream Programs for Facebook Live  List ▷ 2021

Facebook Live it is one of the most used tools, since they allow you to watch videos and music without having to download them, in the same way you can also broadcast live videos, from your mobile devices.

Through this application, any event can be shared, in real time from your mobile, at the same time that the people who see your transmission can interact sending comments or reactions also in real time.

As this tool is part of Traditional Facebook is equally free, a characteristic that users like the most, for this it is necessary to use streaming software and programs. Next, we introduce you the best ones to use with Facebook Live for free.

List of the best streaming programs and software to use with Facebook Live for free

Currently, live video streaming is practically a necessity, which has been facilitated due to the wide availability of smart mobile devices, which have the ability to do this with the appropriate applications, one of them is Facebook Live.

To use Facebook Live it is necessary that you have installed, and of course use, a streaming program or software, all of them are paid except for those based on free softwareHowever, they all have free versions, which, generally, their functionalities and attributes are more than enough for our requirements as non-professionals in the area. Among these programs, some have functions that others do not, but you know you will never use them.

That is why below we make a comparison so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs:



  • Your free version has the following characteristics:
  • BeLive brand on display: not really a big deal.
  • 3 events a month
  • 2 participants assets on screen
  • Video editor: in beta version.



  • Allows the transmission of content in high resolution ranging from SD to 1080p.
  • Possibility of cutting clips and live segments, so that you transmit the most interesting.
  • You can title and describe according to the audience you are going to reach.
  • Has streaming backup fail-safe.



  • Makes remote transmission.
  • Makes cloud streaming.
  • Can you do real-time clipping.
  • Edition computer-based.


Livestream Studio

  • Allows the insert multiple sources.
  • They can add live graphics which makes it ideal for your studies and business.
  • Masters the audio.
  • It is very easy to use for its friendly interface.



  • Has the ability to combine cameras, mobile phones, RTMP, among others, which you do from your computer, easily and intuitively.
  • You may add graphics, video clips, music to stream, etc. for you to personalize your broadcast.
  • You get invite, in just seconds, several people to join your broadcast.
  • You may overlay watermarks, full screen graphics, or overlays lower thirds so they know it’s you.


Switcher Studio

  • It allows you capture images and videos from various angles so you can edit it to your liking.
  • The editions, if desired, they are done in real time.
  • It can stream live or save video for later transmission.
  • You can add titles, texts or graphics while transmitting.



  • Have platform streaming simultaneously.
  • Provide support, not only with Facebook Live but with other platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • You may make invitations with attractive graphics personalized.
  • Allows the live streaming from anywhere of the world.



  • Record and stream simultaneously.
  • Has 13 transition effects, so you have variety to choose from.
  • From your computer you can make a professional HD broadcast.
  • He offers you easy-to-use and animated graphics.



  • It allows you edit easily and quickly live.
  • You may massify your transmission in different formats with a single click.
  • During streaming you can advertise on what suits you.
  • Mass publication by having the possibility to invite other users.



  • Allows the placement of graphics, texts and videos during real-time transmission.
  • You may invite live audience during transmission.
  • It allows you edit live.
  • You may transmit in the formats what you wish.


Xsplit Gamecaster

  • Your toolbar it is very friendly for you to make all the configurations you want.
  • You may edit your live stream.
  • Have automatic transmission setupso if you want, you can stream right away without wasting time on settings. Then you have to make the changes that you consider.
  • Your transmission no rendering required.



  • It allows mark your broadcast with watermarks and custom images.
  • You have the possibility to add text and videos in real time.
  • You may summon your audience anytime.
  • Your viewers can send comments or reactions interacting live.



  • You may stream your video in more than 30 formats.
  • Gives you multiple channels on a single platform.
  • Stream from anywhere and to any destination.
  • Let invite them to join during the broadcast.


Open Broadcaster Software

  • It is open source software and, therefore, free in all its functionalities.
  • It allows you stream in high resolution, as well as a better image at the reception.
  • You may invite your audience anytime.
  • You should stream continuously, otherwise you must update the key and URL.


Streamlabs OBS

  • You may stream in multiple formats, of social networks and devices.
  • You have the possibility to customize your design of transmission.
  • For your broadcast, you can choose the sources, either live or on previously recorded video.
  • Stream from anywhere unlimited.

Get to know the best programs with RTMPS support to use with the Facebook Live API

RTMPS technology has many advantages and attributes. This allowed the protocol of the software providers for live streaming to be one of the most chosen. Based on this, the devices on the market are capable of supporting this technology due to the low memory requirement Y bandwidth of the Internet that demands.

Thanks to this, it is possible to provide a transmission with excellent image definition, at the same time that it allows making modifications, which are increasingly complex and in real time. In the market, there are many vendors whose products are supported by RTMPS that are compatible for use with the TOFacebook Live PI.

Next, we show you a comparison of the best ones, so that you can decide which one will be really useful:



  • You must bear in mind that is specialized software for Mac and Apple devices.
  • It allows add video, music and text effects to your broadcast.
  • You may use multiple cameras.
  • It gives you the ability to invite during broadcast.



  • Your reproduction it’s in HTML5.
  • Relay live videos.
  • You may insert ads from server.
  • You may use multiple channels from the same platform.



  • It gives you the possibility to convert speech to text.
  • It allows insert images, video, text, watermarks, etc. so you can customize your broadcast.
  • With this software you can capture, stream or record.
  • Your transmission can view in high resolution.



  • You may record, convert and stream any event.
  • Facilitates insert images, videos and text in real time.
  • Let edit the video, live or while recording.
  • Editing the broadcast live.



  • It makes it easy for you to stream on any network, including public ones on the internet.
  • You can send your stream to any device mobile or computer.
  • possibility of stream in multiple formats.
  • You may advertise during live broadcast.



  • You may broadcast live or from the cloud.
  • The invitation to your audience you can do it at any timeeven when you’re broadcasting live.
  • possibility of stream from multiple cameras.
  • When recording the video, you can edit it.


new tek

  • You have the ability to stream from anywhere.
  • Easy to use.
  • You may broadcast in multi-format.
  • possibility of stream in multiple formats simultaneously.


Switchboard Live

  • Tea allows to broadcast live, and simultaneously, to all social networks.
  • Does not overload the bandwidthSince it is enough to send the transmission once for the platform to distribute it.
  • It gives you the option of multiplication live video.
  • You can broadcast from anywhere.



  • Let you can insert images, videos, text during transmission, etc.
  • Your audience can interact live.
  • You may broadcast live from anywhere and to any mobile device.
  • It allows the overlay of watermarks, full screen images, or lower thirds overlays, so you can customize your broadcast.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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