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If you wish create a channel on YouTube, the first thing you should do, is an excellent intro, since it will present to all visitors the strengths of your content, and the why should they subscribe.

The best impressions are those that are captured at first glance. For this reason, you must create a proper presentation, to get the most attention from your visitors and get new subscribers every day.

A perfect intro, not only has excellent background content, but also quality animations, effects and designs. To achieve that required level, it is recommended to use the tools shown below.

List of the best programs to make YouTube intros from your computer

Make a good video on YouTube, requires an excellent program. Knowing which one to use is the key to success in this digital world.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of ten of the best programs to make videos of total excellence, from our computer:

Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

It is the best program for video design that we can find for Windows. It has functions that allow us, adjust the image, sound and animations to our liking, including the cuts we can make.

It is totally simple to use. Although for many this software is basic, it has enough for any beginner can make an excellent presentation on YouTube. To the edit or create videos from this platform, we can upload them directly to the different social networks. ANDThese include YouTube, allowing us a much faster process when publishing our intros.

Virtual Dub


If the video format we are used to use are the AVI, the best program for editing this, it’s Virtual Dub. A wonderful software that we can use to manipulate all our contents from a 32 or 64 bit Windows computer. Although it doesn’t have many advanced features or options, This editor allows us from its basic characteristics, to process more than one file at a time, and capture DV from two firewall drivers, details that complement each other to form good software.

Download Virtual Dub Windows



If you have seen the movie of Pulp fiction, then you should know that its video design was made through the premium version of this program. Lightworks is highly recognized among great professionals, not only because it allows creations and editions with high definition formats, but also for its wide range of options.

It has two versions, one totally free and the other paid. Many recommend the use of its full version, however, we can assure you that, if you are starting in this world of Youtube, with free mode you can create spectacular intros, quickly.

Download Lightworks Windows

Download Lightworks MacOS



Is the editor simplest we can find, is available only for Mac, and has the necessary functions to do quite a striking intro. Among its characteristics we can find, transitions, extraction of sounds, and integration of animations and titles.

It has totally basic functions, but it is still the most recommended, since it allows fast video creation and editing. Among its disadvantages, we will see that as time passes the application will limit some functions.

Blender Video Editor


Blender is one of the most professional tools that we can find for editing videos for Youtube. Many they consider it a wonderful hybrid, because it is composed with basic tools, but allowing really professional editions. Among the great things we can do in it, is video masking, and color grading, including 3D graphics editing.

Download Blender Video Editor Linux

Wondershare Filmora

Rotate video with Filmora

Filmora, it is one of the best tools that allows us to create great intros for YouTube. It incorporates among its characteristics, functions that add transitions, layers, filters, texts, animations, and other list of effects that we can get from your store. Create a truly professional video, no matter how short it is, it is a very simple task just by using Filmora.

Download Wondershare Filmora Windows

Download Wondershare Filmora MacOS

Pinnacle Studio 19

Pinnacle studio

It’s a pretty basic program, but complete for newbies. Through it you can create incredible video presentations, its options allow us to add effects that will help us capture the most attention from your viewers, a detail that should always be valued when creating an intro.

One of its best features is auto adjusting audio and video, allowing us to get the full potential of our audiovisual content, but on many occasions we must wait for each task to finish, because if we run several at the same time, it usually hangs.

Download Pinnacle Studio 19 Windows

Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5

corel video studio

Corel VideoStudio is one of the tools with more effects, has approximately a list of more than 1500 options, allowing us to create our intros professionally. Its interface is not complicated, so, regardless of the level of knowledge, we can handle it our way.

With this powerful tool we can make edits from all four multi-camera angles, as well as multitrack editing. On the other hand, many of the users comment which is somewhat slow to apply changes.

Download Corel VideoStudio Pro X9.5 Windows

Final cut pro

Final cut pro

The great YouTubers recommend using Final Cut Pro as the perfect program for editing. Unlike other programs that require the use of extra tools, to make quality videos, this is a pack that comes integrated, with basic and advanced options. You can access by registering on their website https://www.apple.com/es/final-cut-pro. If you are a Windows user, unfortunately you will not be able to use this software, since only is available for Mac OS.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

adobe premiere

For close with a flourish, we bring Adobe Premiere, an excellent program for designing videos. It has the best performance so that our designs are comfortable, professional and fast. Like the previous one, you must register on their website to access a test https://www.adobe.com/es/products/premiere.html.

As you can see, it belongs to the great family Adobe, so you’re integrating with some of your image design options, and other features, that converts it in an excellent professional tool.

The best applications to make YouTube video intros from your mobile

We already know which are the best tools downloadable for PC, which will allow us create spectacular intros for YouTube.

Now, we will know which are the best five to use from our mobile:

Intro Maker

intro marker for YouTube

It’s the perfect app to make excellent intros for our YouTube channel. It gives us musical ranges of more than 100 songs, free of authors, as well as offers us its different templates that will allow us create a professional video, in a short time.

Animated Text

Animated Text

Animated Text, offers us numerous templates fully editable to create great intros. Among its features and functions, we can find the use of animated texts, visual effects, sounds and an auto-adjustment of contrasts and tones to improve the visual aspect of our content.

Intro Maker – Outro Maker & Intro Creator

Intro Maker- Outro Maker & Intro Creator

The intros created through this application are really perfect to attract the attention of visitors to our channel. In it, we can find different filters, and animations that embellish all our presentations.

Animo – Intro Maker

Animo - Intro Maker for YouTube Music Video Editor

A presentation with enough animations, is without a doubt the center of attraction for our visitors. For this reason we recommend this application, in it we can find different filters, animated texts, Rubik’s cubes, colored rays, and other effects that will professionalize our videos.

Intro Video Maker

Intro Video Maker

What we always look for when creating an intro for YouTube, is to give an identity to our channel, and with Video Maker for sure we can do it without any problem. It has an excellent range of colors, animations, text fonts, audios, images and songs, completely free of copyright for our use.

The online tools to make YouTube intros with your logo that you should know

In this last section we will show you a list of five best online tools, thus considered, for their excellence in designs and creation of intros for our YouTube channel regardless of the subject matter.

Go for it:



With Panzoid we can create spectacular videos for the presentation of our channel. Its variety of templates allows us to obtain a suitable intro for our channel. It is considered the number one for video game channels, for its animations and 3D options.



Flixpress, is the tool perfect to identify our channel by means of an intro. Its different options allow us to obtain the best video quality in the format that we like the most. We can also integrate our logos in the presentations, to give it that identity that our channel needs so much.


Free IntroMaker

With this tool, we can create great intros for our YouTube channels. Its use is completely free, and we do not need to have extensive knowledge in design, or video editing, since its interface indicates the best way to edit them.


Spark Adobe

If we want to create simple intros, identified with our logos, and online, the best option is to use Spark. It has an excellent interface, which allows us as new users, use it if no problemIn addition, it offers us the appropriate functions to decorate all our presentations, like a professional.



To end this list, we bring Biteable, an online tool that allows us to make professional presentations. Regardless of the theme that our channel deals with, with this platform we can create great intros, with the use of animations, texts, effects, filters and other options more.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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