+250 Microsoft Excel Templates to Make Invoices  List ▷ 2020

Microsoft Excel is the quintessential program for processing numbers and values, and It is very prominent for its infinite formulas and the application of these. Still, this software is tedious for many users.

The vast majority of people hate it, but not because they think it is not good, since everyone knows how useful it can be, the problem is that many do not really know how to take advantage of it.

That is why Microsoft has placed a service Online templates that can be accessed from almost any computer, where we can find an immense amount of tools that will make your work a simple walk, and you will take a lot of stress off of you.

What is an Excel template and what are the benefits of using it?

An Excel template is a predesigned document, in which it is only necessary to enter the relevant information, since the structure together with the proper mathematical formulas are already established.

This type of documents already bring the types of calculations and can be used for cash flow, inventory, budgeting, sales, among many types of records.

Using Microsoft Excel templates gives us the following advantages:

  • Labor and time savings: When we select the correct template our work is limited only to filling in the information spaces, this is because the structure, design and formulas for calculations are already established.
  • Easy to use: it’s as simple as finding the right template for the task you need, be it an invoice or a monthly expense control.
  • Saving money: excel is a monster for finances and calculations, and if you can do countless things with it, even more so with its templates, so knowing how to take advantage of its benefits can greatly reduce the costs of some expensive administrative software.
  • Less margin of error: Since most of the formulas with which we are going to work will already be established, there is no risk of making a mistake when formulating them and there will be no errors in our records, unless we make a mistake entering the data.
  • Nice interface: If it is a document or record that must be in the public domain, you should not worry about its appearance since all the templates have a good design that, in addition to allowing you to work comfortably and organized, also includes a good presentation with pleasant colors.
  • Ability to replicate: Being a template, you can replicate the same document as many times as necessary, and if necessary you can create your own custom template for daily use.

Where can I download Microsoft Excel templates for personal or professional use?

It offers in its templates an endless number of prefabricated documents that can be macros, receipts, cash flows, budgets, among others.

The best way to find them is by opening our software, and on the home screen on the right side before creating a new document, click on “More templates.”

More templates

And then from here we choose between the categories, the one we are going to need and We navigate to find the most suitable for the job.

Find templates online

Another easy method to find legitimate Microsoft Excel templates is from its official page.

You enter “Office.com” and you log in with your Microsoft account, which may well be “Hotmail” or “Outlook”.

Office.com excel

Once there we go to Excel and then in the button on the right side we select “More templates.”

More templates online

After this we will give you in the lower right corner where it says “Browse all templates” and we will navigate until we find one that is useful to us.

You can too do a little search in the search engine of your choice and find many free for your documents.

List of the best templates to make invoices for your business in Excel

Does it give you fatigue or headaches every time you think you have to calculate balance sheets or something similar for your company? Avoid the hassle that can be having to keep your business accounts by hand and use technology and basic programs to facilitate this task.

Today we bring you a small list so that you know according to what you need, the best templates to make your invoices. Do not complicate yourself!

Modern Invoices

In this small list we have included the models for registering amounts, which have the presentation more pleasing to the eye.

Modern invoice

Invoices for services

Service invoice

Here we will place the best templates to invoice services for sale:

Invoices with unit price

The unit price tells us how much a product or input is worth before calculating the tax or discount, here we will place some of those that have this parameter in their structure.

Invoice with unit price

Invoices for companies

In this small list, we collected the most suitable sales record templates for large companies.

Company invoice

Invoices for SMEs

Invoice for SMEs

Here we will place those templates with a suitable model so that fit into a booming or small business profile.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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