4Chan What is it and how is it used?   ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Everyone sometime in our lives we have heard some rumors from 4Chan, either because through this site they have taken very intimate publications of some celebrities or because of their fame as the most dangerous site on the internet. Sometimes not everything that is said is true, but with this great forum you never know what to expect and if it has generated so much controversy it must be for something.

Putting away everything bad about 4Chan, it is also necessary to highlight why it is still so famous. This is due to their system and organization. Despite having a somewhat obsolete structure for what modern web sites normally offer us, it has a huge audience that shares a lot of extremely interesting content. Even the ugliest things have their followers and there is a lot of that in this forum.

It is currently considered as a whole cultural center in which movements, social groups have been created and phenomena have become viral (like memes) that are part of the daily life of social networks and the internet in general. Its impact is such that we have taken the liberty of writing this article in which we will teach you everything you need to know about 4Chan so that you can better understand what it is about and publish your first post on it.

What is 4Chan and how to navigate through this huge forum?

4Chan Forum Logo

4Chan is the immense forum that was born in 2003, an example of many other places and the father of several phenomena that are famous on the internet today. In this community you can find a lot of information of all kinds; from theories about anime, leaks of brand-new movies and entertainment, to savage violence, child pornography and a whole host of bad things.

Many of the users have been traumatized for days when seeing these uncensored publications, for this reason if you do not want to enter this section of the forum never click on that peculiar area marked in red called +18.

On the other hand, some of the things that make 4Chan one of the most dangerous forums is the number of hackers powerful who use it. If you don’t know how to navigate, you can even lose your computer forever. Although it seems exaggerated, this is a large community where a huge number of people with bad intentions reside.

ButWhy even with all these dangers it is still so used? For anonymity. In this place you do not need to register to start posting on it. You simply have to enter one of its many sub-forums and do or say what you want, which for millions of people in this world is very attractive Can you imagine being able to trolley all you want without being penalized? You will now understand why there are so many crazy things that can be found here.

How do you post on 4Chan and how many boards or subforums are there?

4Chan boards

The first thing you have to know that there are many forums or boards in 4Chan, but we cannot give you an exact number of them since it fluctuates continually For two reasons; Anyone can create a subforum, and because when one of these has a small audience it is automatically closed.

On the other hand, make a publication or post on 4Chan in something very simple, but before that, it is necessary that you handle English (basic level) so that you can understand many things and when you make your first publications they are also in that language since most of its users only handle this language.

Another thing you should know is that being an anonymous forum there are a huge amount of trolls or offensive people who they will strike down any of your posts at negative comments with the intention of hurting you emotionally. They may even end up reporting your post just for fun so that your IP is banned and you can no longer publish, so it is convenient to use a VPN to keep your real address completely hidden.

Now that you know all the above we can explain how to make a publication in 4Chan in a simple way following the steps that you will read below:

  • You have to select a board (sub-forum) where you want your post to be published.
  • Then you will have to click on the option “Start a New Thread“.

Publish to 4Chan

  • Then share a picture as you can see in the capture that we show you.

how to post on 4chan

  • Here you can upload your images and a comment to post, but first you must verify that you are not a robot with the captcha.
  • Ready you already published your post, totally simple and without any entanglement, although in 4Chan some abbreviations are also applied that you can interpret with the Urban Dictionary to facilitate your adventure in this forum.

What are the best alternative websites in Spanish to 4Chan?

alternatives to 4 chan

As we have mentioned before, this forum is completely in English, but over the years it has inspired thousands of portals in Spanish that have an audience as wide as 4Chan’s and without considerably more insurance. Here are the best alternatives you have in Spanishl.


This a site that has reached a good level of popularity among internet users, here you can see many social news, post articles and comment on practically anything that comes to mind. This is currently the largest forum on the internet, with a user base that exceeds that of 4Chan and has a dedicated space especially for Spanish-speaking people.

As well as other social news websites, Reddit allows you to interact with other users. The vast number of subforums is one of its greatest strengths and valuable information about brand new movies or “banned” photos of celebrities from all countries has been leaked hundreds of times.


This is a service that saves a large number of honeycombs with images to explore. This is very similar to the famous 4Chan forum, since you can post anonymously and they have a wide variety of sub-forums. The difference of this is the large Spanish-speaking community that lives in it. You can access the website of this site with the following address 8ch.net (Now 8kun.top) and be part of this fabulous board.


It is a community or website created with the purpose that all Spanish-speaking 4Chan participants move to it, since it gives you the same service but completely in spanish. Unlike the previous one, you will not have problems in it because everything you find is in your language, which is extremely comfortable. Its popularity is on the rise since you can also post anonymously and lately interesting secrets have been revealed in the various sub-forums that make it up.


This is one microblogging platform, in which all users are allowed to publish their images or share political, pornographic, videos, photos and many other things. This site is very compared to the social network Instagram for its shape and structure, and it can certainly be considered one. This is generally in English but it has a Spanish version that is not wasted, so if what you are looking for is a forum in your language, this is one of the best.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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