+5 PlayStation and PSP Emulators on iPhone  List ▷ 2021

Video games have been the fundamental pillar of training in today’s youth, because it allows us immerse ourselves in an unknown world and forget our routine or real world, changing it for one full of adventure and adrenaline.

Sony is a company that fully understands the meaning and value of entertainment, so it created with different versions of PlayStation. But for market reasons, some of these could not be continued.

In this article you we will show some emulators that you can use to play all those titles that you love so much about the PlayStation console.

What are the necessary features to play PlayStation titles on iPhone?

All of us sometime in our lives we have played with a PlayStation, all his games took us to a different world from the one we live in. Currently, if you have an iPhone you can play all PS titles in the same way until exhaustion.

In this section we will explain what are the requirements that your device must meet so that you can play without interventions or lags:

Playstation 1

The first version of PlayStation was the one that completely hooked us to this company, not only for its interface and graphics, but for the dynamics and adrenaline in each of the worlds and games.

If you want to play PS1 titles on your iPhone, we recommend that your computer meet the following conditions:

  • 29.8 MB minimum free memory– This is to ensure that titles and emulators run properly without overloading the device.
  • Use a computer with a iOS version 11 or later.
  • In versions of iOS 11 or higher Jailbreak is not required.
  • Download TweakBox.
  • Use the emulator Provenance and BIOS for PS1.


In the PlayStation Portables version, you need the help of a software known as PPSSPP iPhone, which is known as one of the best emulators for these versions. The best thing about this emulator is that we don’t need jailbreak our device, since it does not require high permissions from the console.

With the use of this we can enjoy more than 800 titles of different categories, the indispensable requirement for the execution of these titles without any problem is to have a version of iPhone 5 or 6 plus, because its resources are sufficient for the execution of each of the high-graphics games.

List of Best Emulators to Play Classic PS1 Games on iPhone and iOS

With only downloading one of these emulators you can enjoy a huge list of PlayStation 1 titles. Before you download, remember that your device must meet the requirements mentioned above.

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happy chick

With Happy Chick We can play all the PlayStation 1 titles without any problem.

Although if we get tired of this line, this magnificent emulator allows us to acquire any other video game from the following systems:

  • $
  • PSP
  • FC (NES)
  • SFC (SNEC)
  • GBA
  • GBC
  • MD
  • NDS
  • DC
  • NGP
  • WS (WSC)
  • PCE
  • ONS

The system of this emulator is always in constant updates, because part of the objectives of the developers of this software is to offer one of the best emulators with the widest range of content to its users. Thanks to the different characteristics that offers us Happy Chick We can play in online multiplayer mode, simply by connecting to a WiFi connection.

Also, we can record all our funny moments and share them with our friends. Power and resource consumption will also not be a problem when we use this software, because it is fully compatible with the energy saving system of our devices. On the other hand, with few taps, we can synchronize our phone with various devices and share the statistics of our games.



The multi-SEGA, SNES and PSX Provenance emulator is one of the most complete softwares to install our iOS devices and enjoy a great list of PS1 titles.

In order for us to enjoy Provenance, we must meet the following requirements:

  • Our device must have Installed Impactor Cydia.
  • To update iTunes to its latest version.
  • Stable Internet connection.
  • Free memory greater than 400 MB “RECOMMENDABLE”.
  • IOS 10 device or higher.

This emulator can not only be installed on our mobile devices, it can also be used properly on Smart TVs and TV Boxes. Also, like the Happy Chick, it supports different consoles, such as: Nintendo, PPSSPP, PlayStation and GBA. To download it you can do it directly from the following link https://github.com/Provenance-Emu/Provenance.

Because we can acquire any title and from different categories, can be used by minors. Regarding the support, it offers complete compatibility with online multiplayers games. Like all current video game software, we will be able to record all our experiences played and share them with our friends, through social networks, Bluetooth or WiFi.



RetroArch it is a compatible emulator on different systems, including including iOS. It offers an interface that allows us to run any PlayStation one title, allowing us to play our favorite games wherever we want. The controls are fully configurable, as is the quality of video game graphics.

Turn your iPhone into a PSP with the following emulators

Your iPhone can contain PSP games seamlessly, but with the condition of having the correct emulator installed.

Next, we will show you two of the best emulators that you can easily install to run all the titles of this version of PlayStation:



The well-known version of PlayStation portable, was one of the most demanded not only for flexibility in the game and mobility, but also for the high graphics that include each of the titles available for the PSP. The device that will be used to run this emulator must contain a version equal to or higher than iOS 13. The titles of this version of SONY are very heavy, which is why many consider not to install them and look for PS from previous versions.


Happy Chick PSP

The Happy Chick PSP Difference with the aforementioned consists of compatibility with titles. In terms of features and configurations, they are the same as the version mentioned above. Playing PSP titles with this emulator guarantees us a huge experience of fun and entertainment. Happy Chick, maintains constant updates of its system to eliminate the small lags and failures that few of its users have mentioned, due to the high consumption of resources.

The best and most legendary PlayStation games to test your emulator

Now that we know which emulators we can use depending on the type of games and quality we want, we go with the most recommended titles in the history of the PlayStation.

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Resident Evil – PS1

Resident Evil - PS1

Resident Evil it is one of the best video games created with a web of biohazards. The horror of surviving a world in chaos, will allow you to immerse yourself in an infinite adventure with unmatched adrenaline levels. The developer of this title was Capcom, published for PS1 in 1006, this being the first installment of Resident Evil video games. For those of us who have already seen the movie and know its plot, we will understand that this is not just any game.

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles – PSP

Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles - PSP

Are you attracted to vampire worlds? Then take on a character in this world of mystery full of blood and darkness. Knonami was the developer of this impressive game, published in 2008, with the only compatibility for SONY PlayStation consoles.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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