+5 Super Nintendo Emulators on iPhone  List ▷ 2021

If you are a fan of Super Nintendo pay attention to this article because we will show you the best emulators for the SNES that you can use on your iPhone and enjoy it to the fullest as if you were playing as a child.

We will show you below a list of the most incredible emulators of the Super Nintendo for your iPhone. You can download these tools legally without damaging the security of your mobile.

But this is not all, you will also know a list with the best SNES games and which are the safest portals to download Super Nintendo content.

List of the most incredible emulators of the Super Nintendo for your iPhone

If you want to have fun from your iPhone playing the best video games as if you were in Super nintendoPlease pay attention to the following listing. We will show you the best emulators that you can get legally to download on your iOS mobile.

Check out:



You no longer have to think “How will it feel to play classic Super NES games on my iPhone?” and all thanks to Delta. This tool has proven to be by far one of the best emulation apps. Above all, nostalgic people like it because it can be downloaded free of charge. It is especially suitable for devices with an iOS operating system, which indicates that you will not have problems or interruptions when playing.

The remarkable thing about this emulator is that it has precedents. Yes, it comes from the developers of the already respected GBA4iOS. Yet another advantage is that you can download it legally from its own portal, for this you will have to look for the button Download Delta Emulator for iOS [ACTUALIZACIÓN OFICIAL]. And if you get tired of the SNES titles, it also supports Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS, among others.

Download Delta Emulator for iOS


Without having to resort to jailbreaking the iPhone, Provenance It gives you the ability to play on Super Nintendo in a fairly simple way. This application that emulates video games from another era. Those classics you grew up with like Final Fantasy III, Mario or Donkey Kong Country will be at your fingertips. From the version of iOS 8.1 it will install as if nothing.

Download Provenance Emulator for iOS


Do you have a smartphone with iOS 7.1 or higher? Well, MeSNEmu is an alternative that can get you out of trouble. Despite not being able to be installed from the App Store, you can do it from iEmulators. It has built-in touch controls that are quite easy to handle. Of course, these commands can be chosen in the settings according to your preferences.

So while it is quite simple, it helps to relive the games of yesteryear that you want to remember. Its creator is Lucas Mendes Meng, such a MeSNEmu developer is constantly uploading updates for new versions of the OS. Currently you will need about 800 KB of space on your mobile.

Download MeSNEmu Emulator for iOS

Remote File Manager

Remote File Manager

Since a time ago, Remote File Manager has made its way into the apple store And although at first glance it looks like a file explorer, it has a lot to offer you as a gamer! But, for you to use it without problems you must have a Dropbox account. However, these are very easy to create and then access the app.

The main feature of this program is that it opens a wide variety of files, such as those necessary to emulate any Super Nintendo game. It is up to the user how they will use Remote File Manager, since it is a resource with great potential Did you know that it only works for games from the old Super Nintendo Entertainment System? So, do not miss the opportunity to have it on iPad or iPhone. Download it from the App Store or by clicking on the link.


More options? you also have Snes9x EX +. This app not only works with iOS systems but also Android and the user reviews in the Play Store are good. It accepts multiple game file formats so you can have extreme fun with the Super NIntendo. Of all, is one of the most versatile and simple to use emulators.

As expected, you must obtain it through the official website, which is not a major impediment or inconvenience when operating. Among the specifications indicate that you require a device with iOS 8 or higher. And the best for last, it is totally free and free of invasive ads. Very good proposal so that nothing obstructs the screen and interrupts the game abruptly.

The best SNES games that you can install on your iPhone to enjoy your new emulator

Now what you already know the best emulators it’s time to choose which game you want to download on your iPhone to enjoy your mobile to the fullest.

Let’s see next:

Super mario kart

Nostalgia may surround you when you remember all the circuits you traveled. A curiosity about Super Mario Kart is that it was the first game created in the saga. The experience of owning a character like Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Bowser and making it run was unmatched. If you have not yet experienced this eternal title, it is time to have it on your mobile. You will not be able to stop remembering the melodies throughout the day every time you pass a level.

Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country

This popular monkey is a famous recognized in the Nintendo world, which was formed from its origins by the impact it generated in its time with respect to its graphics. Although it may not seem like it today, it was quite promising for a 16-bit machine. In this installment, his nephew Diddy Kong is present to recover the banana reserve Do you still remember how to use the other animals?

Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past

Although Link’s adventures are not over yet, we cannot forget Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This was the special title for Super Nintendo that is still evoked with great emotion to commemorate the demure of Princess Zelda. Fight against Agahnim and follow the clues that Sahasrahla gives you along the way.

Secret of mana

Square did a great job releasing Secret of Mana. The game poses a battle in real time with spells, weapons and other powers. The main actor you will own is the warrior Randi, the rebel Primm, and the creature Popoi. Throughout the plot you can see how supernatural elements dominate the landscape. For its characteristics It is a good option to spend some time on the mobile with the iOS operating system.

Final Fantasy III or VI

That magnificent role-playing game that we long for now is reality, Final Fantasy III. A mix of magic mighty warriors or balance between light and dark. Between 4 warriors a story unfolds in which you are the protagonist, the most famous of this title being turn-based fighting. Have fun with experience points, class system, and job system.

The safest portals to download SNES games legally and without threats

Next, we will show you the safest portals where you can download games on iOS for SNES:



Being a lover of retro games on iOS, you surely know the iEmulators platform. From here you find a large part of the software with this ability to emulate. Now, the website offers you another more reliable service. Is about BuildStore one of the most reliable paid application store From the market. Here you can get not only emulators, but games and other popular apps.


Outside the App Store, AltStore is one of the safest media you will find for iPhone. Such an application store is described by its creator as a more open platform for legal downloading. It has made noise and grown in popularity among users for its high reliability. But, above all, because it provides options that the official store does not provide.

One of them is having a Nintendo emulator built into your downloads. From here it is installed without complicating the jailbreak. You only have to use the Apple ID when confirming the installed apps. It is already taking time for you to have downloaded an emulator on your smartphone with iOS. Very soon you will return to the games you left behind on your SNES.


At the address http://switchr.imagility.io/ you will find a game store for Super Nintendo that you can download without inconvenience or security threats. Best of all, you can download any game without the need to jailbreak applications, which will keep your mobile as you bought it the first day.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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