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The first time we took a look at the 3d technology It was thanks to the benefits of the cinema. Although previously there were some videos in this format, it was the seventh art that popularized it and made it close to the consumer. Therefore, every time we think about it, the first thing that comes to mind is a movie.

Fortunately, smart mobile or desktop devices have advanced so far that they already have the ability to play 3D audiovisuals from their screens, although in most cases you will need an external program that can read the file format.

In this article we are going to show you a list of the best 3D video players that you can download to enjoy your favorite movies. In addition, we will also teach you how you can configure the VLC player to play audiovisuals in three dimensions.

List of the 10 best programs to watch movies and videos in 3D

The programs that we are going to recommend you are not free, or at least not all. 3D technology is little valued in computers, so there are not many free options as with other types of software. But nevertheless, we have been able to get some that you will surely love. Without further ado we proceed with the list.

VLC Media Player


We start with the preferred player of the vast majority of desktop users. VLC is a free wonder that will not only allow you to view content in 3D, but also in UltraHD 4K, being one of the few in the free market that meets all these characteristics.

In order to enjoy 3-dimensional images, it will be necessary to make some adjustments in the program’s configuration, which we will teach you later in this tutorial, so from the outset we recommend that you download it as soon as possible.

ArcSoft Total Media Theater 6

ArcSoft Total Media Theater 6

One of the easiest to use software on this entire list. You just have to make sure you have the 3D file on hand and start it with this player that will allow you to enjoy this image quality as if you were in a movie theater.

Further, It has other interesting features such as the fact of being able to edit the subtitles and change their language as with the audio. However, many consider that the price of its license is exorbitant considering that you cannot see panoramic images in 4K, since it reproduces them in HD.

Corel WinDVD Pro 11

Corel WinDVD Pro 11

This is possibly one of the ones you like the most. To start with, it is cheaper than the previous one and if it allows you to reproduce panoramas in 4K. But beyond that, the really interesting thing is that has the ability to convert a 2D movie to 3D, so it doesn’t matter if you have the correct file or not.

Of course, the process may take several minutes, but the result is completely worth it. In addition, it has a function to enhance the image of DVDs to make them look like BlueRay. Not to mention that if you buy it in a physical store, they give you a set of 3D glasses.

CyberLink PowerDVD Ultra 14


This is another option that is sure to blow your mind. More than a player, this is a professional-level multimedia center where you can organize all your audiovisuals for easier access. Further, you can synchronize it with various streaming platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, to view the content from it. Like Corel, it also has the ability to convert a 2D movie to 3D, which is a huge advantage, although its license is slightly more expensive.

3D Video Player

3D Video Player

This is a program whose interface is based on the classic Windows Media Player, so it will be very easy to use as you should be used to it. Its operation is fool-proof, as you simply have to open the file or insert the CD for playback to start automatically.

All this is included in its free version, which is very complete and it may be enough for you. The paid version includes some pluses, but what is really relevant is the ability to convert 2D movies into 3D and remove a small watermark that appears on its interface.

Player KM


This is another completely free player that may make you dismiss the others on this list as it is very complete. To start, allows you to convert 2D into 3D in an extremely simple way and with excellent quality, although you will have to use 3D glasses to be able to appreciate the change since what it does is apply some angular effects to give volume to the images.

Beyond that, it is also an excellent audio player, being one of the few hybrid players that in addition to allowing you to watch your favorite series and movies, you can also do the same with your music.

NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Player 1.7.5


By the name of the manufacturer you can imagine that this is one of the best programs out there to reproduce the highest quality audiovisuals. The World’s Largest Video Card Developer has this player so you can take full advantage of the potential of its hardware.

This program guarantees you a professional-level image quality, being possibly the best in that sense.. However, its license is a bit expensive and you will have to purchase Nvidia 3D glasses to see the third dimension in the best possible quality.

Player DepthQ


This program is amazing. It is a professional level player to reproduce images in the best possible resolution. It has a very easy-to-use interface, as well as a couple of interesting functions that make the experience of watching a video in it very dynamic and entertaining.

This is one of the best you can download to view content in 3D, since you can not only give this effect to the data you have downloaded, but also to the online ones. It has a trial version that includes everything we have told you. It also has full paid versions, which are expensive and designed more to meet business needs.

Pot Player

Pot Player

This is a program designed to fully exploit the benefits of smart televisions and desktop computers. It’s not that you can’t use it on a laptop, but for better performance it’s best to do it on a desktop computer with a more powerful graphics card.

With this, You will be able to view content in the best possible 3D quality today, being a true visual spectacle that you will be appreciating. On the other hand, there is the fact that you can customize its interface at will with different skins.

SlySoft AnyDVD HD


AnyDvD was a very useful player at the time. After a few years he returned to the market with his SlySoft AnyDVD, which is very similar to its predecessor, but on steroids. To start, They updated the resolution so that with it you could see images in 4K UltraHD, and some graphical improvements so that you can also see content in 3 dimensions. In addition, they gave it an interface that, despite being a bit clunky, works as a multimedia center for organize and download audiovisuals from the internet.

How to configure VLC Media Player to play my 3D movies from my computer?

We have already told you about VLC Media Player as one of the best players that you can have installed on your computer, being a real pass in every way. Among its benefits is the fact of being able to see images in three dimensions, but for this you will first have to make some adjustments in its configuration.

Make sure the file is 3D

VLC has support to read files in 3 dimensions, so the most important thing is that you make sure that what you download is in this format.

After that you will have to make some simple adjustments in the program settings, but if you happen to do it to watch a movie in 2 dimensions, then you will have a completely disgusting image quality.

Once you make sure you have 3D, specifically in SBS format, you can continue with this process.

Open the VLC

Once you are sure that you have the correct format, what you should do is open the VLC program. Afterwards, you must go to its menu bar and click on “Tools” or “Tools” depending on the language the player is in.

Enter the effects menu

  • Now in the list of menu options “Tools” you must click “Effects Y Filters “, which will open a sub-window in which you will see a large number of configurable aspects in this regard.


  • You must position yourself in “Video Effects” and go further and select the option “Advanced” and check the box “Anaglyph 3D” that will allow you to activate this type of graphics. After that it is simply a matter of you clicking on “To accept”.


  • After these simple steps you can start to see 3D images, as long as you have 3D glasses to notice the changes.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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