6 Best Windows PASSWORD MANAGERS  ▷ List ▷ 2020

As in the Smartphone, also it is important to have an optimal password manager on a computer. Since, these softwares present the necessary versatility to offer the best to its users, from security, to comfort and flexibility. Although it is true, today many people are victims of the usurpation of data or the breach of their security, thanks to the hundreds of programs that exist especially for this. But luckily, you can make use of the password managers for avoid this greatly.

That is why we want to let you know the best key managers with each of their essential features Y its detailed operation, specifically for computers with Windows operating system. Taking into account that most of these, audit your passwords to confirm that you are not using the same in many websites and in such a way, they are designed to improve the infallibility of your personal information.

Now, despite the fact that there are many nominations, we carried out an investigation to be more punctual and to be able to give you a guaranteed advice, with the purpose that you use the most recommended key and password managers for Windows of the moment, which, every day seek to have support supported by completely advanced functions and other extremely useful features that certify a much more renewed online experience in all facets of your data.

List of the best password managers that you have to install on your Windows computer

We present below the list of this type of optimized and 100% reliable software so that you can manage and protect all kinds of keys and passwords of your multiple accounts and programs.



This program is rated as the best password manager for Windows, thanks to the fact that it provides a complete service and makes it easy for users to store all their passwords online and synchronized with other computers or devices. So, simplify the audit, the use of more secure keys in general And till automatic switching in case a service has been hacked or blocked.

For its part, LastPass enables two-factor authentication for your password vault with Google Authenticator, and USB devices. In addition, it has add-ons for Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera and Safari.

Regarding its interface, this software recently received a visual update in favor of speed it up Y facilitate its use. Also having additional features such as credit monitoring, document storage and sharing, secure key and receive notifications when a site with which you have an account has been hacked. It also offers tools that allow auto-fill forms and streamline online shopping.

LastPass offers a totally free version but it also has a paid version that integrates Premium features. These add 1GB of encrypted file storage, priority user assistance and fingerprint reader compatibility.



Another alternative that we recommend is KeePass, since it is a password manager for free use for Windows OS users and other recognized operating systems. In this software, you can easily store your private information within an encrypted database that you yourself will control on your system. As a result, they are never synced or uploaded to another site, unless you want to move them from one computer to another.

KeePass exhibits a simple to use interface, has its own key creator that helps you change the ones you want and so on, make sure they are all unique, strong and invulnerable. In addition, with this program you can configure several keys, in order to share access among privileged users and export them in plain text, to carry out a quick import on another site.

Among other features, it presents tools and add-ons that extend its functionality and thus, it can be used in browsers and other platforms. Thanks to your open code approach and security controlled by the same user, KeePass is a favorite for many people. It should also be noted that it provides secure encryption and in it, you can keep a backup of your data.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password

This software was developed by the creators of AVG Antivirus and it is a software widely used by Windows clients. It has a free version and a paid version that adds extra functions in the cloud. Sticky Password has a strong generation, supported by AES-256 bit encryption and provides very intuitive navigation.

In addition to this, this administrator exhibits Secure encrypted cloud sync options between multiple devices, which helps protect confidential information shared over a wireless connection.

Among other features, Sticky Password supports face ID and fingerprint ID for keys. In its interface, it shows great simplicity attached to a totally professional service that can be one of the optimal options for a new business. In short, it is a reliable organizer capable of storing your passwords and personal data safely, with an additional function that allows import and explore data from browsers.



Compatible with Windows and other operating systems and plugins, 1Password is a password manager that offers its users a totally powerful and secure digital wallet, which looks very attractive to all users who seek greater infallibility for their personal information. Taking into account that in addition to that, it is a flexible and easy to use program that works perfectly in all web browsers and promises the same performance as a program with premium features.

In this sense, 1Password is one of the best solutions for managing data on your computer, being a safe storage mechanism for all types of files. Which, keeps in its encrypted vault to establish the best storage service in the cloud.

As for the digital wallet you own, it has the ability to store all kinds of confidential information in reference to bank accounts and payment details, to keep them private. Added to this, it gives you the facility to set up an emergency kit as a safety net and share keys with supported users.



Since its interface update in 2016, after its launch in 2012, Dashlane has been a perfect solution in terms of password management, both for computers and PCs, as well as for other operating systems and mobile devices. This program presents an interface that attracts attention easily, thanks to its great sharpness, ease of use, simple automatic login Y registration of purchases and orders in online stores.

In addition, Dashlane has support around two-factor authentication, ability to share “keys” with authorized contacts in case of emergency, whether you cannot access your accounts or other similar situation. It also possesses the sufficiency of change multiple passwords on various websites with just a few clicks and issues alerts if you have an account on a hacked site.

Other of its most important characteristics is that through its built-in provision to change keys, allows you to reset the password to a new, unique and secure one without having to leave its interface. In short, it has a digital wallet that makes it easy for you to make purchases online in those retail stores with which you do not have accounts, supports secure note exchange and gives you the alternative of saving your private access locally in a vault encrypted with a master key.

Roboform 8

Roboform 8

Roboform has been around for many years and therefore, has great worldwide fame Y is one of the most recommended by experts, for Microsoft Windows users. It is an ideal tool for locally store passwords and encrypted personal information, As for sync with the web and on other devices you want.

It also enables automatic filling of forms on the web and thanks to its compatibility with diverse identities, autocomplete form information depending on different users, addresses, etc.

For its part, the most updated version is Roboform 8 that in addition to offering the aforementioned functions, it has also increased compatibility with the browser and establishes alternatives for managing passwords online and offline.

The other thing that can be evidenced in this latest update is that exhibits a better interface Y a significant increase in security by using a new data storage file that is more infallible against possible attacks.

As for the free version of this program, accepts unlimited logins on a single computer and has marker properties that help you carry out better tracking of your favorite web pages. In short, it is an option for the administration of access restricted by passwords that is highly effective for computers with Windows operating systems.

We hope that from this list, you choose the option that best suits your requirements and start to enjoy a better online experience on your Windows computer, adding security to your personal data and an admirable solidity when handling your private information.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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