7 Best MacOS PASSWORD MANAGERS  ▷ List ▷ 2020

Surely you are one of the many users who have many accounts which you manage, whether they are banking, email, games, applications, music or video playback services, social networks such as Facebook or Twitter among many more. So that It is difficult for you to remember them all, because each one of them requires having different login codes for greater protection, as well as different usernames (something annoying but very necessary to maintain your security regarding others).

Although it is true that most browsers have their own managers, where they store all the keys, it is also important to know that these are very basic and do not incorporate all the functions we need. That’s when password managers do their job. These are a great tool, their center is to simplify your life.

Well They allow you to store your data in one place, so you can access them without complications. You will only need to create and memorize a master password that will allow you to enter and view your record. In this tutorial we are going to explain to you step by step, how you can have a password manager and which ones can be the best to use on your devices. Always keep in mind to keep a backup of all your keys.

List of the best password managers that you have to install on your MacOS computer

There are many tool managers that you can use in MacOS, but we are going to name you the best known and the ones that have given the best results to the community. Remember that these allow you to store and use the passwords that you have previously created and have associated with your web browsers.

Another functionality that some managers have available is that they allow personal data to be stored, such as: credit card details, PayPal accounts and your identity documents.



It is an application that Allows you to manage passwords. In turn, it works as a virtual wallet, so it stores all the data to pay from the web. It is available on different platforms, but it is a great tool for Mac. It has two versions, one free and one paid.

The free version allows secure storage of up to 50 accounts, thus saving all the necessary data to log in. You can receive instant security alerts, suggestions on how to improve your security, auto-fill forms when making payments, synchronization of a single device, as well as sharing your passwords with a maximum of 5 accounts.

The paid version allows unlimited use of accounts to store and manage, as well as being able to share your passwords indefinitely with other accounts. In turn, it brings other functions such as priority access for assistance and remote access that are only available to premium users. The cost of this service is only $ 3.33 per month.

Sticky Password

Sticky Password password manager

This application allows you to manage all the data you use on your device, regardless of which team we are talking about. It supports auto-fill forms and store all user data and passwords. It has a virtual wallet to store all your payment information.

Sticky Password also has a totally free version and a premium version for which there are two types of license, one with a lifetime of one year for a cost of $ 29.99 and a lifetime version for a cost of $ 149.99. Although they currently have a 20% discount, leaving the total payment at $ 119.99.

Obviously as expected, the paid version is superior to the free version, even so, it complies with the basic functionalities of a password manager.


keeper password manager

Another application that will allow you to manage your personal data such as usernames, passwords and more. It has a wide variety of plans for personal, family and business use (small or large companies). Even though, unfortunately it does not have a free functionality.

Of course, it allows you to use the application at no cost for 14 days. You can try it and if you like to choose some of the plans and services that Keeper has designed for you.


lastpass password manager

This application, allows its users to know which accounts contain duplicate (same) keys and which have a weak password, which translates into an easy to guess key. Its advantage is that it allows you to automatically change some of them. It contains the form autocompletion service, as well as the one to save payment data.

It has a version at no cost, but it is only a test. In turn, the premium or paid versions are divided into two types, premium for $ 3 per month available for a single user, or family available for 6 users for a cost of $ 4 per month.



It is a program designed to help you manage your accounts and passwords, like many of the previous ones, it helps you to autocomplete different data from email accounts or forms. EnPass has a totally free version, but this one has some limitations, you can only store up to 20 accounts.

Its paid version on the other hand allows an unlimited warehouse, and for only $ 11.99 you will have a lifetime license of this product. It should be noted that it contains many more functions that you can enjoy when using it.


1password password manager

This application has a free trial for only 30 days for its different versions, whether personal, family or business. The personal and family version, has an unlimited capacity to store passwords and a 1GB capacity to save documents, for the personal version it costs $ 2.99 per month and for the family version $ 4.99.

You can add up to 5 people to the latter, with an additional cost of $ 1 for each one. No matter what version you use you can use them without limitations on any device you want, you can enjoy assistance in case of doubts and other functionalities.


keychain password manager

Is app designed by apple is a password manager that allows you to store keys of different types, to be used in different websites, FTP servers, SSH accounts, wireless protocols and much more.

A great detail of this administrator is that you can enter the database with your Mac computer’s login password. Otherwise, you can use a different one once it is created. Keychain is a free option for all Mac users, since it is included in the operating system.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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