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While it is true, music is an ideal and practically essential complement in people’s lives, so knowing the best music players to use on electronic devices is essential. For its part, a music player can be defined as a digital audio player that stores, organize Y plays files of this type. So today, there are multiple applications that are found both on Google Play and also on the App Store of the renowned iOS operating system. Which are completely available to different users, taking into account that a large number of them are free. Offering in this way, greater ease and efficiency for these users when having a good player.

In this sense, in this post we will focus especially on the best free music and audio players that can be used on iPhone, iPod and iPad. Referring to those most modern and widely used applications, highlighting that today, they are updated. With what you will have the most complete and exact information so that you do not hesitate to try each and every one of these players and finally install and use the one that seems best to you.

It is essential to note that despite the fact that all the mobile devices that equip iOS add high quality players capable of meeting the needs of almost all users; It is possible that at some point and for different reasons, it is necessary to go to another sound player. So, below we present you the most appropriate alternatives for it.

List of the best audio and music players and apps for iOS devices

Among the different options that exist for play high-quality sounds and audios on iOS devices, we have made a summary with the applications that have the best features and bring the most benefits to their users. So then we detail them:



It is mostly known for its excellent skills in identifying song data. However, it refers to a medium that is capable of playing tracks once they are recognized, highlighting that it is completely free.

Shazam is not a standalone music app because it works in conjunction with other streaming apps, but in the same way, it is a good option to use as an audio player on iOS devices.

For its part, the most interesting features offered to those who own iPhone, iPod or iPad mobile phones, are the following:

  • You can recognize music anywhere: from radio, television, cinema or in a store.
  • Offer your users the preview, that is, you can listen to a fragment of the song to see if the sound is suitable for your device.
  • Suggests some songs that may be of interest to you, according to the topics you already have in “My tags”.
  • The application has perfected its modality of share activities on Twitter and Facebook.

Listen Gesture Music Player


It is a player that offers the possibility of controlling the music you want to listen to with just a few gestures. So, It is a software used mostly in iPhone and has been developed by MacPaw. Listen for iOS draws the attention of its users, it is free and her CARACTERISTICS even if they are small, they are very specific.

Of which, we specify the following:

  • Listen focuses its added value on a minimalist interface and a gesture control.
  • At first, its operation is a bit complicated but ultimately, it is a player with a very attractive design.
  • Lets pass the songs just by dragging your finger across the screen, tap to pause or start playback. Like highlight your favorite lists with a simple gesture.
  • You can listen to thousands of songs and interact with Listen without hardly looking.



Musixmatch is not only a simple tool to listen to your favorite songs, because thanks to its great features, It is considered as the most complete alternative to play music on iOS devices. If you are one of those who use Spotify constantly, the name of this app may already be familiar to you.

In this sense, the indicated software adds a set of grouped tools and in reality, born as a database of song lyrics, being the most notable feature of Musixmatch. Now, the other characteristics that also attract attention are:

  • As to its operation, you can access the database through search or let the app detect the song you are playing and then it will show you the lyrics.
  • It has a widget in the notification panel that provides the same service, so it is not required to enter the application to see the lyrics.
  • It has a song identifier, very similar to Shazam. In addition, it integrates other services such as Spotify or iTunes Store.
  • At the same time that you consult the name of a topic that you do not know, will show you his handwriting.

Beat music player


It is an original idea and very attractive compared to the standard player in our electronic devices. Beat presents a totally impeccable and neat interface. As for its particularities, the most important is that contains a fully gestural control, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage.

This, because the number of gestures available difficult to memorize, so its operation can be a bit complicated.

Among other features, we have:

  • Beat has a series of themes that allow customize your appearance.
  • You can select a square or circle for album artwork or disable it, if you prefer.
  • Integrates the possibility of share on Twitter and Facebook what you are listening to.
  • Support for Apple EarPods.



It is another of the players most used by iOS users, it exhibits very good functionalities and its interface perfectly represents the graphical model proposed by iOS 7.

The Groove music player allows you to listen to your favorite melodies and also, provides a wide range of alternatives when it comes to playlists.

In addition to this, it consecrates the using smart gestures while in the car, in order to operate the player more easily when driving. Other of its peculiarities are:

  • Is an application completely free.
  • Allows the interaction with social networks.
  • Organize your themes by means of labels.
  • The Groove Catalog has over 38 million songs.



As is known, Apple’s mobile system manifests a great taste for aesthetics and this is also reflected in the apps that are available in the Store. One of them is Ecoute, a software that allows you give the way you listen to your music on your iPhone, iPod or iPad a twist, replacing the common player in the best way. Taking into account that it is a simple application to use and has been preferred by many users.

Let’s look at the most notable features of Ecoute:

  • Offers a automatic night interface.
  • This application is the treatment of metadata, fully integrated with iTunes. It even keeps track of reproductions.
  • Offers the user different more social possibilities. Since you can share the songs that you like the most on your social networks.
  • From Ecoute to you can manage your podcast.



This application preserves all the peculiarities of the original site that brings together a community of musicians, podcasters, bands and many more. In addition, Soundcloud gives you the possibility of search for new artists, listen to songs in your feed and if it was not enough, record and publish your own audio.

Now, among other features of the app, the following are specified:

  • It is free use both for iOS devices, as well as for Android devices.
  • Has a professional version, which is capable of creating cacniones, offering additional storage space and statistics for uploaded tracks. Which is paid.
  • In this app, you can discover podcasts, humor and news.



Too is a music application widely used by iOS users and has over 25 million quality tracks. Plus you have quick access to music videos, fully personalized suggestions, and in-depth interviews that They can range from Jack White to Jay-Z.

Among its most notable features, we find these:

  • Has a free version but also other subscription. Among which are: Premium ($ 10 per month) for the standard service and HiFi ($ 20 per month) for lossless tracks.
  • Combines lossless audio and high definition music video clips with a select publisher.
  • Was released in 2014 by the Swedish company Aspiro.

Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio

This application offers you songs that you can customize to fully suit your tastes. In short, it is possible create and share your radio stations. So that Slacker Radio It is considered another of the most attractive free players for iOS devices.

Regarding its most important characteristics, we highlight the following:

  • The app too gives you access to news and sports programming.
  • Although it is free software, it has some functions that can only be used through a subscription.
  • You receive exclusive musical shows weekly.
  • Hundreds of interactive and handmade radio stations.
  • Has offline playback on mobile available with subscription.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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