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Have you ever heard of the .aac file extension? Would you know in which way you should open it? In this post we are going to tell you everything we know about this type of file so that you can enjoy it in your day-to-day life.

The .aac file format is very similar to .mp3, but achieves a much clearer sound and has improved performance optimization. This type of audio format it is very effective in signal management, since it works with a frequency higher than 16 kHz. In fact, it is the star format of some programs such as iTunes, Winamp or Windows Media Player due to its benefits.

If the information we have given you so far seems interesting to you, we recommend that you continue reading the interesting paragraphs that follow because in them we discover everything and more.

What is .AAC files and what are they used for?

files with .AAC extension

The .aac format responds to the acronym “Advanced Audio Coding”. It is based on the use of a lossy compression algorithm, as there are also others of the type, to shape the digital files audio. This means that a certain amount of computer data is eliminated to favor compression to a high degree of the file.

Of course, it is always tried that it resembles, as far as possible, the original, keeping its essence as much as possible and offering a superb quality-to-weight ratio. The correspondence, at the international level, is given with the ISO / IEC 13818-7 standard, considering, therefore, an MPEG-2 type extension.

This type of audio format is the uUsed preferably as a codec for files that are transmitted via the web, digital radio broadcasting and in wireless connections. Also, a curious fact for all those Apple lovers is that .aac is the audio format used for iPods and for their player, iTunes.

Another curiosity is that this format allows the inclusion of a copyright protection system. In the event that any file is not copy-protected, it will not be able to work in the .aac format.

Next, we are going to present some basic characteristics of this audio format:

  • No it is a format MPEG-1 compliant.
  • It is a format that has a higher performance than MP3, because it has a broadband encoding algorithm. It has better quality the smaller it is the file and assumes that the system invests fewer resources when encoding and decoding is required.
  • The maximum bitrate that supports reaches the 1536 kbps. It starts at 16 kbps.
  • Eliminate redundancies that may have the acoustic signal in a similar way as the MP3 format does.
  • It is linked to the concept of VBR (variable bit rate). This means that it uses a encoding that varies the number of bits used per second to be able to generate an encoding depending on how complex or simple a transmission is.
  • Presents a maximum quality in AAC-LC mode.
  • We find it as two other profiles: HE-AAC and HE-AACv2.

The way the .acc file is created is the one we see in the following image:

aac files creation

How to open and play .AAC files on smartphones or computers?

As we have indicated previously, this type of .AAC files are very much oriented to play audio files for all types of devices. Both Apple and Microsoft have a multitude of programs that can play files in this format.

That is why, below, we are going to select the most important ones for each operating system and to tell you how these files can be opened and played:

On Windows PC

On a computer with Windows operating system we have a good number of programs available that can open this type of file. The best thing is to look for the one that can be easier for us in terms of installation and subsequent work as well as that is compatible with other formats that we use often.

You can choose to Adobe Audition, AVS Audio Converter, Freemake Audio Converter, MediaMonkey, MPlayer, QuickTime Player, VLC Media Player, RealPlayer, Winamp or even Windows Media Player itself.

As we say, with the system’s own multimedia player you will have no problem, so you only have to double click on the file in question and it will open without further ado.

But nevertheless, if you opt for any other software, you will have to download it previously so that it is installed on your computer. The way to achieve this is really diverse, as it will depend on which program you choose. We will use Winamp as an example, which you can download from right here.

Once you do, you have nothing but run the installer clicking on it and follow the steps that are indicated (they are very simple and are reduced to choose installation location and click on the buttons to “Accept”, “Continue” and “Finish”).

open aac in windows

In order to open a file with .aac format on our computer, once we have the program of our choice, we must follow the following indications:

  • make click on an .AAC file with the button right.
  • Tap on “To open with”.
  • Look for the option “Find another application on this PC” or “Open with another program / application”.
  • Scroll down and click “Select another application”.
  • Choose from the list of programs to open it the one that is most indicated (if you cannot find the program that interests you, click “More applications”), either Windows itself or another that you already have or that you have downloaded for it.
  • That is when you must check the option “Always use this application to open .aac files”So, every time you want to play files with this format, you just have to double click on them (they will open with the application you have selected.
  • Finish confirming with the button “To accept”.
  • You can go through the process again to choose, at any time, another program, always based on your interests.

On MAC computers

In this type of computer there are a number of programs that are included in the system standard and with which you can reproduce the format at hand. In any case, you can use, for example, Adobe Audition, DVD Ripper, iTunes itself, Real Player, Toast 11 and VLC Media Player.

The steps to follow are identical to Windows, which we have just seen in the previous point. The essence is set the program favorite for it by setting it from the right-click menu of the mouse (on the file) to, once chosen, open your .aac, simply, with a double left click on it. Obviously, the options to choose from will vary slightly in terms of how they are written but the essence is exactly the same.

On Android mobile phones

open acc in android

On any phone with Android operating system installed you can use the application VLC Media Player, which is the star player for most and that we find everywhere, including, also, computers and televisions, although there are some more to be able to play .aac files.

The steps to follow to reproduce a file of this type will have to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, it is necessary to access the Google application store and download the VLC application from it, of course.
    • Click on the store icon of Google applications.
    • In the search box, type “VLC for Android”. It is a software created by Videolabs; click on this.
    • Click on “Install”; the necessary content will be downloaded and installed automatically.
    • If you are asked to configure the payment method, select “Skip”.
  • Then when the installation is complete, you can open the application by clicking on its icon, which will now appear on your smartphone desktop.
  • Once inside, we must navigate between files that we are interested in reproducing. Do it by clicking on the menu button, top left, and clicking on “Audio”.
  • The moment we find the one we want with that format, we must pick it and click on the chosen track, which will start playing.

On iPhone devices with iOS

In this type of device we can use exactly the same programs that we have indicated for MAC computers, since the firm always seeks maximum simplicity for its users. In fact, the programs that are used for these already exist at the application level in the App Store and are the ones that we must use to reproduce both this and other formats.

As we said in the previous section, there are a large number of applications that can be used to open the .aac files on the devices of the Californian brand, including its iTunes, others that work on other systems and others exclusively for iOS.

As for the way to enjoy these files, you just have to emulate the points that we have just seen for Android devices. This is, download the program player of your choice (in this case, from the App Store), open it, look for the clue with the format acc and click on it.

ACC vs MP3 What is the best format for listening to music?

aac or mp3

There are multiple similarities and differences regarding the .ACC and .MP3 audio formats, from their construction to their uses. The main function of this post has been to try to show everything we know about the first of the formats, although, and always by comparison of users and experts, it is interesting to know its alternative in order to choose which of the two is the best.

We are going to show the points that would be more interesting of both so that everyone can decide which is the best format to listen to music as well as to play other types of audio tracks. In addition, with this comparison of formats, we accommodate all the ideas that stand out from each of them, not only to make a decision but to get to know them.

Follow the list below:

  • Encoding AAC is of type variable bit rate and encoding MP3, on the contrary, it is of type constant bit rate. Faced with a complex part, the variable rate directly encodes a larger and better quality file. The constant is somewhat simpler and if you want to equalize the quality you must make an adjustment of the complex parts.
  • Files of type AAC save 30% space in memory compared to MP3 format files. File quality is reduced but not the audio one.
  • There are no free download files of type ACC, since this intends to legally include copyright and, therefore, copy protection (unless, of course, the rights are transferred under the conditions that the author or representatives consider). In the format MP3 you can download any content for free without too much difficulty.
  • Too bit rate in .AAC format equals double speed that could be obtained using an MP3 format.
  • At the same bitrate, AAC offers higher quality.
  • In the case of having to use compression for the size of the files, it should be noted that the format mp3 is not associated with the loss of quality in the face of the waves that the user perceives. This does not happen in the same way with the .ACC format, which does lose, even if it is little and in a very specific way and obtaining very successful results.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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