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Currently, one of the best programs of databases that exist in the office environment, without a doubt, it’s Access. Since, it is a program created by Microsoft which is packed with endless tools with which it is possible to perform optimal management of any type of data, as well as search, order, and present information in a technical way.

Thus, users of this recognized software can rely on tables, queries, forms, reports and many more elements that provide them with a great user experience in order to create the best database documents. So, starting with Microsoft Access, you can ensure agile and intuitive data collection.

Added to that, the nature of the program allows acquiring great power over each file, thanks to its high level of customization. As if that were not enough, it has a utility that it is called “Access Clipboard” and it is considered ideal for simplifying various tasks to be performed there. Then, We tell you what it is about.

What is the Microsoft Access clipboard and what is it for?

In general terms, the clipboard consists of the virtual space of a computer where, temporarily, a stream of data is stored for later use. So in Access, This is defined as a tool that offers the possibility of save information, of a certain type, for a specified time. Usually the contents of the clipboard can be obtained via the “Copy” or “Cut” function of any program belonging to the office suite of Microsoft.

Consequently, such information can only be recovered through the “Paste” or “Move” functions. In this sense, the utility of the clipboard of Microsoft Access serves for temporarily save some pieces of information that, in a future moment, will be inserted within the same application or, failing that, in other programs that are capable of admitting this type of data or objects. That is, are compatible with them.

What kind of data can I store on the Access clipboard?

What kind of data can I store on the Access clipboard?

Now, beyond knowing what the Microsoft Access clipboard and what is it for in this database program, you may wonder what are the types of data that you can save in this tool. Since, for capacity and compatibility issues, there is no possibility to copy, cut, paste or move all kinds of elements that are used throughout these documents.

In this sense, we highlight that the Access clipboard allows you to copy up to 24 items in files, simultaneously. Since, unlike other clipboards (such as Windows), this one offers the ability to store more than one object at the same time. Added to that, it allows you to store text, text format, tables, reports, forms, appended data, etc..

For its part, it is also appropriate to distinguish that the Access and Office clipboards, in general, are suitable for organize the copied elements the way you want in the document to be presented. Furthermore, with the Clipboard task pane, you can not only paste the last item cut or copied, since, is characterized by keeping many of them.

Learn step by step how to access the Access clipboard

Before indicating the procedure you have to follow to enter the clipboard of Access, we believe it is appropriate to teach you how to use this excellent tool available in the Microsoft office suite.

In this sense, to copy or cut and paste an element in the database program, you have to follow these steps:

Learn step by step how to access the Access clipboard

  • First of all, select the item you need to copy or move. This is generally done by double-clicking on that item.
  • Followed by that, if you want to copy it, right click on the selection to choose the option “Copy” or use the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + C”.
  • In case you need to move the chosen element, proceed to press the right mouse button to click on “Cut” or, failing that, type “Ctrl + X”.
  • Then, to paste the item stored on the clipboard, you simply have to locate the area where you want to place it to right click there and press “Paste”, within the corresponding menu.

On the other hand, to access the Access clipboard and benefit from the features that this tool offers by having the ability to store numerous items, it is necessary that you carry out the following process:

Learn step by step how to access the Access clipboard

  • Located in the document Microsoft Access where you want to manage what the program’s clipboard has saved, go to the ribbon and click on the tab that says “Home”.
  • Later, to open the Clipboard task pane, focus on the group called “Clipboard” and click on the launcher of the dialog box of said utility (This indicator refers to the arrow in the lower right corner of the box).
  • Once you carry out the above, on the left side of the software, a new bar will appear corresponding to the Clipboard. From there, you can select the text or object you want to paste, just by double clicking on it.

In the Options button of this panel, you have the possibility to control how the Clipboard in question. For which, the system offers you five alternatives that you can freely choose to customize the appearance, location and operation of this tool.

Finally, it is worth emphasizing that, the Access Clipboard works in conjunction with that of the other Microsoft Office applications. As a consequence, all the elements that you copy or cut in other programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) They will also be reflected through the clipboard of the database program.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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