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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Hardware News |

Acer says goodbye to Thunderbolt

Acer says goodbye to Thunderbolt

Acer, known manufacturer of notebooks, PCs, and a wide variety of peripherals for PCs, was the first computer manufacturer to introduce notebooks and Ultrabooks equipped with the then new , and is now also the first to announce that it will no longer include on their computers.

Although Thunderbolt offers a bandwidth that is twice that offered by USB 3.0, the high cost of implementing it and the supported devices , has contributed to its adoption has barely made ​​an impact on the PC , being far outweighed by USB 3.0.

believes that USB 3.0 is a very good alternative to Thunderbolt, and the of implementing it is only slightly greater than implement USB 2.0 (although it is noteworthy that the integration of the USB 3.0 bus on chipsets from and AMD has further reduced costs of USB 3.0). So you’ve decided to stop offering teams that include Thunderbolt ports.

It is estimated that probably other equipment manufacturers continue the trend started by Acer, leaving Apple as the only company to Thunderbolt, although there are no signs that reinforce the theory.

Link: Acer Dumps Thunderbolt, Will Make Do with USB 3.0 (Softpedia)


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