Activate and Deactivate Comments on TikTok  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Without a doubt, this social network is still one of the most important today in the world, the same account with millions of registered users on its platform and which continue to grow exponentially. This means that your posts can easily be seen by a large number of users.

However, as it is a community so big the chances of getting with all kinds of users is older, that’s how many of them there registered do it with bad intentions, either to go leaving bad comments on uploaded publications, reporting content or trying to block other users.

Taking into account all this, and knowing that on many occasions users receive offensive comments on their posts from others, TikTok offers each of its members to be able to deactivate this function, this will allow each of them to decide whether or not to have this activated. That is why here we are going to explain this procedure in an easy and fast way, To do this, follow everything that we will explain below in the post.

How do comments influence the positioning of my videos? Is it convenient to disable them?

Undoubtedly comments on any social network are very important to help improve the positioning of content, but this will also depend on the type of account you are managing. In the case that it is a trading account where you offer your different types of products, comments become a fundamental factor, since this will allow see other users what your customers think of you.

It has surely happened to you that you want to buy a product through a social network or you want to see how trustworthy the account is and the first thing you do is see what comments they have on their posts, depending on them you can decide whether or not it is worth doing some business with them. Now if it is a personal account maybe the comments do not have the same importance as in the previous case.

According to this you can decide if you prefer that they continue to appear in each of your publications or not. Note that Disabling the opinions of other users in your publications allows you to avoid bad comments or insults by third parties, since many users engage in this type of action through social networks. It is because of that TikTok has taken this measure in order to allow its users have your own control over it.

However, before deactivating this function, you must take into account what they are your main objectives in TikTok and if you really deactivate them it can affect something. Also, if you have never had any problem with them, it is best to keep joyful function activated, since it is never wrong to know that what others think about your content.

Learn step by step how to activate and deactivate comments on a TikTok video

If for some reason you have been receiving offensive comments on your TikTok posts and you want to prevent this from happening, then one of the better alternatives for this is the deactivate this function, this will prevent other people from leaving you bad opinions in your posts and in turn making you feel uncomfortable within the social network.

Therefore, here we show you how you can perform this procedure in an easy and fast way:

Turn off comments on all your TikTok posts

This first method that we are going to explain consists of block all comments on all your posts on the social network, as well as the next publications that you upload to your profile.

To carry out this, it will be necessary to follow the steps that we are going to indicate below:

  • The first will be login to your TikTok account through the mobile app.
  • Once there you must click on the icon “I” located at the bottom right of your screen.
  • Now inside your profile you must select the three points located in the upper right part of your screen to enter to the social network menu.
  • In the menu that appears there you must select the item “Privacy”.

Turn off comments on all your TikTok posts

  • Inside the section “Privacy” you must go to the section of “Security” and in the options that appear there you must select “Who can comment on your videos”.

Turn off comments on all your TikTok posts

  • In the window that appears you will find three options: “Everyone”, “Friends” or “Nobody”, in this case select the option that suits you best, to remove comments from all your posts you must select “No one”.

Disable comments on all your TikTok posts

After having selected the option “No one” automatically all comments on your posts will be disabled, in the case of those that had These comments will no longer be visible until the moment you activate this function again. For activate this service again you simply have to repeat all the steps mentioned above and select the option to “Everyone” or “Friends” this will again allow comments are available on your profile.

Disable comments on a specific video on your profile

Disable comments on a specific video on your profile

It is possible that your intentions are not to remove all comments from all your videos, but only disable it for a specific post.

In order to deactivate this function for a specific audiovisual, it will be necessary to carry out the steps that we will indicate below:

  • The first will be enter your TikTok profile and select the publication you want disable comments.
  • When enter the video you must click on the three points found in the lower right of the screen.
  • Here you will see a menu with different options, in this case you must select the one that says “Privacy settings”.
  • The next thing will be to click on the green button displayed right next to the option “Allow comment”, this way you will be disabling this option and they will not be able make comments on the post.

You must bear in mind that you can revert to activate said comments simply by performing the same procedure and activating the switch again. This option you can activate and deactivate as many times as you want, since no kind of special permission for it.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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