Activate and Deactivate Microphone in Skype  Step by Step Guide 2021

Unforeseen situations can happen at any time of the day, and a video conference is no exception, so the best we can have on hand is a way to prevent background noise from seeping into the meeting.

Fortunately, Skype has the function to mute the microphone during audio or video calls, thus preventing any annoying audio leak during your work or social meetings.

Now, we will teach you step by step the procedures you must follow to deactivate the Skype microphone during audio and video calls on any of your devices.

Learn step by step how to activate or deactivate the microphone during a Skype call or video call on all devices

The process to manage the audio for voice and video calls is not complicated at all. It mainly consists of pressing a button during calls to enable or disable the audio input through the microphone.

Go for it:

On macOS

Skype calls on iOS devices can be managed through a series of controls visible at the bottom from the call screen.

To mute or unmute the microphone, all you have to do is:

  • Start the application of Skype in you Mac.
  • Make a voice or video call to one or more contacts simultaneously.

Activate or deactivate microphone in Skype

  • Choose the button “Mute audio”, which you will see between the call controls, identified with the microphone icon.

On windows

Similar to the mobile version of Skype, the video call screen has a control panel that allows us to manage the audio and video inputs.

This panel is also present in voice calls, and we can manage the audio as follows:

  • Initiate a call voice or video with one of your contacts.
  • click about button “Mute audio”, located on the call control panel, marked with a microphone-shaped icon.

Sound settings in Skype for PC

  • To unmute the audio, press the same icon, it will change to reflect the selected settings.

On Android

Android it is one of the operating systems in which it is used the most Skype, and being portable, allows us to make calls from practically any site with an internet connection.

With this in mind, it is very useful to have a noise cancellation function on hand, which we can activate as follows:

  • Opens the application of Skype
  • Initiate a voice or video call with a contact or group.

Deactivate microphone before a call in Skype

  • Once on the call, press the microphone icon for deactivate the audio input.

On ios

As an extension of the platform for MacOS, the Skype application on iPhone is widely used for video conferencing when you are on the go.

So it is necessary to be familiar with the noise cancellation option:

  • Login to Skype in you iPhone or iPad.

Disable microphone during a Skype call

  • Initiate a call individual or group.
  • Press the button in the form of a microphone located on the bottom panel to deactivate incoming audio.

We show you other things you can do during a Skype video call on any of your computers

The call control panel, in which the option to deactivate the microphone is located, also has a variety of other functions that allow us to get much more out of the services of Skype

Next, we will show you other functions available during audio or video calls that you can make at any time of need:

Record call

How to record a video call on Skype

This function allows you to create a recorded record of the conference held. Particularly useful for business purposes when it is necessary to refresh information that was discussed in the recorded conference.

To record the call in the Skype mobile app, just follow these steps:

  • Start a video conference group or individual.
  • During the call, Press the button “+”.
  • Press the button shaped like a circle, labeled “Start recording.”

The procedure to start audio recording from the desktop version of Skype consists of the following steps:

  • Start a video call.
  • click at three dots icon to get the options.
  • Choose the option “Start recording.”

One time start recording, a message will be posted on the screen, informing all users that the conference is being recorded.

Turn video on and off

Turn video on or off in Skype

Both in the Skype desktop app as the device version mobiles have the possibility of suspend image transmission, without the need to end video calls.

To be able to re-enable video during a conference, just follow these simple steps:

  • Start a video chat private or group.
  • During the video call from Skype, select the camera icon, located on the bottom panel.

To the deactivate the camera function during the call, the other members of the call will not be able to see your image on the screen. To disable this option, all you have to do is press the camera icon again.

React with emojis

How to react live on Skype

The Skype instant messaging it has many quite interesting functions.

Among these, we can find a useful tool that allows us to react to the messages sent and received throughout the conversation with different emojis:

  • During the conversation, press emoji button that you will see at the base of the message.
  • In the window that will appear, you can select the emoji with which you want to react to the message.

When you use an emoji, this will be automatically arranged at the top of the list, in this way you will have faster access to the most used reactions, facilitating the use of this function.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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