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When you are truly an amateur reader, you will look for all the possible ways to stay glued to your computer or phone at night since being in the dark comes a certain point where the brightness begins to tire you. Although it is too early to say “Hallelujah” many applications are looking for a way to adapt to this type of need.

Among so many applications, programs and operating systems, this Google Canary which for now is just an experiment so to speak, but it gives you the benefit of adapting it to the night mode or dark interface so that you can read or be comfortably browsing it, in an area without light (or with little light). Certainly this version has many flaws, but this is a test of errors and virtues for Google Chrome to launch its new version without any flaws.

But don’t think you have to wait, enjoy this version available. Today we will teach you how to install this program on your computer regardless of whether your operating system is Windows or Mac, because we bring a solution for both, and we can’t forget that we also bring a solution for your iPhone or Android.

Steps to enable and put the dark mode in the Google Chrome browser

If you are a loyal user of Google Chrome and you want to know about this modality that will facilitate your reading, keep reading. We will explain how to activate this “night” mode from Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS and all in the simplest way possible, just follow each step we leave and you will have the best results.

On Windows 10

This is a mode that allows the user to make readings or navigate in a more comfortable way, without having to adjust the brightness of the system much. This mode will enhance your experience with a black background, which is actually dark gray.

Its function is currently available for Chrome, so you can use it from today (as long as you need it). This modality would come in handy if you are in an environment that has little lightingAs the high brightness of the computer causes eyestrain, and with the dark mode it allows you to relax your eyes.

Until the end of April, the dark mode was only available for the beta version of the browser, Chrome Canary, which is constantly used to test new functions. In fact, this function will only be available if you update the official browser to its latest version. Knowing this, the steps to activate it are the following:

  • Open your updated Chrome browser and click on the three overlapping dots at the top right of the screen. Once done, click “Setting”.
  • Once there, you must go to the section “Appearance” and click on it “Topics”. By doing this you will be sent to the Chrome Web Store.

Chrome appearance

  • Now you just have to select the topic “Just Black”, install it and apply it to have the dark mode in your browser.

Chrome Dark Theme

It’s that simple to activate the dark version of the browser. In case you don’t have it, you can do it using the beta version called Chrome Canary. For this you will have to follow the following steps:

  • As we mentioned before, this function is only present (for now) in the beta version of Chrome and to continue you will have to download it. Use East link and click on the yellow button that says “Download Chrome Canary”.
  • After you have downloaded it, you run the installation, it will only take a few minutes.

download chrome canary

  • Then access the Windows 10 desktop and you right click with the mouse on the shortcut that was created automatically on the desktop, and in the list that displays select “Properties”.
  • Within the window that opens, some modifications will be made such as, create a new shortcut for dark mode to run, add “Force-dark-mode” (obviously without quotes) inside the box “Destination”. You must notice that there are spaces between the text that you have included and the one that already came in the box, and click on “To accept”.

open chrome properties

  • When you start the browser you will notice that it already has a different aspect, and this is due to the new feature you have activated. This is a good option while casting the update to original version of Chrome with this modality included.

Chrome on windows

On Android

The “Just Black” theme is now exclusive for desktop, so to use dark mode in Google Chrome you must use the beta version. It should be noted that this version is not available for all devices so not everyone will be able to download it.

Before starting it is necessary to know that this application is very unstable since it can fail on many occasions and in others it does not usually work on all websites, so if something happens to you do not blame your device, that is why it is considered a trial version. Already aware of all these details, let’s proceed with the activation of the dark mode.

download Chrome Canary from google play

  • In the search bar enter Chrome: // flags

enter in the search bar

  • Then search for the word Dark and to finish you click on “Android web contents dark mode “.

as seen in android Dark Chrome

After you have completed all the steps you will need to restart the device. This will show a good operation with the exception of some pages, since Chrome Canary It forces, depending on what it interprets, the page to change its interface.

From the outset we warn you that will not always work with all pages, but while we wait for this function in its official version it will be very useful.

On macOS

Activating dark Chrome on Mac is much easier than in the previous cases. You just have to follow the steps explained for Windows. The first thing is to open the browser and follow the route “Settings”> “Appearance”> “Theme” and choose the topic “Just Black” corresponding to dark mode.

Download Chrome Canary for Mac

  • Once this is done, you open the application “Terminal” and paste the following code as is:
  • / Applications / Google Chrome Chrome Canary –force-dark-mode
  • I already do this, the “New” browser will open with dark mode already active.

On iOS iPhone

You can also activate this function on your iPhone, in a very simple way it can be said that it is just as simple as doing it on an Android.

Here are the few steps you must follow, pay attention:

*Upgrade: This Beta version is not available at the moment for Apple mobile devices, iPhone or iPad.

  • As in the previous methods, you must download this application, then access: chrome: // flags / # top-chrome-md from the browser bar.
  • Some options will be presented. In option “UI Refresh Phase 1”, Choose “Enable”.
  • Finally, it only remains to restart the device on “Relaunch Now”, so that all changes can be applied.

This way you can enable or disable dark mode on any Apple mobile device.

While you wait for this function to complete its trial period and to be launched on the market as official, you can enjoy Chrome Canary so that your nights with your Windows computer, Mac, or with your Android or iOS smartphone are much more comfortable.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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