ACTIVATE Dark Mode in Windows 10  ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Like MacOS Mojave in its new version, Windows has incorporated the option to activate or deactivate the dark mode of the Windows 10 operating system, without any complications. Although it should be noted that this function is not new since from the beginning Windows has incorporated this function, although quite long procedures were done to achieve it.

With Windows 10 activating this mode is a matter of just seconds, Since the Microsoft company realized this need and the little use of this tool due to its slight degree of difficulty in its previous versions, and decided to innovate in Windows 10 in a way that facilitates access to it, making it possible for anyone with or without computer knowledge to configure it.

This design is highly acclaimed by various social sectors or people who use it as a way to reduce visual fatigue caused by computer brightness and in some cases use devices with direct current, to avoid high power consumption. Regardless of the purpose for which you want to switch your PC to dark mode, we will teach you step by step how to do it, keep reading that this information interests you.

Steps to enable and put the dark mode in your Windows 10

Windows 10 like many applications and programs include a mode that changes the entire interface to dark or night. This feature is not at all innovative as Windows has implemented it on their systems a long time ago, but previously it was necessary to resort to the Windows registry editor to enable it.

With the new update of W10 So much procedure is no longer necessary because it makes your life easier, follow the steps and you will see that activating this function is child’s play.

  • All settings and changes are made from the system settings. To enter it, from the desktop you click on the right button of the mouse, and in the drop-down menu that appears you choose the option “Personalize”.

choose to customize

  • Once you have chosen the option, the window that allows customize Windows settings. By default you see the first configuration tab of the Windows background, you will locate and select the tab “Colors”.

select color

  • With the mouse or with the help of the keyboard arrows, slide the window until you reach the configuration, then choose El default application mode, which you can choose between Light or Dark theme. Clicking on the Dark theme immediately changes the background color of your current window and other Windows 10 application windows.

click dark theme

  • With these simple steps you can change the system interface to Dark. If you want to add a bit of flair since the colors used on a white background don’t look very good on a dark one, you’ll need to decorate it with whatever color you want. You can find this option in the same colors section of the configuration menu.


Change automatically

There is not much to talk about nor many steps to follow with the interface of Auto-Night Mode and to tell the truth, it is not necessary. But you should know that before starting you must have this program installed on your computer.

Download Auto Night Mode for Windows

  • When you open it, it shows three options that change the mode, you select the one that says automatic option.

activate automatic mode

  • There you will choose the option for the light mode and the time for the dark mode to be activated. Ready, with these two steps you can activate the dark mode automatically.

*Note: This program uses an interval of 07 to 19 hours, but you can configure it in your own way.

How and where does dark mode look on your Windows 10 computer?

Dark mode not only makes your system look different, it also helps reduce eye strain caused by computer brightness and reduces computer power consumption. For that reason when you activate the “night” or dark mode on your W10 This tries to cover those most important areas which according to the studies would fulfill the objective.

For example, when you select this mode one of the things which You can notice that it changes its tone and color are the Windows windows. All the windows and applications that it has immediately change to dark mode as you can see in the following image

dark mode 2

Like the background of the lists, options and the control panel. In most cases it changes also the color of the menu bars. As you can see, this modality in a certain way reverses the colors since the letters turn white so that they can be perceived by the user.

Although for now, dark theme is only activated in applications that support it, which are those that are pre-installed in the system, such as the calendar, the calculator, the clock or the system’s own configuration.

The Microsoft company is studying ways to extend the effect of dark theme, so that it also covers the Windows file explorer, but at the moment there is no confirmation or any news regarding this issue, but we can say that it will be available for the new version of Windows.

Dark mode Windows 10 new

Therefore, with this trick that we teach you you can quickly switch your computer to dark mode without any complications. We suggest you share this information with your friends so that they too can enjoy this modality.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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