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The gyroscope is a sensor that is included in mobile phones to better detect the movements that are made with them. It is a technology that is implemented in current models and that allows the phone to instantly detect the position it is in and the displacement it is undergoing, even when it comes to detecting the speed of rotation to which it is subjected.

This mixture between oscilloscope and accelerometer allows the terminal to know by finger what plane of space it is in and what acceleration it has. It’s something that it is mainly used in fields such as virtual reality or augmented reality, allowing users to enjoy more immersive experiences playing or consuming content that requires their interaction with the phone, such as virtual reality or augmented reality.

It is not something that is available on all models, and also requires some maintenance to function properly in those that it is. If you do not know how to activate or configure the gyroscope for your Android phone or tablet, here we are going to give you a series of guidelines to do so. In addition, in this step-by-step guide we will also explain how to calibrate and enable it on smartphones that do not have native support for it.

Steps to enable / disable gyroscope on Android smartphones and tablets

There are specific solutions for different types and models of mobile phones; however, there is also one that is valid for the vast majority of smartphones. Then, We explain the steps to use the gyroscope on Android smartphones and tablets.

1 – Go to the phone settings

If your phone is off, turn it on and start Android as usual. Wait for everything to load and, once it has stabilized, enter the menu “Settings” and then in “My devices”. To do this, you just have to press the icon it has a gear inside it.

2 – Find the movement section

Now, depending on the model and brand of your terminal, you may find one option or another. Descend in the list of sections until you find one called “Movements and gestures”Or, similarly, “Movements”. When you find him you just have to press it to access to your settings and move on.

calibrate gyroscope android phone

3 – Calibrate the gyroscope

Since the gyroscope is something that is always on, you don’t have to do anything to enable it. In the same way, you can not do anything if what you want is to disable it.

Knowing this, what you have to do to carry out the calibration process is, on the screen where you are now, click on “Gyroscope Calibration” or in “Calibrate gyroscope”. It is possible that it does not appear at first glance and that, first, you have to click on “Advanced settings”. Also, this calibration may appear directly in the menu. “Settings”. If so, you will save yourself looking in more sections.

Calibrate the Android smartphone gyroscope

*Note: You may not find anything to make this adjustment. In case this happens to you, it is because your terminal does not have this sensor and cannot use it.

There are specific apps that help to determine if you have gyroscope or not. A valid option is Gyroscope Test APP which will determine whether or not our terminal has this function.

How to install and calibrate the gyroscope if my device doesn’t have this option?

If you are one of those users whose terminal does not offer support for this function, there is a solution. We are going to explain here how to install and calibrate the gyroscope if your device does not have this option.

Phone gyroscope

Follow the steps that we are going to indicate below:

Create a plain text document (.txt) on your PC with the name “android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope.xml” (without quotation marks).

Open it with your notepad and write the following inside:


<?xml version="1.0? encoding="utf-8??> 


<feature name="android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope" /> 

  • Connect the phone to your PC via a USB cable and, when asked, click on the option to use it as a mass storage device.
  • Now, you must grab the text file, copy and paste it in the route “system / etc / permissions”That is inside the internal memory of your terminal. If the folder does not exist, or is there but does not have write permissions, you must create or modify it through your file explorer on your mobile and remember to check the option “Mount R / W”.
  • Disconnect your mobile from the computer and now, Find the file you just transferred. Once you find it, enter its options to open the permissions window.
  • Go to the section “Octal“And write in it”rw-rr-” with the number 644. If not, you must leave in “Reading“The permissions of”Owner“,”Group” Y “Others”And add to the first also that of“Writing”. Same as the following image.

Install gyroscope on Android

  • When you’re done, you just have to restart the phone and you will have a simulation of the gyroscope in your terminal.

Gyroscope sensor motion effect mobile phone

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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