ACTIVATE INSTAGRAM SHOPPING  ▷ Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

Instagram Shopping is a platform added to the Instagram social network to facilitate trade for sellers. It is an environment that connects with professional profiles on Facebook so that stores have a new place to offer their catalog and get closer to consumers.

Its greatest utility lies in taking advantage of the social factor of Instagram. Stores, especially clothing stores, thus have the possibility of maintaining much closer contact with the audience and boost your business sales, all through a digital environment that is combined with Facebook and its sales options.

In case you don’t know how to enable the Instagram Shopping option, we are going to help you through this guide. In the following sections we will explain what you have to do, step by step, in addition to offering you some additional setup and posting tips so you can sell more by using this social network trading platform.

Steps to install and activate Instagram Shopping

These are the steps to install Instagram Shopping to sell through the internet with the famous application either from your Android or iOS device.

1 – Open a business profile on Facebook

You need your company to appear as an enabled one on Facebook and, for this, you must first create an account through the “Commercial manager“of the social network. To do this, start by entering the browser and entering this URL:

Once there, click on the button “Create Account” on the top right.

Create Facebook Business Manager account

Now enter the name of the business, your username and the email that you are going to link to your company (all in the form that appears). When you have done it, click on “Next”.

FB Commercial Administrator account creation form

Fill in the other information requested in the new form. You must enter information about the country, postal address, city, province, postal code, telephone number and business website. Complete everything and click on “Send”.

2 – Create a catalog on Facebook

After having enabled your commercial type profile, it is time to start list products on the platform. To do this, start with create a Facebook page of your business.

Within the profile, as we were at the end of the previous section, do click the gear icon in the upper right corner. Then, look at the left column and click on “pages”. A new screen will appear on the right, where you have to go to click on “Add”And, within the drop-down, click on “Add a page” If you already have or “Create page” if not.

Create Facebook Page

Whatever you choose, follow the steps they ask you to do. You will have to give business data or from the page already created to link it if you have one.

Enter now to that page through Facebook and in the upper right, click “Setting”. Then, on the left, click on “Templates and tabs”.

Facebook page settings Templates and tabs

Now go to the right side and go down until you find the tab “Store”. If it does not appear, scroll down and click on the button “Add a tab”. In the list that appears, choose the store to add it.

Add Shop tab to Facebook page

Now go back to the created page and, in the left column, click on this tab that you just created. You will be asked several questions now in which you only have to accept to advance.

Now click on the button “Add product” and you can start adding as many as you want. It is important that you do it to activate Instagram Shopping.

Add product Facebook store

3 – Download or update Instagram

You need install newer version of Instagram. Therefore, enter Google Play Store or in the App Store (Android or iOS) and search for “Instagram”. Choose the first result that appears and install if you don’t have the application or click on “To update”If there is any pending update.

4 – Link your Instagram and Facebook profiles

Login with your account as usual; but now you link the profile to the one created on Facebook. To do this, go back to the browser and enter the Facebook business manager with your business username.

Once inside, click on the gear top right . Now, in the left column, look for the section “Accounts“And click “Instagram accounts”.

Then, click the button “Add”. You will then have to enter the username of the account to connect and its password. After doing so and clicking on “Next“, Click on”Skip”.

Go back to the phone and the Instagram app. Once logged in with the same profile indicated above, click on the icon with the three ellipsis and look for the section “Change to company profile.”

Switch to Instagram company profile

Now scroll until the menu appears “Connect with Facebook”. Enter the page you created earlier there and move on. You will have to continue entering business data such as email, address or telephone. Once done, click on “Ready”.

Connect Instagram with Facebook

5 – Wait

Now, it only remains for the Instagram team to review your account and your data and carry out a verification. When it does, you will receive a notification indicating that Instagram Shopping is already active in your profile.

How can we configure Instagram Shopping to sell more?

There is no special configuration for sell more on Instagram Shopping, but there are some useful factors to increase sales through this platform. As the team itself indicates, these points can be very useful:

  • When publishing, label different products to give more variety to the user.
  • Don’t just stick to one format, combines all the possible ones (one image, videos, several, etc.).
  • Inform about news and offers through Instagram Stories, so you will also get closer to the audience.
  • Constantly update your catalog and also the pictures of all the products.
  • Sponsor your products with paid advertising, perhaps this is the best and fastest way to grow.

Follow these instructions and you will not have problems when uploading the sales index through this social app.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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