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One of the email services most used around the world, it’s gmail. Since, apart from being a free platform, offers numerous customization options and alternatives to optimize the user experience.

Between them, you will find the “preview” which consists of a function with the ability to streamline the use of email. Well, allows you to quickly know what is written in the emails received.

Thus, it is considered an excellent solution to get the most out of Gmail. Therefore, we will emphasize what are its advantages, how to activate it and what to do to use it effectively.

What is Gmail preview and what are the benefits of using it on the platform?

While it is true, the preview of Gmail It is a function that is a bit hidden in the configuration of Gmail and for this reason, is that many people are unaware of this option, Until now. However, it is a truly effective solution for take advantage of the advantages offered by this email platform.

In that sense, the gmail preview It is defined as an option that is responsible for displaying the complete email messages, without hiding the view of conversations. Which means that, offers the possibility of viewing the content of a certain email without having to access it and from any section of the online service.

Therefore, it guarantees optimal benefits to Gmail users, which are basically summarized in the following:

  • Streamline the viewing process of each of the incoming messages.
  • It allows save a lot of time when emails accumulate.
  • Offers two display modes (vertical or horizontal division) that can be chosen freely.
  • Don’t hide conversations view (or message list), even when it shows the complete emails.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Does not require the installation of extensions neither on the platform nor in the browser.

Learn step by step how to activate the preview of emails in Gmail easily and quickly

Fortunately, enable the preview function in the mail service Google, It is very simple.

Next, we explain each step to follow in order to start using this very helpful display option:

Learn step by step how to activate the preview of emails in Gmail easily and quickly

  • Initially, from your computer, access the Google browser and enter your Gmail account from there.
  • After that, locate the gear icon in the upper right and click on it to open the Settings menu.
  • Then it’s time to select the button that says “See all settings” in the Quick Settings section.
  • Among all the available tabs, search and choose “Received” to go to the section of “Reading panel”.
  • Then check the box that says “Enable the reading pane”.
  • Followed by that, in Reading pane position, select your preferred option for split panel mode (no split, to the right of the input tray or below the input tray).
  • Finally, just subtract click on “Save changes” at the bottom of the window.

We show you how to use the Gmail preview to get the most out of this platform functionality

To get the most out of the preview functionality of Gmail, it is ideal to know how to choose the split panel mode, according to your requirements on the platform. So, to know how to use this alternative properly, it is appropriate choose a suitable preview type, among the three available options.

Consequently, we explain how these modes differ from each other:

We show you how to use the Gmail preview to get the most out of this platform functionality

  • No division: It is the option used by Gmail, by default.
  • Horizontal division: It deals with segmenting the mailing list horizontally and therefore, it will be seen at the top, while the preview of the chosen message will be at the bottom. This is useful if you have a monitor that is not particularly large.
  • Vertical division: By nature, it is the one that presents the most amount of data. Since, it divides the mailing list in two vertically in order to keep the mailing list on the left side and the preview of the selected message on the right side. Thus, it is considered the most complete option, as long as it fits the dimensions of the monitor (17 inches, minimum).

Another way to get the most out of this functionality of Gmail, it’s based on set a time limit to mark a conversation as read.

To agree, once you activate the preview function, you have to do the following:

We show you how to use the Gmail preview to get the most out of this platform functionality

  • Since your Gmail account, enter the Settings menu clicking on the gear icon in the upper right.
  • Next, press the button that says “See all settings”.
  • Then it’s time to click on the “General” section and from there, head over to the Preview Panel section.
  • After that, in the mentioned section, sets the time limit from the option “Mark a conversation as read”. Either: immediately, after 1 second, after 3 seconds, after 20 seconds or never.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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