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On vacation in another country? Knowing new frontiers is something that is in our DNA, we all dream of knowing many places and making the whole planet our home. For it, it is necessary to take various precautions before traveling, among which is evidently enabling data roaming or roaming, a service that will allow us to keep the mobile operational in any country in the world.

As you well know, each country has a radio spectrum that telephone companies use to offer their different services. This entails agreements with the government of each nation, which means that in each of them there are different points of telephone access. Roaming is the service that allows you to connect your mobile with access points in other countries without having to buy a new line.

This carries additional costs, but it is extremely useful to keep you informed with your loved ones once you land at your destination far from home. In this guide we will teach you how to activate data roaming on your Smartphone Android, iOS, Windows Mobile or Blackberry, as well as we will answer some doubts that arise in this regard.

Steps to enable or disable data roaming or roaming

Previously, this was a problem for many users as the first cell phones activated it automatically when you left your coverage area. This did not necessarily imply leaving your country; just making a simple trip from one province to another would activate them and start charging more than the bill for each call you made.

Fortunately, smartphones allow you to activate and deactivate this service manually, so that if you prefer to buy a new line in the country you are visiting, you can do it perfectly.

There are two ways to do it:

  • The first is by contacting your phone company. Enter the official website of the same and locate their customer service number to indicate that you are going to travel and wish to have data roaming as the case may be.
  • The second The way is to do it manually, which varies depending on the device you have. Here we show you the step-by-step process for the main operating systems of modern smartphones.

On Android

In Android it is very easy to activate them, for this you must follow the following instructions:

  • You must first address the “Settings“or”Setting“from the mobile and look for the option”Wireless Connections and Networks”. In it you can basically modify any aspect of your internet connection and telephone network.
  • You will find four sections:
    • Wifi
    • Bluetooth
    • Use of Data
    • More
  • By touching the last of these, you will see many more options in the section.
  • The next thing you should do is look for the option “Mobile networks”, Which is the section for everything that has to do with your telephone service.
  • The first two sections will be “Use of Data“And”Data roaming”.
  • Check or uncheck the second of these to activate or deactivate Roaming as the case may be and you will have completed the process.

How to activate data roaming on Android

In case you have two telephone SIMs in your mobile and one of them offers more accessible rates, you can determine it as the main one by entering the option “Network Operators”Found at the end of the“Mobile networks”Which we just taught you to enter earlier.

*Note: Our recommendation is that if you want make sure you have completely disabled data roaming, it is best to turn off the mobile data and connect only from a Wi-Fi network, since in some cases Roaming can remain active even when you think it is not. It is better prevent.

On iOS

To carry out this process on devices with an iOS operating system, be it any iPhone phone or even an iPad tablet, follow the following recommendations:

  • You must first address the “Settings”Which you can access from the main menu or by dragging your finger from bottom to top to expand the control center.
  • Once in this section, you will find a series of options grouped according to their nature. The first correspond to the different mobile connections. In it you should look for the option “Mobile data”And do touch.
  • Within this section you will find three switches:
    • Mobile data
    • Activate 3G
    • Data roaming
  • The first and last of these are the ones that will allow you to control Roaming, they are generally on, so if you want to turn them off you just have to touch both.

Enable data roaming on iPhone

If you want to keep roaming active, you can scroll down to find the option “Use of Data”And determine which applications you want to keep active with data usage, so that you can save on your bill when you return to your country.

On Windows 10 Mobile

On these devices you must do the following:

  • Go directly to the “Setting“, Which you can enter by sliding your finger from the status bar at the top of the screen down, and look for the option”Network and Wireless” and later “Mobile Network and SIM”Where you will find a series of options.
  • Locate “Data Roaming Options”And you can turn it on or off as the case may be.

Again we recommend that turn off mobile data in case you want to disable Roaming as Windows Phone devices have had various problems in this regard, generating multiple demands from its users.

For this you must enter again in the section “Mobile Network and SIM“But this time you are going to deactivate the switch”Data Connection”To turn off your internet connection.

On Blackberry phones

On Blackberry devices you must do the following:

  • Get in “Setting“And look for the option”Network connections
  • Within this you must locate “Mobile Network”Since in this section you will see a series of options.
  • The one that interests us is that of “Roaming data service“It has a switch that we can turn this option on or off.

Is it still necessary to activate the Roaming service when traveling in Europe?

It is necessary to activate or deactivate roaming if I travel outside of Spain

If you travel from a Latin American country to a European one you will have to continue to be careful with this issue. But this will no longer be a problem if you own a mobile phone from a country of the European Union. The Spanish have made things easier since last month of June 2017, when the borders between countries were eliminated in terms of telephony.

The end of roaming in Europe represents a huge convenience for the Spanish, especially for those who live on the border and had to be careful not to connect to another country’s network. Although you have to be careful since not all EU countries are part of this agreement.

Andorra and United Kingdom, which separated from Europe with Brexit, still have these rates, so when you travel to these countries you should be careful with this.

Does this apply to contract and prepaid customers alike?

In general the answer is yes, but prepaid customers who do not have a data voucher in their rates will have to pay a surcharge of € 7 for each extra GB consumed. It should also be noted that you can only use the data included in your rate, so if you run out of megabytes and want to use more, you will have to pay for the extra data at a rate of € 1 per megabyte.

If you have a mega data rate, those with plans of 20GB or more, you will not have to worry either since you can use all this data with total freedom, you simply have to bear in mind that when these are finished and you need more, the extra megabytes must be paid with the aforementioned surcharge.

As for calls and messages there is no problem, you can spend your entire rate while roaming without problems. Although there is a limitation; If in the last 4 months you have used your plan being more abroad than in your country, you will receive a warning that if the trend continues for the next 15 days, you will have to pay a surcharge of 24 to 26 euro cents.

The latter It does not apply if you justify with your telephone company that you are going on Erasmus or you will live a season in another country for work or any other reason for a period of one year or more. Although in this case the ideal would be to buy a line from a local telephone company to avoid entanglement.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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