ACTIVATE Subtitles for YouTube Videos  Guide ▷ 2020

Surely you have ever seen a video on YouTube whose audio is heard low enough that we cannot hear anything. Too It happens in many cases that we find one that is in another language and we want to have some idea of ​​what it says.

Today this platform allows its users insert subtitles in your videos and even, this is very important to have a good search engine optimization, but many do not know how to activate them.

That is why in this post We will teach you to activate and force them whenever we want. We will also explain how to translate them automatically, something that will be very useful when they are in another language.

Steps to configure and force the appearance of YouTube subtitles

Although we may not know how we can make the subtitles of a video appear on YouTube, you should know that This task is going to be extremely simple and we can do it from our computer or from the device app Android or iOS mobiles.

From the computer

Yes, it has surely happened to you that you are watching a video and you do not listen very well to what they say or it may be in a different language than yours and you do not understand it. Maybe just you want to practice a language and doing this would do you pretty well.

It is very common today for authors to insert it into these to reach a larger audience, either for people with hearing problems or speakers of other languages. This factor is also very important in search engine optimization., as we previously mentioned.

Similarly, Youtube also automatically generates subtitles for some videos, Although it should be noted that they do not always keep adequate precision, this varies according to various factors.

Well, this interface gives us the possibility in many cases, to activate them in a very simple way, this because it works with STR format:

  • The first thing is enter the Youtube website, you can browse as one more visitor or enter with your Google account to interact with it.
  • We will locate the video that we need to translate using the search bar to find it.

Activate YouTube subtitles

  • When we find it we will observe the playback screen. At the bottom of it there are several icons: we will select the configuration logo and click on “Subtitle”.

activate youtube subtitles

  • Once we have clicked on it, the subtitles will be activated and we can enjoy them. If we want to deactivate them, we will press the same button again.

From the APP for Android and iOS

Yes, it is very easy to activate subtitles from your computer but you should know that you can also do it using your Android device or your iPhone.

The procedure is extremely easy:

If we use Android

It should be noted that this platform uses Google translate, this means that We can select the language of our preference for the subtitles, the one we want, without important in which the person who uploaded it did it.

  • To start, we will open our video using our Android device.
  • Will click on the icon with the three dots To see the menu options, a list will be displayed.
  • We will select the icon “DC” and then we choose the subtitle that shows us.

activate youtube subtitles on android

  • If we want turn off subtitles We can do it by doing the same procedure.

From our iPhone

The process is the same the one we mentioned above for Android.

  • We will start opening our video in the YouTube app for iOS.
  • We will locate the icon of the three dots in the upper right part of the screen and we will press it to display the list of menu options.
  • We will click on the icon “DC” and we will choose the desired language for our subtitles.
  • In case we want to deactivate them, we will click “CC” again so that they disappear from the screen.

activate youtube subtitles on iphone

*Note: It is important to note that, on both Android and iOS, if the video does not have subtitles The “CC” icon will not be clickable or will not appear.

Force subtitles for embedded videos

However, if we have a blog or a website and we want to save our visitors the tedious work of activating them, we can also do it to help them.

Keep in mind that by default Youtube will play the video in a common way. But nevertheless, with a fairly simple trick to apply we can force them so that it is displayed automatically in the language we want.

This consists of alter the url of the embed code of our video, so these parameters command it to be displayed with subtitles.

By following these steps you can do it very easily:

  • Go to the video on Youtube and select “Share”.

Share Youtube video

  • Once the box opens, we will click on “Insert”.

Insert Youtube video

  • It will show us a code that we must insert in our input.

Force embedded video subtitles

  • Before inserting the code in our post, we will locate the URL and alter the address adding at the end of it the following: “rel = 0 & hl = en & cc_lang_pref = en & cc_load_policy = 1?” (without quotation marks). This is for Spanish subtitles, in English it is as follows: “rel = 0 & hl = en & cc_lang_pref = en & cc_load_policy = 1” (without quotation marks).

Having performed these steps, our video will be shown with Spanish subtitles or in English automatically on our website. It should be noted that this does not work if the video does not have subtitles, or if you add the code at the end of a URL of one you are watching, since you have to replace certain things, such as “Watch” by “Embed“.

How to change the subtitle language on YouTube?

However, we activate the subtitles but it turns out that our video is, for example, in English and our subtitles too. If we don’t have a very good command of the language, we probably won’t understand anything.

Do not worry, it is very likely that the author of this has placed subtitles in different languages, even more so if it is about international news networks whose content is broadcast around the world.

If we want to choose a different one than the one shown, we will simply have to follow the following steps. If we haven’t turned on subtitles yet, we will.

  • Once the subtitles appear, we will click on the icon “Setting”.

make youtube subtitle settings

  • We will select the option “Subtitle”.
  • A list with all available subtitles will be displayed, we will select one and we can see it on screen.

change youtube video subtitles

  • It must be taken into account that in many cases it is very likely that the author of this has not added any subtitles or that you have only added one in the original language.

Is it possible to automatically translate subtitles into Spanish in YouTube videos?

It is very likely that the English video we are watching does not have Spanish subtitles. Then, we will have to translate the existing ones, but no … It is not necessary that we go to take word for word and place it in Google Translate.

Just a few clicks are enough to do this simple task:

  • If we have already activated the subtitles we will go to the option “Setting”.
  • We will click on “Subtitles”, this will display a list of options.
  • In it we can see that in addition to the available subtitles there is an option called “Translate automatically”, we will click there.

automatic translation of youtube subtitles

  • Once done we will select the language. In our case we will look for the “Spanish”, taking into account that the languages ​​are arranged alphabetically.
  • Ready, our video will be shown with subtitles in the selected language.

How to put subtitles on a YouTube video that you don’t have?

Regrettably, YT does not automatically generate subtitles for all videos. But currently there are extensions for Google Chrome that are responsible for searching for subtitles on the Internet when it comes to films or documentaries, to add them to it easily. But nevertheless, This will not help us when what we need is to see a tutorial or a video of a news item.

One of these add-ons to perform the task is:

Subtitles for Youtube

Subtitles for Youtube

It is quite useful, as we already said if our video is about a film, as this takes care of looking for an SRT file according to it. One of your sources for obtaining subtitles is the portal You can also see the best pages to download subtitles from here.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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