Activate the Camera in Skype  Step by Step Guide 2021

Video calls are becoming more and more common among people around the world. Yet many times configure camera and microphone in Skype Communicating with family and friends can seem like a daunting task for those with little knowledge of mobile technology.

The normal thing is that once the application is installed on any device that we want to use to make a video call, the camera is automatically configured for such a function. But there can also be some last-minute failures that you must solve to leave everything in optimal condition.

In the course we started, You will see how to activate or deactivate the camera in Skype, regardless of whether it is a computer or mobile that you are using to communicate. In addition, we will explain some actions that are possible during a video call. We are ready to clarify all the doubts you have on this subject.

How to turn the camera on and off during a Skype call from any device

The ideal thing to do before making a video call is to check on your computer that the camera works without any problem, apart from making sure it’s lit and send good image quality.

Now, if you want to deactivate it for a moment and then activate it again, the steps you must take are the following:

On Android

From Skype you can make calls to users around the world for free just by having the application downloaded and installed from Google Play.

To use the camera, the steps are these:

  • Login to Skype on your phone Android.

Open Spyke application on Android

  • Find the contact who you want to call.
  • Click on the camera icon which is in the upper right corner.

Activate the camera in Skype

  • Once the person responds to you, you can activate or deactivate the video, by pressing the camera symbol at the bottom.
  • Thus, If you have a bad connection or want to remove the image, you will do it easily.

On iOS

Once we have installed the application for iOS from the Apple Store, we can make use of it to make video calls. It is convenient to know that the front camera is activated by native configuration.

In case the image does not appear, the way to activate it is this:

  • Sign in to the app Skype
  • At the bottom you will see the option “Calls”.

Activate calls in Skype

  • Click on “New call”.
  • From between the contact list, select the person you want to communicate with.

Video call option in Skype

  • After you choose, the options of “Video call” and “Call”, the latter only for voice.
  • Once you open, a camera icon appears, which you must press to activate the image and touch again to deactivate it.

On macOS

The using Skype on macOS is very similar to the rest of the devices, with the difference that this time we will do it from a laptop or table computer, depending on your availability.

The first thing is to find the application in the toolbar and then we continue like this:

  • Search for a user of which you have added in your contact list.

Skype contact section

  • Click the camera button in the upper right corner to start the video call.

Start a video call on Skype

  • If you want the other person to see you, click on the camera icon that appears at the bottom. If you want to disable it, click there again and your image will disappear.

On Windows 10

We must remember that the first version that came out of Skype was for Windows, toyes, from there it also works without any problem, both for video and voice calls.

In order for the contact you are talking to see your image, you must do the following:

  • Open the Skype app on your computer.
  • In the contact list, look for the person you want to communicate with and you click on it.
  • Marked in blue, in the upper right corner is a video camera icon.

Video call section in Skype

  • Press there and the call will begin.
  • During the conversation, If you want to disable the video, click on the camera that appears at the bottom and it will appear marked, indicating that it has been deactivated. If you touch again, the function will will enable.

We show you other actions you can do in a Skype video call from any device

How Skype works is very similar in any of the devices we use, either Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows. So the functions that we are going to explain here, you will be able to perform them by following the same steps. We will show you below five things you can do in a video call, These are: share your desktop, record the call, send a reaction, ask to speak and take a screenshot.

Go for it:

Share screen

Share video calls on Skype

This function is wonderful if we need to explain something remotely or show an image in real time. Who is on the other side will see the desktop of our device as if they were in front of him.

To activate this option, follow these steps:

  • Once you are in your skype account, select the contact you are going to call.
  • When the call is answered, in the lower right corner three vertical dots appear in the “More” section.
  • Clicking there shows you the option “Share screen”.
  • Once you press, and your interlocutor it will see your computer desktop.
  • If you are going to do it from a mobile device, the first thing is to call the contact.
  • In the lower left corner you will see the three vertical points.
  • Clicking there a window is displayed in which you must select “Share screen”.

Record the Skype call

How to record a video call on Skype

Leaving a backup of the calls you make is very useful, especially if important information has been shared in them that you need to review again. Having them, pausing them and looking for the part you want is one of the advantages that this function gives you.

To use the recording, follow these steps:

  • In the computer, make a call from the Skype app.
  • When you’re connected, the bottom left reads “Engrave”.
  • By clicking there the call will begin to register.
  • To do it from a mobile deviceYou should also call a person from your contact list.
  • When answering the call, you touch the three vertical points at the bottom.
  • A window will be displayed, in which the option appears “Start recording.”
  • The moment you want to stop it, click on “Stop recording.”

Send a reaction

How to react live on Skype

Use emojis it has become a complementary element for communications at all levels. It is a fun and enjoyable way of expressing what you are feeling at that moment. Skype has among its functions the possibility of doing it in a video call.

Here we explain how to use them:

  • Make a call from Skype.
  • Click on the button “React”, located at the bottom.
  • Select one of the emoticons that appear in the menu that was opened.
  • To do it from the mobile, once you make the call. At the bottom left a heart appears.
  • By clicking there, you will be sending that image to your contact.

Ask to speak

How to raise your hand in Skype

When you are in a meeting where several people participate, the best option to maintain order and keep track of the participations, is to notify that whoever wishes to speak asks to speak making use of the function that Skype brings.

It is very simple to do it as we show below:

  • Before indicating the steps, we must remember that this is available for conference meetings, not for a call between two people.
  • Once inside the meeting, if you are on a computer, look in the lower right corner “Raise your hand”.
  • When you do it, the rest of the attendees will see the notification What do you want to participate in?
  • If you want to withdraw the request, click on “Lower your hand.”
  • To do it from the mobile, click on the three vertical points in the lower part and then on “Raise your hand”.
  • One thing to keep in mind is that in the list of participants you can see those who are raising their hands, an action that has no limits during meetings.

Take screenshot

Use Paint to edit photos

Without having to stop the transmission of the video call, it is possible to take a screenshot to save a moment, share it on social networks or show it to other people:

  • On the computer, once the call is made, you are going to press on the keyboard “Imp pnt” to take a screenshot of the entire desktop.
  • Later you open the Paint application in Windows or any program of image edition.
  • For paste what has been copied, you use the command “Ctrl + V”.
  • Finally, you click “Keep” and you will have a picture of the call.
  • In the case of doing it from a device, click on the three vertical dots at the bottom.
  • Once the menu is displayed, tap “Take snapshot.”
  • There it will save an image of the moment that you will see in your inbox.

As you see, there are many ways to exploit creativity while making video calls with Skype, one of the applications that continues to gain ground in the market and in user preferences.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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