Activate Two-Step Verification on Whatsapp  Guide ▷ 2020

WhatsApp has become a temptation for intruders, which is why many of them try to access our private conversations without the corresponding authorization or illegally. Our privacy is also at risk when our mobile phone is lost or stolen since anyone can easily access this application.

To solve these problems and increase our security layer, WhatsApp implemented a tool that is the two-step verification, which consists of registering with two different parameters.

We will talk about this tool and all the benefits that it brings, as well as we will explain the steps we must follow when we forget the authorization PIN.

How does double-factor verification work on your WhatsApp account?

This platform is one of the most used applications in the world, the messages sent by users within the app are encrypted from end to end, which makes this tool considered quite secure.

The security problem of this app is not related to the intersection of the messages, because they are encrypted as we said, but they can access our account, and thus be able to control or verify each of our private messages.

To fix this, WhatsApp created two-factor verification. Which consists of the application sending us via SMS a six-digit code chosen by the program.

Once we receive the SMS we copy that number, according to the phone number that we gave to the app and the application can just be opened.

With the double factor in addition to the previous step tWe have to add a 6-digit PIN to access our account every 7 days, as well as relating that PIN to an email address (this is optional, but it is advisable to do so in case we forget that PIN).

Although this PIN does not work every time we enter, but it regularly asks us to access the app through it. This code works so that other people cannot access our account from other mobiles or computers if they do not enter our password.

Why should you activate double confirmation on your WhatsApp? Benefits

Why should you activate double confirmation on your WhatsApp?  Benefits

It is true that it is not mandatory to activate the double confirmation of WhatsApp, but it brings benefits that will increase our security.

When we register with two parameters, the security layer increases, since with the PIN that the application sends us, anyone can access our account while having the phone in their hands.

Here are what those benefits are:

  • If our mobile phone is lost or stolen, when we have this tool activated, no one will be able to access our conversations on WhatsApp since they will not know the second registration parameter.
  • When we choose the PIN, it will be much easier for us to remember it than if it were imposed by third parties with strange codes.
  • If we forget the 6-digit code we can relate it to an email to which WhatsApp will send us the corresponding number.
  • Being an optional measure and not imposed by the application, the freedom of the users remains intact since it does not force those people who have a certain aversion to memorize numbers.

Steps to activate two-step verification on your WhatsApp Messenger

The path we have to follow to enable WhatsApp’s two-step confirmation option is very simple.

We will detail it below:

  • We open the application on our mobile
  • We go to the top right of the screen at “Menu”
  • We select the last option of the 5 in that menu, “Settings”
  • We choose below our profile picture “Bill”, which is represented by a key
  • We look for the third option to click which is “Two-step verification”
  • We select activate

Keep in mind that we can optionally choose our email address to send us the PIN number if we have forgotten it.

Remember that the email address has to be valid or we have access to it, because if we do not have access or it is not valid WhatsApp will also send the PIN to that email since it does not verify it.

Although it is true that it is a bit embarrassing to put the PIN every 7 days, it is advisable to do it according to all the benefits that we have mentioned above.

In case we need to deactivate the two-step verification option, we will have to follow the same instructions as the previous step, but we choose “Deactivate”.

The same happens when we want to change the PIN or the email address, for which we will choose “Change PIN” or “Change email address” respectively.

How can I verify my phone number on WhatsApp if I forget the security PIN?

How can I verify my phone number on WhatsApp if I forget the security PIN?

If we forget our PIN to verify in two steps and the application has not been blocked, we can change it as follows:

  • We enter “Menu”
  • We select “Settings”
  • We click on “Bill”
  • Then we choose “Two-step verification”
  • We seek “Change PIN”
  • We wrote the same one twice
  • Next, we choose “Follow”

As we have mentioned, it is advisable to associate the PIN with an email account which must be valid and we must have access to it. This is necessary for when 7 days have passed and the application asks us for the PIN that we have forgotten.

To do this, we will follow these steps:

  • A box will appear indicating “Enter your two-step verification pin”
  • We select the link “Did you forget your pin?”
  • Immediately a message will appear that the verification was sent to the email that we have related to the PIN.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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