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The development of technologies in wireless networks It has evolved and favorably impacted society, so much so that it is no longer necessary to be connected by cables to a device. This option not only allows the ease of multiple users being interconnected in the same network. If not, they also do not need the use of MB to surf the internet from your phone or computer.

Wireless networks do not require a plan or rate on your mobile to access the internet, so if you do not have any mobile data service contracted, anyway you can access a WiFi network and use it for free. In addition, these are generally more stable than conventional mobile networks and, although their connection speed is more limitedThey are usually much cheaper since they do not work with data packages, but you have an unlimited internet connection that you can use without worrying about the consumption of megabytes.

In this guide you will learn the steps to learn how to activate the WiFi connection and how to connect to the nearest networks from any device and operating system, be it Windows, Mac, iOS or Android. We assure you that it is an extremely easy process that will not take more than a few seconds.

Steps to connect and configure the WiFi connection of your device

The procedure for configure and connect to a WiFi hotspot it’s pretty straightforward. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must be near an area that has access to the wireless network. In this case a previous configuration must be established, if it is not previously saved. Otherwise, if the connection is already registered in the device, this automatically links to the network.

On Android devices

It should be noted that the configuration varies a little in each device, since this It depends on the brand and model of the Android. However, these steps will help you easily configure and connect your phone.

  • Access the “Setting“Or”Settings”From your phone.
  • Locate the section of “Wireless and Network“And select”Wifi”.
  • Once in the section, you must activate the wireless connection, which you must do making touch on the switch correspondent.
  • Then a list with the closest networks. If any of these require a password, it will appear a padlock icon.
  • Select the network you want to connect to and after entering the key, if needed, the mobile will connect and automatically save so that you do not have to do this in future connections.
  • If the network is already on the device, you will only have to activate it and this will link to the connection automatically.

Enable Wifi connection on Android phone

*Trick: To activate or deactivate wireless network connections more quickly on your Android smartphone, just slide your finger from the top of the screen of your phone down to display the notification menu where we can with a simple tap on this icon enable or disable connection. It is a way to control our connection quickly.

Activate deactivate Wifi Android from the notifications menu

On iOS (iPhone)

  • Search your device for the “Adjustment”,
  • Go to the section “Mobile data“And then click on”Wifi”.
  • Activate the button, which is similar to a switch that indicates on or off. Immediately the mobile will search for the signal from the nearest networks.
  • A series of networks with their respective names will be deployed. Locate the connection you want to link with and press “Connect”. If it is a private network, this will request the entry of a password. Enter it and the device will connect instantly.
  • If you want to evaluate the strength of the signal, the WiFi symbol will appear at the top of the screen, like this you will be able to observe the intensity level of the connection.

Connect iPhone to wireless network

*Trick: If you have an Apple device with operating system iOS 9 onwards, you can improve weak connections, to do this, follow the same steps as above: Settings> Mobile data and activate the section “Wi-Fi support“With this we will improve the poor signals making them more stable.

Activate Wifi Support iPhone

In Windows 7

In any of the versions of Microsoft Windows you should mainly enter the “Windows Device Manager“, to allow the system to make use of these types of networks close to the computer. Here we explain step by step how to activate wireless networks.

  • In the start menu of your computer, click on “Control Panel”.
  • In the settings of the equipment configuration, select the option of “System”. Followed by “Device administrator”.
  • If requested, enter the administrator password.
  • A list with all the devices linked to your computer will be displayed in the “Network Adapters”Click to expand.
  • Choose the wireless adapter you want to use. Then by right clicking with the mouse you click on “EnableAnd voila, now you can make use of these nearby networks that you can connect to.

Enable wireless networks Windows 7

Once this is done, to connect to a WiFi network in Windows 7 follow these steps:

  • make click on the WiFi icon at the far right of the taskbar.
  • Automatically all available networks will be displayed, select the one you are going to connect to and wait for it to be identified.
  • Enter the network credentials (password).
  • Wait a few seconds and if the password is correct the process will be over.

Connect Windows 7 to Wifi network

In Windows 8

  • From the home screen of your computer, press the “Windows + C”And click on“Setting”And then on the icon”Net“.
  • Choose the WiFi with internet access.
  • Enter the password security and connect.
  • If you want you can select that connect automatically every time you turn on the computer.

On Windows 10

  • Access the “Setting” from the start menu or taskbar.

W10 configuration

  • Now go to “Network and Internet“.

Network and Internet in Windows 10

  • On the left side of the screen, click where it says “Wifi“.
  • Right in the central area you will have the option of being able to activate or deactivate this function, as well as being able to show all the networks that your computer captures in order to manage them.

Connect internet network Windows 10

  • In this case, Windows 10 allows WiFi activation automatically. To do this, you must deactivate the network and the moment you want to activate it again, it will ask you if you want it to be activated manually, within an hour, within four hours or within a day. Select the option you like and it will be activated according to what you have specified.

In Ubuntu

Except in some cases, the Ubuntu operating system brings with it the prior installation of the WiFi connection. However, some of the wireless network cards require the installation of a driver in order to have a functional connection.

If you need this, you must download the driver through the different Ubuntu Software updates. To do this you must follow these steps.

  • Select the Ubuntu logo that is located on the desktop, in the upper right. Then press “System configuration”.
  • In Software and updates, go to the “Additional Drivers”. There you can verify if you require a proprietary drive for the wireless network card.
  • If you need it, you will have to establish your internet connection by means of a direct network cable to the computer. So that you can start the download and that’s it, you can connect to the network.

Now, to activate Wi-Fi and connect to the internet you must do the following:

  • Select the WiFi image located on the top right of desktop.
  • Click on the WiFi network you have access to, select it and click on “Connect”.
  • If it’s private, will request a password. If it’s public, you can navigate without any problem.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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