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Windows Xp it is one of the most used operating systems. Launched in October 1001 and still available for computers, although with its official support already ended, it has several versions and updates in the form of Service Packs (SP1, SP2, SP3) that allow users to interact with their computers easily and simply, although it needs to be activated to function properly.

The Windows XP activation It is a mandatory process with which Microsoft ensures that users have paid for official licenses to use it. A procedure that you have to go through yes or yes, entering a password and performing a series of steps that usually require connecting to the internet or calling by phone. If it is not carried out, the system will crash and nothing can be done with it.

In this guide we will explain how to activate Windows XP step by step. We will give all the necessary indications and guidelines so that you can do it in all its versions, in addition to giving you keys and explaining how to see if you have a well-licensed installation or not.

Steps to activate Windows XP for free all versions (SP1, SP2, SP3)

The steps to activate Windows XP for free in all its versions are easy. We explain everything below:

From safe mode

  1. Turn on your computer, keeping the F8 key pressed all the time.
  2. When the Windows boot menu appears, choose the option “Safe Mode” or “Safe mode”. Wait for the operating system to boot.
  3. Boot Windows XP into Safe Mode

  4. Once inside, making sure you have an active internet connection, connect to Wi-Fi or cable network that you have at home.
  5. If you do not have driver or controller problems, jump to the next point. Otherwise, you will have to fix them:
    • Right click on the icon “My PC” or “Team” and, within the drop-down, choose “Properties”.
    • Enter the option now “Device administrator” and click on it.
    • Look icons have an exclamation mark or a question next to it and write them down.
    • From another computer, access the manufacturer’s website and download the latest drivers. You must enter the download section and make sure they are compatible with Windows XP.
    • Copy everything downloaded to a USB memory stick or a CD / DVD.
    • Enter the unit on the computer where you want activate Windows.
    • Back in the “Device administrator”, Click on the icon of the device that fails with the right button and choose “Update driver software”.
    • Update driver software Windows XP

    • Check the option to choose the directory.
    • Now, find the file “.inf” that corresponds to the device in the removable drive you’ve inserted. Let it act.
    • Restart the PC and go back to Safe Mode.
  6. Open the Start menu by clicking its button . Then go to the option “All the programs”.
  7. Now pass the mouse over the section “Accessories” and, from there, go to “System tools”.
  8. Within this menu, click on “Activate Windows” to enter the validation menu.
  9. In the window that appears, you will be asked to enter the product key. If you have a genuine copy of Windows XP, just type the 25 digit code What comes in the box. Click the button to advance.
  10. Enter 25-digit code to Activate Windows XP

  11. When asked if you want to activate windows now, click the first option: “Yes, activate Windows now over the internet.”
  12. After that, you will have two options to decide if you want to register or not. Since there is no official support for the system, it is best to click on “No, I don’t want to register now, just activate Windows.”
  13. Wait a bit, close the window and restart. Your system is already activated.

* In the event that you do not have a product key and want to renew the trial period, follow these steps within Safe Mode:
rundll32.exe syssetup, SetupOobeBnk

  1. Press the button Start menu and, in the drop-down, choose the option “Run”.
  2. In the window that appears, type “Rundll32.exe syssetup, SetupOobeBnk” without quotation marks. Click on “To accept”.
  3. When the process is finished, restart the PC and you will have 30 days free license.

Validate XP from the phone

  1. Turn on your PC and let the operating system boot as usual.
  2. Enter your user account or in which you have Administrator rights.
  3. Press the button Start menu, then click on “All the programs“>”accessories” Y “System tools”.
  4. Now, choose the option “Activate Windows” clicking on it. You will access the system enable window.
  5. On the first screen that appears, you will have to enter the Windows XP product key. Copy the 25-digit code that you received with your copy of the system to validate your license and click on the button to continue.
  6. Now, choose the second option: “Yes, I want to call a customer service representative to activate Windows.”
  7. Yes, I want to call a customer service representative to activate Windows

  8. In the screen that appears now, you have to overcome 3 steps to finish the verification process:
    1. Choose the location in the first dropdown that best corresponds to your location (Spain) there are many free numbers available.
    2. Call the toll-free number listed and recite the 54 digit code that appears next to “Step 3”.
    3. Listen and write the 35 digits you will hear on the phone after entering the ID in the previous step. With them you will fill in the 7 fields in “Step 4”. When finished, click on “Next”.
  9. You have already validated Windows XP by phone!.

Activate expired Windows XP when it is already locked with these activation keys

If Windows XP has expired and crashed, you have to follow a series of steps to enter and activate it. Here we explain everything:

  • Turn on your computer with the F8 key pressed. This will access the system boot menu.
  • Choose the option “Safe Mode” and press the Enter key to enter this version of the operating system.
  • Once inside, and on the desktop, click on the Start Menu and, there, click on “Run”.
  • In this pop-up window, enter the command “Rundll32.exe syssetup, SetupOobeBnk”. Click on “To accept”.
  • Reboot and re-enter Safe Mode as we have explained before. You have reset the temporary activation.
  • Now, go back to the window “Run” as we have explained before.
  • Write the following in the blank field: %systemroot%/system32/oobe/msoobe.exe /a. Press “okay”.
  • More steps to activate expired Windows XP

  • The activation window will now open. Choose the box “Yes, I want to call a customer service representative to activate Windows”And click on“Next”.
  • After this, forget all the fields and click on the button below with the text “Change Product Key”.
  • Now, you will have the field in front of you “New password”. Write one of these enabling keys to it:
    • B77QF-DP27W-4H68R-72B48-78RPD
    • THMPV-77D6F-94376-8HGKG-VRDRQ
    • V2C47-MK7JD-3R89F-D2KXW-VPK3J
  • Tap on “To update” and you will have changed the password.
  • The next thing you should do is perform activation. You can follow the steps indicated in the previous section, “Validate by phone”.

How to check if Windows XP Professional is activated?

If you want to check if Windows XP Professional is activated, follow these steps (valid for all versions):

check if windows xp is activated

  • Get into Windows XP as usual.
  • Click on the button “Start”And, inside the drop-down, click on “Run”.
  • In the pop-up window, enter the following command: %systemroot%/system32/oobe/msoobe.exe /a
  • In the window that appears, if your version is registered and active, you will be prompted. If not, you will be asked to enter the product key and enable the system.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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