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Wondershare Filmora is a modern video editing program, which is characterized by a very high ease of use and by achieving good results without the need for extensive editing and assembly skills. A fairly new software that has begun to stand out in recent years.

It is mostly used for layout videos and render projects in order to make assemblies of all kinds. What differentiates it from the rest is a total approach to social networks and communication between its users, in addition to allowing total editing without having extensive knowledge in the field.

If you do not know how to activate Wondershare Filmora and you need to do it to take advantage of it on your PC, this step-by-step guide explains everything you have to do. In a few minutes you will have it enabled and working to edit all the videos you want.

Steps for installing and activating Wondershare Filmora Forever

These are the Steps for installing and activating Wondershare Filmora. If you follow them, you will have it activated forever on your computer.

1 – Download the Filmora program

The first thing you have to do is download the Wondershare Filmora installer. To do this, you can access from the download link direct that we provide you, it is 100% safe.

Download Wondershare Filmora Free

2 – Install Filmora on your PC

Video editing program for PC

Once the download process has finished, it is time to start with the installation. Go to the folder where the file was downloaded and double click on it.

In the window that will appear next, you just have to click on the middle button, “Install”. Make sure before the license agreement acceptance box is checked. If you want, you can also modify the installer parameters by clicking on “Custom installation”.

Now, what you should do is wait for the entire file download and installation procedure to finish. It is not something that takes too long, what you will have it ready in less than a couple of minutes.

3 – Close the program

Once you have finished the previous point, another window will open indicating if you want to start the program to start using it. Close all the windows and disable the installer if it is still open.

4 – Modify the “host” file

  • Now, open the Windows or file explorer. Go to local disk C: and, there, enter the folder “Windows”.
  • Once in it, access “System32” and then go to “drivers”.
  • When you are in this folder, now you have to enter “etc”.
  • Go now to the file “Hosts” and copy it to the desktop. Open it below with the memo pad to be able to edit it without problems.
  • Go to the last row and type the following, without quotes: “”.
  • Once this is done, copy this modified file back to where it was originally, in the folder “etc”.

5 – Adjust the firewall

After the above, it is time to adjust entry and exit rules for your team. Click on the menu button “Start and, in the drop-down that opens below, type “Control Panel”.

Enter Control Panel

Among all the options that appear, you have to click on “System”. A new window will appear with even more sections. Here, click on “Windows firewall”. Then go to the left column and click on “Advanced settings”.

Advanced Windows firewall configuration

In this panel that you now have in front of you, mark the section “Entry rules”In the left column. Now go to the right side and click on “New rule …” to add an exception to the system firewall.

New Windows 10 inbound rule

Check the option “Program”And click on“Next”. Then press the button “Examine…” and indicates the path where the Filmora program is located. Then click on “Next”.


You will now be asked what to do, just check the option “Block connection” and again click on “Next”. Add any name to the rule and finish.

Now, again in the window of this advanced configuration, check the option “Exit rules” and do the same that has been done before with the Filmora program.

* Repeat creating a new inbound and outbound rule blocking connection for file “Wondershare Helper Compact”.

It is located on the route:

“C: Program Files (x86) Common Files Wondershare Wondershare Helper Compact”.

6 – Activate Filmora

The last step is enable Wondershare Filmora. To do this, open the Filmora program as usual and, in its main window, click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner.

Enter any email in the first field and, in the second, use one of these keys:

  • DC92A31FF815CB060D141A1A487DE51C
  • EA16FE22F80AF3283B20340DB4B6C208
  • 2C8C5D03FCE22A1405D22E21B217AA22

Various codes available:

Filmora Registration Codes

Wondershare filmora key

Wondershare registration code

Wondershare filmora registration code

Filmora key

Click on “To register” and you’re done.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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