Add Sections in PowerPoint  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2020

East Microsoft software has undoubtedly become one of the best alternatives at the moment of wanting create a presentation, either for him work environment, student or simply for the personal. And is that this program has a large number of functions and tools that allow users to work in a very more professional and comfortable.

This is how they will have the opportunity to add a section to your slides, this will not only allow them to its somewhat more dynamic presentation, but will allow them work in a more organized way. And is that all this works as which as the folders used to organize files, only this time I know organized the slides into relevant groups.

This in a way allows divide the work in case it is a presentation assigned for a group of workers or students where I know requires the participation of several people, so these sections will allow a greatest collaboration of all. Taking all this into account, here we are going to teach you how to add this function in PowerPointTo do this, follow in detail everything that we will teach you in the post.

What is a section in PowerPoint and what is it for in my presentations?

Surely this function of Powerpoint may be unfamiliar to most people, but the reality is that these sections are very interesting, since its main objective is to help users to have a better organization in presentation, something that is essential when work with a large number of slides.

This means that this tool can be used to create new sections and thus organize each of the worksheets a little better, just like when they are used folders to organize files. In this case the user has the opportunity to add a name to each of the sections to create the different groups, Or simply You can assign each of the sections to each of the members and in that way get the everyone’s collaboration.

According to this, this function allows organize content in different sections, so you can separate content according to topics, where each topic is a tag. This will undoubtedly make the work even easier when organize and divide it among the members.

Some of the most important features of this PowerPoint feature include the following:

  • It allows divide slides into logical subgroups.
  • Can be reorder sections by dragging and dropping.
  • It allows rearrange chapters with names.
  • Minimize the sections.
  • They can apply effects in sections.
  • Remove all single section slides.
  • Hide all the slides of one of the specified groups.

Finally, it is important to mention that this tool is very simple to apply in presentations made in the Microsoft program, so you can edit, add and delete tags using the section menu of the program. All this in order that users can have a better organization when working on the software.

Learn step by step how to add a section in a PowerPoint presentation

Considering that it is the section feature in PowerPoint and the importance of add them to slides, it is very important to know how they can be created and used within each of the worksheets. All this with The purpose of separating the content contained therein so that each of the members can work comfortably.

This without a doubt is an excellent alternative when having to distribute the work when creating a presentation. Therefore, here we are going to teach you how you can add a section in a PowerPoint presentation.

To do this, follow each of the steps that we are going to teach you below:

  • The first thing you should do is enter your presentation of the program Microsoft.
  • The following will be locate yourself on the slide where you want to create the section, note that if you believe it on slide number 1 then all the others worksheets that you think from then on will belong to that section unless you create another one later. Therefore, in this case, the first section in worksheet number 1.
  • To do this, you must locate yourself on said sheet and click on the “Start” located on the ribbon.
  • Now in the section of slideshow you will find the option of “Section”.

Learn step by step how to add a section in a PowerPoint presentation

  • When you click there, a drop-down menu will appear where you must select the option of “Add section”.

Learn step by step how to add a section in a PowerPoint presentation

  • Once selected, a window will appear on the screen called “Rename”, this is where you should place it the name to your first tag. At this point you are free to put the name you want. Once defined you must click on “Rename”.

Learn step by step how to add a section in a PowerPoint presentation

  • As you can see in the slide panel located on the left side of your screen above worksheet 1 the section title is found in this case “Subject 1 students”. As mentioned above, all the slides that are located below number one will belong to that label.

Learn step by step how to add a section in a PowerPoint presentation

  • According to this, we are going to create a label called “Theme 2 students”, it will be applied in worksheet number 4. For this it will be necessary that you locate yourself in sheet 4 of your presentation and do all steps explained above to create label 1.
  • When you have created the second section in your presentation, the slide panel will appear as follows, as you can see it already has two sections in your work.

Learn step by step how to add a section in a PowerPoint presentation

  • In the case you want keep adding more tags, you simply have to locate yourself in each of the worksheets you want to separate and perform the steps mentioned above, this way you can go dividing the presentation into all the topics you think necessary, this with the aim of being able better organize work, especially when it is due perform between several people.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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