How to advertise on Youtube 100% effective? Step by step guide

It’s no secret that video is the fastest growing content format in recent years. Thus, it grows more every day and besides functioning as an excellent source of information and entertainment, it is also ideal for advertising .

For its part, the most popular platform to consume this type of content is undoubtedly YouTube . Which, with millions of users worldwide and today, is estimated as a great way to conduct advertising campaigns .

That is why, in this post, we will focus on everything that covers the fact of advertising on this social network, taking into account its pros and cons . In addition, we’ll show you step by step how to create a successful YouTube campaign and many other tips.

What are YouTube ads or YouTube ads and how do they work?

As YouTube is the second most used online search engine in the world, YouTube Ads are and have become the main tool for brands, companies and businesses wishing to advertise their products or services online. Thus, targeted and committed advertising campaigns to users who are part of the online environment.

In this sense, it is worth noting that, many years ago, YouTube’s social network simply worked as a platform on which videos of all kinds were shared. But after that, it became the largest audiovisual content platform in practically every country; therefore, it is considered totally ideal to use it as an advertising tool, regardless of the type of business.

This way, YT Ads are responsible for helping small, medium and large companies to position themselves as a reference in their sector and thus generate more conversions . How to gain more engagement and improve your brand image .

In reference to your operation, we indicate that YouTube ads are created through the video you want to offer , where the products or services you offer will be displayed. This, after you create an account on this platform. In addition, one of the most interesting points is that YT Ads allows you to target the audience to which you direct your campaign and also decide where and when the video in question will be released.


Thanks to YouTube being considered the main video platform that users around the world use; of course, this offers valuable advantages when conducting an advertising campaign there .

Here are the most important professionals:

  • Broad coverage: By running an advertising campaign on YT, the platform ensures that you can reach a very wide audience. As an average person spends about 40 minutes on the platform to watch videos.
  • You can have more interaction with users : as this social network is compatible with computers, mobile phones and tablets, you have the opportunity to easily interact with your potential customers and create a stronger bond with them based on emotions. that you can generate with your promotional video.
  • It provides tools for results analysis : as YT has its own tools for this, you can easily observe the performance and analysis of your channel. While this tool is true, it is about “YouTube Analytics“.
  • It allows you to differentiate yourself from your competition: YouTube Ads offer you the excellent opportunity to stand out by making use of advertising videos that undoubtedly make a difference and achieve a greater commercial impact.
  • Economical advertising costs : Regardless of the industry, YT Ads are much cheaper compared to advertising on other platforms.


Even though it is such a visited online platform and generates good advantages when used as an advertising channel, it also reveals certain disadvantages that must be taken into account.

These are:

  • Feared trolls presence : On YouTube you can find several users who criticize you and try to undermine your publications in order to destroy them. The best thing for this is not to fall into the provocation and always be polite not to harm the brand image (that’s what they are looking for).
  • There is censorship and plagiarism: although there is relative freedom of expression, when you advertise on YouTube you must accept some policies with which, in a way, you can be inhibited (even when you think about publishing something suitable for all audiences) . Moreover, you are susceptible to plagiarism because everyone has access to your videos.
  • You should only generate interesting content: it is relevant to tell interesting stories and give brilliant information to your potential audience. Since then, if you have a good number of followers, but you don’t guarantee the quality, you won’t help to achieve success.
  • You need to constantly feed your YouTube channel: provide direct, up-to-date information to your customers through various news videos. Otherwise, you will quickly lose influence.

How to create an effective, step-by-step YouTube advertising campaign?

Surely, now you wonder what is the way to create a truly effective advertising campaign, and here we indicate each step to follow to achieve success quickly:

Select your goal

To start, the first thing you should do is go to the “Campaigns” section and press the blue circular button that shows a ” +” sign. This will show you all the types of campaigns you can do on YouTube, in which case you should click on “Video“.

After that, two types of goals will appear that you must choose according to your needs, and after that, they offer some configuration options and others to guide you during the campaign creation process.

These goals are:

  • Brand and product consideration : Indicated to attract customers who buy a certain product on your site.
  • Brand awareness and coverage : it allows you to increase brand awareness and make your advertising seen by many people.

Set up and adjust your advertising campaign

This is the most important point when segmenting the campaign according to your needs and preferences. To do this, you must configure the following options according to your objectives and economic scope:

Name of the campaign

The first thing is to indicate the differentiating factor of your advertising campaign, that is, the name that will have it. It is important that it is an identification that can define your campaign in a clear, precise and concise way. That is, let us know what it is yet and without having seen it completely.


Another of the most valuable options to be specified is the budget. At this point, you should determine what you are willing to pay for your YouTube campaign, either daily or monthly. In addition, you should also select the “Publication Form“, which can be: Standard or Accelerated .

If the adjusted budget is not greatly increased, we recommend that you choose the option ” Standard “, so that the ad is displayed throughout the day.

Start and end date

According to the strategy you created once, you must also specify the duration of the campaign . In case you do not fill in this field, most likely you will forget to stop it and therefore will continue to consume the allocated budget, causing more expenses than originally programmed.


In this section, you can choose where you want to display your advertising videos and, for this, you will see three options:

  • YouTube search results : will be displayed when users use the YouTube search engine.
  • YouTube videos : this makes the ad appear while people watch other videos.
  • Partner Network : used if you prefer to expand your target audience and reach other people who are outside the platform, i.e. browsing Display Network sites.


This is an option that gives you the ease of choosing the language of your target audience and, of course, should be the same language in which the video you will show in your advertising campaign is recorded. Otherwise, customers will not understand the content and the marketing strategy will decline.


This section is one of the most important for targeting your target audience, as it allows you to determine the geographic location to which you want to target your ads in order to get a better response.

Therefore, if you dedicate yourself to provide a specific service or sell a product in a specific city, it is essential that you choose only that ad to be displayed there (with the option “Insert other location“).

On the contrary, if it is an online store, it is significant that you expand the coverage and select the whole country (as in this case, we selected “Brazil“).

Bidding strategy

At this point, YT Ads allows you to select the different types of bids that exist. So, if you want to gain visibility , we recommend that you choose the bid option for “Maximum CPM“.

Now, if you prefer to use In-Stream or salty ads, it is best to select the “maximum CPV” bid, and the platform will only charge when users decide to insert their ad.

Frequency Limitation

As it is often so annoying for users to see ads on YouTube, when creating a campaign, the platform allows you to limit the number of times the same person sees your ad. So, in order not to feel tired, it is better to select between 4 and 6t impressions during the day.

Content exclusions

In this option, you can specify that your ad is not displayed in certain formats or themes . However, it is important to keep in mind that, in general, YT ads are displayed in very secure platform videos.

In this sense, depending on the type of audience you want to reach, you can use or disable the default filter . This is basically a tool that allows you to delete or not certain content from your campaigns, according to what you consider inappropriate and sensitive (as you will notice, you can choose the categories).

Ad Scheduling

Finally, we found this option that allows you to decide on which days and in which time intervals you want to display your ad to YouTube users.

Therefore, a very useful tool when you know that you can sell a certain product or service in some specific days and schedules; thus gaining, greater effectiveness.

Create your first group of ads

When setting up the first part of the advertising campaign, it’s time to do the same with the ad groups. As usually, within the same marketing campaign, you need to create multiple ad groups with different segmentations , to know which one works best.

Therefore, at this time, it is advisable to create a campaign for each type of product or service you want to promote on YouTube and, after that, several ad groups that contain different segmentations.

Fortunately, Google Ads has a feature that allows you to toggle ads to detect which ad works best, automatically. Whether it’s the number of clicks, the number of impressions, etc. Since then, the platform will decide to prioritize the most successful ad.

At this point, you will have to determine the following aspects:

  • Ad group name : if you use the theme segmentation and demographic data, it is convenient to call your group with this combination, i.e. ” Topics + demographic data “.
  • Bid type : select ” Maximum CPM ” if you want to achieve brand awareness. Now, if you are willing to pay for each view, choose ” CPV ” and you can also use ” CPD ” if you use Masthead type ads.
  • Auto-segmentation : you can set a wider targeting for your chosen one and generate new locations to reach more users similar to your target audience.

Make your YouTube video ad

This is the final stage to create an advertising campaign on YouTube. To do so, you must perform the following steps:

  • To start, click on “Create Ads” and then select “Adaptable Ads“.
  • Now, you must paste the URL of your video ad into the platform. If you have not yet uploaded it to your YT channel, you must do so and then select it at this stage.
  • When the above is ready, choose the type of ad you want to create . You should keep in mind that you can select one or the other type of ad, depending on the type of bid you choose.
  • After that, you have to put the URL where you want to send the user , in case you click on the link that is displayed while the ad is playing.
  • Now it’s time to choose the type of complementary banner you want to display. This refers to a thumbnail image that can be seen to the right of the ad and displayed on computer screens.
  • Finally, click the “Save” option and you will have created your ad campaign in YouTube Ads.

How much does it cost to get good publicity on YouTube? Is it free?

While it’s true, YouTube advertising campaigns aren’t completely free. However, it is an advertising channel that can be adjusted to the full economic reach of any entrepreneur, brand or business. Since then, as we’ve indicated in the advantages that YouTube ads reveal.

The advertising costs of this platform are really low and are considered cheaper than what you can find on other social networks. Taking into account that, to start with and depending on the industry, you can start with just 5 or 10 cents to watch your promotional video.

What’s more, there’s remarkable flexibility in the type of bid to choose when you set up the campaign, and in this way, you have the ability to bid in a variety of ways. One of them is viewing , which means that if no one decides to watch your video and prefers to ignore it, the platform will not charge anything.

Ultimately, you yourself who decides how much you will pay for advertising in YT measure and time, depending on the success you get with these ads, you can expand the investment of at least 10 euros per day to local campaigns.

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