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Social networks are an indispensable tool for any company. In just a few years they have managed to scale as one of the most effective ways to show content and products to customers or future buyers.

But due to this and the enormous variety of platforms that exist today, managing them is a great dedication of time and resources. The objective of adding followers in these networks increases it even more.

For this reason, tools are developed to facilitate work. In such a way that it is possible manage from one place, all accounts of social media. One of the most interesting is Agorapulse. If you want to know more about this software, we recommend the following post.

What is Agorapulse and what is this social media tool for?

What is Agorapulse and what is this social media tool for?

One of the tools to manage content and feedback with our followers is Agorapulse. It is found among the most recommended by experts. It is a software with utilities that will help us to be constantly updated regarding the most important data and statistics of the profiles on social networks. It is compatible with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google+ Y LinkedIn.

And in addition to managing them, it enables us to administer and improve customer relationships and interested in our products. This platform was developed and designed to solve management issues in SMEs and entrepreneurs. Although initially it was only in English, due to its success and acceptance, today can be used in spanish (including technical support).

The main objectives of this service are improve interaction with followers, add a added value to the brand through visibility and position our company above others in social networks. The way to achieve them is with the use of the tools that we will see below.

Agorapulse Features and Tools What are its most powerful features?

Agorapulse Features and Tools What are its most powerful features?

Do grow our brand and in consequence increasing sales is the goal of every company. To achieve these goals, Agorapulse us offers some very useful tools.

Among which we can find:

Accurate and detailed statistics

Compared to the data provided by default platforms such as Facebook or Instagram, Agorapulse assures us an improvement in the preparation of reports and their details.

Let’s see some of its characteristics:

  • Too recommends a time and day for posts achieve greater impact and scope.
  • We can find what are the more interesting topics for our followers. In addition to the recommended format (still images, videos, etc.).
  • Comparative barometer. This utility compares page returns similar to ours. With these results we will be able to better understand our own position in a real market context.
  • Among the statistical functions we find “Interaction evaluation”, “Range measurement” and others.

Internal applications for marketing

With them we can create easily and quickly small marketing campaigns. They’re available contests questions and answers, raffles, voting, discounts and more.

User moderation

This platform has an efficient page management and comment moderation. Within it we will find the possibility of automating moderation. Through keywords we can respond with custom commands. In this way we will be able to be present all the time without the need to really be.


One of the most visible utilities of Agorapulse is he customer relationship management system. He himself is capable of identify the most present and influential followers. In this way it will be easy to direct the publications, products and offers to these people and thus make the efforts more efficient. In turn, this tool will create database, which are essential for all businesses that need to monetize their social media sites.


You can add people to your team and in this way distribute the tasks of publication, control and reply to messages.

Learn step by step how to use Agorapulse to manage your social profiles

Now that you know all the advantages of this software, it is time that we start to see How to use.

Through a tour and in simple steps, you will be able to understand its most important tools:

  • Login to “.
  • Before taking another step, you must indicate that we need the interface in Spanish language. To do this, look for the button at the top right of the monitor.

Learn step by step how to use Agorapulse to manage your social profiles put in Spanish

  • Press the facebook icon next to the previous one. With that you will link the account of your company with this service.
  • The first screen you will see when entering is the “Control Panel”. Here you can add more pages of Facebook like other social networks.
  • Choose the one you want analyze.

Learn step by step how to use Agorapulse to manage your social profiles main panel

  • Within each profile you will find a panel with the data corresponding to that account. Here you will achieve manage tickets and campaigns. As well as visualize your followers, impact percentage and other parameters. In addition, you can use these options in the left side menu.
  • Inside section “Applications”, you will find with examples, the various contests offered by the software. To install each of them, simply click on the one you want. These apps will be placed in tabs within the Facebook page.

Learn step by step how to use Agorapulse to manage your social profiles side panel

  • In the panel “Tickets” you will locate all the publications. If there are too many, you can filter them with different criteria that you will find in the upper bar.
  • On the button “Publication” from the side panel, as the name implies, you can make postings in all your associated profiles. In addition to this, you will achieve schedule such posts for a specific day and time.
  • Continuing with this function, you will find the button “Calendar”, all scheduled tasks. In this way you will have organized all content with the ability to change, delete or postpone it.
  • If you want to access the statistics and data on the scope of publications, you must go to the tab “Reports”. Here you will find in an organized, simple and intuitive everything related to these numbers. One of the additional functions is to export such data to an external file. In this way it will be possible to create presentations in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  • On the button “competition” A comparative report will be created on what the program understands are your competitors in networks. If you want to indicate other profiles in a personalized way, press the button “Edit the competition”.

List of the best alternative tools to Agorapulse to manage social networks

If you have not been convinced by this tool or would like to try new ways to manage your social networks company, we offer you three alternatives that can help you.

Let’s see below:

Is about one of the most widely used social media management platforms today. It covers different sites. Among them are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google, YouTube, and many others. It is enough easy to use and configure. It offers publication scheduling and does not use computer resources, since it works 100% Online.

Like the previous ones, this software allows content management in social networks. It includes marketing services, statistics and promotions. As a comparative advantage, it has the image size adjustment that other competitors do not have.


It is an option that will help you make a post and that the same be applied on various social media platforms. Like Agorapulse It has a calendar to organize the programmed contents. In addition, it offers a free smartphone app that will allow you to control everything from your mobile. It is important to mention that, Of all these alternatives, the only one that is completely in Spanish is Agorapulse. Which is a great advantage for Spanish-speaking users.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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