Airplane Mode in Windows 7  What is it? + How to Activate ▷ 2020

For what enjoy your W7 computer to the fullest and adapt the Internet connection to your needs, you need to know the tool Airplane mode. This will stop you from receiving notifications when you are busy.

So we invite you to continue reading this article until the end because You will learn in detail what the offline function is and what it is for on a Windows 7 PC.

But this is not all, we will also explain when it is convenient to activate the airplane mode and we will teach you how to perform the step by step to enable and disable this tool.

What is airplane or offline mode and what is it for in Windows 7?

Airplane mode is a tool that blocks the signals your computer receives and emits without disabling the execution of the programs you have installed. So you can work on Word documents, calculation templates Excel Y PowerPoint presentation slides, among other programs.

What you won’t be able to do is to upload a story or reply to a direct message on your social networks nor do you receive or respond to emails. At this last point you should keep in mind that if you have already received the mail in your inbox, you can open it and read it without problems, but you will not be able to download images or respond until you deactivate the airplane mode of Windows 7.

When is it convenient to activate airplane mode on your Windows 7 PC?

When is it convenient to activate airplane mode on your Windows 7 PC?

From the previous paragraph it appears that airplane mode is a useful tool that you can use when:

  • You are in a meeting and you don’t want to be interrupted with emails or instant messaging chats.
  • You find yourself on a plane and you do not want to generate interference with your laptop in the communication of the aircraft with air traffic control.
  • You use your computer to make presentations in a class and you don’t want to receive emails or any other type of interruption that could distract your students.
  • The same as the previous case, but when you are the student and you don’t want to interrupt the rest of your classmates or teachers.
  • If you don’t have a lot of RAM and you need to work with installed programs and you don’t want background software running using the internet.
  • Airplane mode It is also useful if you come across your laptop on the street and you don’t want to connect to an open WiFi network, which could put your private data at risk.

Learn step by step how to activate and deactivate the offline mode of Windows 7

We will explain below how you should activate and disable airplane mode so that you can adapt your needs to your Windows 7 PC, and in this way, you will not be bothered by the notifications you receive.

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When you want to activate the airplane mode you will have to go to the taskbar and click on the Start Menu -located at the bottom left of your screen- and write Mobility center. The tool will then be activated Search for which will show you an application with the name of the function you just wrote. Once you recognize the app, you must click Windows Mobility Center and then choose the option Activate connection In the box Airplane mode.


In case you want to deactivate the airplane mode, you must follow the same path as shown in the previous paragraph, but in this case disable the option. At this point we will present you another route that you can also use to activate the MA.

Anytime to disable the airplane mode you will have to go to the menu Setting, by pressing the Start button and then choosing the corresponding icon. Then you’re going to have to search Network and Internet and click on this option. A menu will open in which you must choose Windows Mobility Center and then you will find airplane mode to disable wireless connections.

Airplane mode cannot be disabled How to fix this and other errors in Windows 7?

Airplane mode cannot be disabled How to fix this and other errors in Windows 7?

It is likely that you can’t disable airplane mode on your Windows 7 computer, this is due to compatibility issues with the network card. To explain a little better, the first thing to know is that all the hardware, both internal and peripheral, that you have connected to the motherboard (which works as the coordination center for all processes) have a small program that is installed for it to work. Many times the OS does not detect the controller, or that driver is outdated.

From this it appears that, the network card also has a program that controls its function and that produces a compatibility error with Windows 7. For this reason it is necessary to update this driver to solve the problem. You must do the same with all the drivers that you have installed on your PC. So we will show you below the step by step that you will have to do to solve this problem in a practical and fast way and in this way you will be able to disable the airplane mode function.

The steps you will have to do are:

  • Run the Search function. For this you will have to click on the start button and write Device administrator.
  • Then, click the tool that appears on your screen.
  • In the new window that will open you will see the name of your computer that derives to libraries with the adapters and drivers for each of the hardware installed. Search for a driver with the word Wireless or wireless and click on it.
  • Most likely, you don’t need to look for anything because you will notice what has a yellow warning sign. This means that it is producing an error with the operating system, so you will have to do right click in the same.
  • After this you will have to choose the option Update driver.
  • Windows 7 will ask you if you want to perform an update manually (in which you must have the driver installed in a folder on your computer) or automatically. If you choose the latter, you must continue with the steps indicated by the wizard, but for this you will have to have an active Internet connection.
  • In case of choosing the update manually, the operating system will open the File Browser. You will have to choose the location of the controller and then click on Open, this will lead you to run a wizard and you must continue with the steps that the tool will indicate.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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