Airplane Mode in Windows 8  What is it? + How to Activate ▷ 2020

The airplane mode in Windows 8 it is quite a useful function that you can use in different circumstances. But first it is convenient that you know what this tool is and what happens to your computer when you activate it.

This information can be found, in a simple way, in the following paragraphs of this article that we have prepared for you. We will detail the moments in which it is convenient to activate this mode and the step by step to carry out this task successfully.

Further, We will explain how to solve the error in which the airplane mode cannot be disabled and other bugs in W8. Let’s get started.

What is airplane or offline mode and what is it for in Windows 8?

Among the functions that your Windows 8 computer performs These tasks can be divided into two large groups. One is the execution of the programs you have installed and the other is the emission and reception of signals from WiFi, Bluetooth Y Mobile data.

From this it follows that, if you want to disable all signals that your device receives and emits wirelessly you will need a tool called Airplane mode, which you can activate it quickly and easily. But you should keep in mind that this function does not disable the execution of the programs.

When is it convenient to activate the airplane mode in your Windows 8?

We will show you below what are the optimal situations in which it is convenient to disable some functions of your device, this will help you get more benefits.

Check out:

  • We will start with what gave rise to the name of this function and it is when you are in a plane, especially at the time of takeoff and landing. This way you will not cause interference in communication between the crew and also with the control tower.
  • When your laptop battery is low. You must not forget that Bluetooth Y Wifi They run in the background and these features consume more battery than many people realize.
  • Related to the previous point, every time you need to do a fast charge from your battery you can activate airplane mode.
  • If you want not to be interrupted by IP calls (or video), emails or messages of applications when you are working on projects that require concentration or are in meetings.
  • At night it is also useful to activate the airplane mode, since you will not receive calls, but you can see the time on the device and use the alarm clock without any problem.

Learn step by step how to activate and deactivate the offline mode of Windows 8

Learn step by step how to activate and deactivate the offline mode of Windows 8

So you can fully enjoy your device Windows 8, we will explain the step by step that you must do to activate and deactivate offline mode.

Pay attention:


To activate airplane mode in Windows 8 you will have to go to the Charm bar, located on the right side of the screen, and continue with these steps:

  • click in the menu Setting. At this step you can also do it by pressing the keys at the same time Windows and later I.
  • Search the option Change PC settings and click on it.
  • Choose the tool Wireless
  • Search field Airplane mode and enable the option Turn it on to stop wireless communication.

In case you have the Windows 8.1 version, you will have to do this step by step:

  • Once you have opened the bar Charm, you will have to enter Setting and then to Change PC settings.
  • Choose the tool Net.
  • Search the option Airplane mode and activate it.



In case you want to deactivate airplane mode and it will begin to receive wireless signals on your device, you will have to carry out the reverse steps to those mentioned before:

  • Access Settings through Charms Bar moving the mouse pointer across the bottom right of the screen. Then the icon of a gear, don’t forget that you can also enter by pressing Windows + I.
  • Select Change PC Settings and later Wireless (or Net, if you have Windows 8.1 version).
  • Search the tool Airplane mode Y turn it off.

An easier way you have to perform these steps is to press the start button and then type airplane mode. This will make you see the tool Search for, so the application of the Airplane mode in a list. Click on it and disable it.

Airplane mode cannot be disabled How to fix this and other errors in Windows 8?

Airplane mode cannot be disabled How to fix this and other errors in Windows 8?

It is likely that airplane mode cannot be disabled due to an internal operating system error. But you should not worry because below we will explain how to solve this error in a simple and fast way.

See below:

  • The problem may be caused by the shutdown of the network card of your computer. For this reason, it is convenient that you press the key Windows and, without releasing it, press the R. This will allow you to access the tool Run.
  • Type in the Open field: the command msc, then press Enter.
  • click on the button Yes, if a user warning window appears.
  • Choose the option User interface devices.
  • Find the driver for your network card. In this case you should take into account the brand of your computer or the supplier of the board, since if you cannot find it, it is likely that this hardware is outdated or has been erased. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to enter the manufacturer’s support and download the device driver for free.
  • Right-click on the controller and choose the Disable option. After this repeat this step and select now Activate.
  • Choose the function Network adapters.
  • Find the adapter. You can find this one with the word Wireless or wireless and right click on it.
  • Then, choose Properties and then click on Power management.
  • Deactivate the box Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, click To accept Y restart the computer.

In case you couldn’t fix the problem or find other errors you will have to use the tool again Search for (Windows Start button and then type troubleshooter).

Then follow these steps:

  • Select the tool Troubleshooting (control panel).
  • Choose the option Network and Internet.
  • click in Network adapter.
  • Press on the button Next and continues with the troubleshooter prompts.

Another way you have to check the error is connect an ethernet cable to the port and test if you connect to the Internet. After this you will have to verify that the BIOS is up to date (At this step you can do it the same way you did with the network card driver). Once all these steps have been verified, you should have no problems with disable airplane mode.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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