Airplane mode what is it, what is it for and how do you activate it on your mobile device?

The name is given by the prohibitions that airlines used to make. So one of the instructions during an airplane trip is that mobile devices should be turned off or at least disabled from their wireless connection functions.

This is because having it enabled would cause interference in communications. Although manufacturers designed this for this purpose, it is now possible to use it for other purposes such as disconnecting you from your computer’s functions.

Although all smartphones have this configuration today, not everyone knows how it works. So if you want to know more about it and how to activate it, in the next article we will give you all the details. We will also tell you some of the advantages you can get from the “airplane mode” setting.

What is “Airplane Mode” on my smartphone and what is it for?

Airplane mode is a kind of configuration that creates a state of total disconnection in our electronic devices, whether they are mobiles, tablets or laptops. Such a disruption is simply the disabling of all wireless connections to the device. In the case of a mobile, this would be the data bands, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, among others.

It basically prevents the device from sending or receiving any Internet-related signal, so it cannot receive calls or text messages either. With this configuration we can manage to isolate ourselves a little from the world and have our focus on the things, people or projects in front of us. Consequently, we can say that it serves to avoid the distractions that invade us every second.

We must also know that our equipment dedicates a certain amount of energy to maintain the communication with the different servers, repeaters or antennas in order to provide the user with an excellent signal. Then, by enabling this option we will be saving this great amount of energy, so this can be very useful when we are several kilometers away from home and we need a certain amount of battery.

Another benefit of this is that you can have a peaceful night’s rest without any noise or situation disturbing your sleep. But, with this last one you have to be careful, because some mobiles when they activate it, they also deactivate the alarms that we have programmed. So if you need to get up early the next day it is better not to use it.

Why do they ask us to put our cell phone in airplane mode before we take off on a flight?

The real reason why this setting was placed on our mobile devices is so that it is activated during a trip on an aircraft. Because it has always been believed that the use of a mobile phone or several connected mobile phones can damage or cause some evil in the flight system of an airplane until it falls down.

If we have ever been to a gas station we may have noticed that there is a sign prohibiting the use of mobile phones on the spot, and just like here, when it is said that it should not be used from the moment it is boarded until it takes off and is indicated by the pilot, it is because some kind of explosion may occur when the pilot is refuelling. Although there is no case that certifies this, the truth is that theoretically speaking it could occur because of the static electricity they generate.

Beyond this, it is done so that there is a good relationship between the communication from the flight deck to the control centers, because if there is any device on, it can create buzzing in the pilots’ headsets.

As times have changed, there is now more flexibility in this regard and many aircraft include in-flight WiFi services. However, at critical moments such as clearance and landing, if it is necessary to turn off the mobile phone or activate the configuration.

What can I do and what can’t I do while airplane mode is active on my phone?

While the airplane mode is active we cannot do anything that involves an external wireless connection of the mobile. That is to say, we will not be able to receive calls or messages, nor will it be possible to share information via Bluetooth, surf the Internet via WiFi or with mobile data.

However, we can still enjoy our mobile phone in its various tools, music, videos and images that we have downloaded and saved on it. It is a good time to start reading those PDF books that we have stored in our mobile phones and that we never read because of the many occupations. It is also possible to enter entertainment applications such as video games that can be played offline.

Steps to activate Airplane Mode on any mobile phone quickly and easily

Let’s learn step by step how to activate this setting on our Android or iOS phone:

On Android

To activate the flight mode in Android you need to slide your finger down the top of the screen. This displays the quick access menu in which we must click on the “Airplane Mode” button.

You can also do it in another way, a little longer but equally fast, by entering the system’s “Settings” menu and clicking on “Connections”. Subsequently, click on the “Offline profile” button. Once in the new screen we slide the adjustment trigger on the button.

In iOS

The easiest way to activate the airplane mode here is to enter the control center by sliding your finger from the bottom to the top. Once there you have to press the button with the airplane symbol with one touch.


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