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If you want to become an expert in writing texts through Word you will have to read this article to the end. We will teach you how to handle the alignment function that Microsoft’s word processor has.

This tool can give you a touch of distinction to your work so that the reader can more easily understand the idea that you have captured.

You can also use this function when you have to work with headers and footers, as you will need to justify in a different way. Let’s not waste any more time and get started.

What is text alignment and what is it for?

The alignment of a text is used to arrange words and paragraphs in a logical order. In this way, the writing is neat and pleasant to read.

Microsoft Word allows to use this function for both words and images, achieving that tables, text boxes and any other element can be inserted in a meticulous way. The editor can choose the type of alignment based on criteria pre-established by the word processor.

What are all the types of alignment in Microsoft Word?

The types of alignment that you can use in a Word text are the following:

  • Left: You can align all the content to the left margin of the sheet in this way makes the document easier to read.
  • Centered: Use both margins of the sheet and center the entire paragraph or text according to the space used. This way you can see that the center of the sheet will be the axis of symmetry.
  • Right: It is the same as the first alignment that we have named, but it is justified for the right. You can use this type of justification for small sections of content, for example, when you need to make a header or footer.
  • Homogeneous or Justified: The alignment you will use with this type of justification is symmetric for both the left and right margins. With this you can find a neat text on both sides, being very useful to use in newsrooms for newspapers or magazines where you need to respect columns.

Steps to configure the alignment of your texts or images in Word

Steps to configure the alignment of your texts or images in Word

Next, we will show you the steps you must do to configure a text in Microsoft Word, according to whether you want to do it in paragraphs or images:

In text

The first thing you should do is select the text that you want to justify by means of an alignment and then follow these steps:

  • Find the tab “Start”.
  • Address the group “Paragraph”.
  • Click on the different applications that you have available. They have an icon of 4 horizontal lines that have a left, center, right and homogeneous alignment.

Another way you have to do these steps is to select the text and right click. Then you will have to click on “Paragraph…” and go to the tab “Sangria and space”. In the section “General”, look for the field “Alignment:” and make the changes you need.

In pictures

When you need to align images you will have to select it and do this procedure:

  • Click on “Start” and then choose “Paragraph”.
  • Click on the corresponding icon according to what you need. You will do this in the same way that we mentioned in the section that is related to texts.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will also be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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