Alternatives to Counter Strike

Counter Strike is one of the most famous video games the past two decades. This shooter that is played in the first person has managed to become a successful saga with a multitude of games that have only increased the popularity of this game.

In addition, Counter Strike has managed to become a source of inspiration for the creation of many other video games that integrate very similar game mechanics. If you want to discover many other sniper-style games, don’t miss out on the best Counter Strike alternatives of the moment.

9 alternatives to Counter Strike to enjoy the best shooting experience

Modern Strike Online

modern strike

Considered one of the best shooting games for Android, which is characterized by excellent graphic quality. You can select day and night scenes, it also allows the automatic shooting function.

It has 8 models of solo or team combat, 14 maps and 70 different types of weapons. In addition, you can customize each game and define your own rules.

Critical operations

critical operations

One of the most similar alternatives to Counter Strike that mimics many of the mythical game’s functions, such as the possibility to choose sides and complete specific missions.

The the scenarios were designed in 3D and support the possibility of buying weapons. It is available for Android devices, although you need to keep in mind that you need a good connection and GPU to run smoothly.

Critical operations


Shooting War

firearms war

Gun Shot Fire War offers a multitude of entertainment options, such as

  • Different maps with scenarios like deserts, frozen landscapes or labyrinths, among others
  • Has a broad arsenal of weapons including rifles, pistols or machine guns of different models. You can buy upgraded weapons as you go
  • On-screen gameplay includes just four buttons: gun switch, fire, joystick and jump

Shooting war with firearm


Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS

critical attack

The best thing about this game is that it will hardly take up space in your phone’s memory, as it weighs around 95 Mb. It has a total of 6 different maps to test your strategic ability. You can also use a total of 25 different weapons.

The games are fully customizable, being able to establish the rules of the game that each player wants. Admit 5v5 multiplayer fights.

Critical Strike CS: Counter Terrorist Online FPS


Battle field

battle field

Battlefield is one of the most competitive alternatives to Counter Strike that has a great saga that has evolved to offer advanced functions

  • Offers multiple game modes including Conquest, Assaults, Domination or Free Team for All, among others
  • You can choose from different classes of soldiers, each with different characteristics
  • Includes a large number of vehicles and weapons

Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer

shoot gun killer hunter

In this game, the central approach is to control a soldier who must eliminate all terrorists who threaten world peace. For this, the game is distributed in four different scenarios.

At the end of each mission, players receive coins that they can exchange for updates or new weapons. The difficulty increases depending on the progress in each level.

Shoot Hunter-Gun Killer


Counterattack – FPS Multiplayer


Another alternative similar to Counter Strike in which the scenarios and gameplay are very reminiscent of the classic shooter.

  • There are several game modes to choose from, such as how to defuse the bomb or the relentless confrontation between the teams for five minutes
  • The graphic quality can be adapted to the power of the Android terminal
  • Up to 10 players can enter the game
  • There are rankings every week and every month, with rewards included

Counterattack - FPS Multiplayer




Valorant is one of the most recent and modern bets when it comes to shooting games. Inspired by a futuristic world on Earth, it offers several types of characters to choose from, with unique and specific abilities for each of them.

It offers several weapons to choose from, as well as shields. As for the games, these They happen in a 5v5 confrontation and have 4 different maps.

Call of Duty

call of Duty

One of the great competitors of Counter Strike is this war themed game with several titles through which they have been improving and incorporating new maps, events, rewards and game modes.

currently released a version for Android and iOS phones, although it is necessary to have enough RAM and storage memory. A new way to enjoy this mythical game wherever you are.

Call of Duty®: Mobile


What is the best alternative to Counter Strike?

First-person shooter games are a favorite theme for users, so all sorts of options proliferated quickly. However, if you are looking for a good game that guarantees many hours of fun and an excellent experience in solo and multiplayer modes, the best alternative to Counter Strike is Counter Attack.

This game has a total of three game modes so you can change the experience based on your preferences. Thus, you will have to face combat to the death, defuse bombs or change weapons. He also has a total of five different scenarios to test his tactical skills.

As you progress, you can purchase different types of weapons and upgrades for your character. Up to 10 players can enter the games and you can even compete to be in the different weekly and monthly rankings that reward the best players.

Complete, very fun and with a very acceptable graphic quality, it offers everything you need to enjoy an experience with your friends. game very similar to Counter Strike but with a personal touch.

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