Alternatives to Jira

Tour It is a perfect program to keep track of your projects, especially if several people participate in them. When the organization depends on several hands at the same time, some things can get complicated. Therefore, applications like this are intended to make the task easier for us.
If you have a project and want to manage each of its aspects, you need a tool of this type. Not just to know what tasks are completed and pending. But also to find out if errors or problems occurred during the process.

Now, although the Atlassian system is one of the most famous in its segment, it is not the only one. There are many others available that share or have their own characteristics. So, below we will show you the best alternatives to Jira that you should consider.

8 alternatives for Jira to manage your projects easily



Developed in the cloud, Wrike is able to adapt to what individuals and companies are looking for. From this platform you can generate tasks and organize them among product collaborators. This will avoid confusion, overlap or something unresolved.

An interesting feature of this application is its reports full of details on the progress achieved. Thanks to them, project managers can know if everything is going as it should.

Furthermore, it is a simple way to know if each employee fulfills his obligations.

With various rates according to your needs, there is no lack of a free mode.



Trello is probably, the most popular solution of all that will appear in this list. Millions of companies worldwide use their free and paid editions. With some of the latter, we were able to unleash the full potential of a modern and very complete service.

Its operation is based on a kind of boards. Each of them represents a task. We can move them within the screen, placing them on different lines according to the level of advance. And the customization capacity of each board is infinite, to configure it as you wish.

  • Nice and intuitive interface
  • Compatible with Slack, Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • IOS and Android apps
  • Workflow automation integrated with Butler



Although Asana shares some of the previous features, it also has a different spirit. It was designed for employers and their employees to take notes during meetings. Reminders, tasks, ideas that can come true. They will never escape you again.

And once a task has been defined, you can assign it to one or more collaborators. As time goes on, also make sure they are doing their job.

With the ability to integrate in the cloud, you will be able to access your content from both your mobile phone and your computer. And its free version – although paid for – is one of the best.


Sprintly is almost a decade old. Since then, it has remained one of the best options on the web and for iOS users. Yes, it is accessible from your computer or cell phone.

The best thing about this system is its Control Panel, which helps us to find each task in seconds. Its different classification mechanisms are perfect so that you don’t take too long to do so. For example, You can see them according to the progress level of each task.

On the Tickets tab, you can see each modification made to a project. In addition, it has several extensions and add-ons that you can install at your convenience.

  • Real-time activity recording
  • Pair with Slack, Campfire or HipChat
  • Shortcuts to save time
  • API to integrate external services



GitHub has been one of the most successful platforms for developers for years. Their functions are not as varied, but they are sufficient for a programming project.

Of course, you can add collaborators, both within the project and other “external” ones. It is also possible to add specific pending tasks or track errors detected. Your file versions will allow until you come back, if necessary.

One thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft is ahead of GitHub. Therefore, we can use it for free, although with certain restrictions on its use.



So far, we quote free solutions, but not exactly open source. If you are looking at this specific category, we start with Redmine.

Among open source, it is a favorite of thousands of entrepreneurs from all over the planet. You can launch your projects, manage the tasks of each one and who participates.



Right in the GitHub style, as the name suggests, you shouldn’t expect a cutting edge aesthetic. The purpose of these repositories is that you can host each element of your projects.

The most remarkable thing about this service is that you can develop documentation and wikis. There is also no lack of bug reports that may arise during the process.

Open source and initially free, your payment plans allow us to go much further.


Among the open source alternatives similar to Jira, Taiga is one of the most complete. Versatile as few, it allows you to integrate your content with those of GitHub or Trello, without going any further.

Free if you want, you can also choose one of your payment methods. Especially in the case of companies, this is an almost inevitable step.



And we end with Wekan, which many will still know as LibreBoard. Its resemblance to Trello is remarkable. Obviously, the difference is that this is an open source option.

You will be able to coordinate all types of projects, synchronize them between them and assign them to one or more users. Under these simple precepts, you will never miss anything and will meet all deadlines.

Well-managed and almost effortless projects

All the programs we have reviewed are a good suggestion for controlling your initiatives. However, we want to recommend one of them as the best alternative for Jira today.

And in that sense, we are convinced that Trello is the best tool for beginners. Cross platform, with infinite tools and a very good look. These are just some of the reasons why we suggest it above the rest.

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