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Innovative businesses and projects are constantly being created that are expected to revolutionize the way we live. or we carry out certain activities. Such is the case of Amazon go, a completely different way through which people can carry out their purchase processes without having to pay.

Specifically in these establishments, you can buy breakfasts, lunches and snacks to withdraw immediately. Added to that, it was designed Amazon Go Grocery, a new section where you will find other grocery options such as fresh produce, meat and seafood.

If you want to know more about how it works, you should keep reading. Here we will explain all the important details about Amazon Go, what is it, what type of items can be purchased, how is the purchase process, etc.

What is Amazon Go and what is this physical store of the ecommerce giant in the United States for?

What is Amazon Go and what is this physical store of the ecommerce giant in the United States for?

According to the definition of the platform itself, Amazon Go is an innovative type of store where people can shop quickly and streamline their processes dramatically. In this way, the person when arriving at the establishment should only scan a QR code which is located at the doors and then enter the store. Once there, you are free to take the products you need without having to pay.

This is possible thanks to a system known as Just walk out, by which it is detected when a user withdraws or returns a product. That is, it keeps track of them, to later charge them to the Amazon account without having to process the payment manually.

It is undoubtedly a revolution in terms of the shopping experience, because it considerably reduces the time that people spend going to the market. In addition, in the available stores there are access to a wide variety of products and ready-to-eat breakfast, lunch and snack options.

An innovative business model What are the benefits of shopping on Amazon Go?

Amazon go It is a totally innovative business proposal, due to its unique operating system. Among its main benefits, the fact that considerably streamlines the purchasing process. Simply put, it is based on a technology used in autonomous vehicles: sensor fusion, computer vision and deep learning.

It has the name of Just Walk Out, by which automatically detects when products are recalled or returned to the shelves. Also, keep track of them in a virtual cart. When the customer has everything they require, they can leave the establishment and, later, they will receive a receipt that will be charged to the Amazon account.

It should be noted that, based on this premise, other stores were developed under the same principle. This resulted in the founding of other establishments of this type but focused on other products, such as Amazon Books, Amazon Pop Up, Amazon 4-Star, Amazon Fresh, etc. Without a doubt, it is a rather ambitious project that is expected to expand throughout the world. Through it, the objective is improve the consumer experience and facilitate your purchasing procedures.

What kinds of products can be purchased on Amazon Go?

What kinds of products can be purchased on Amazon Go?

These tents were designed so that people can purchase breakfast, lunch and snack options prepared by specialized chefs. This means that you can mainly buy food here. Nevertheless, in the section that was incorporated called Amazon Go Grocery, are offered apart from other types of groceries, bakery and household items. In this sense, it is an interesting combination of organic, conventional, local items, etc.

Another interesting detail is that it has available amazon food kits. They are a proposal that includes all the ingredients you may need to prepare a meal in a few minutes. To learn much more in depth about the items you can purchase, you must enter the tab “To find out” of Amazon go. From there, it is possible to take a look at all the products for sale in each of the supermarkets.

Where is Amazon Go? Main cities where it is present

At present, there are many establishments of Amazon go and they are distributed in the United States. Specifically, they are located in Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and New York. Depending on the evolution of the project, its expansion is expected to have 3,000 establishments in the United States by 2021. Likewise, they are already studying the possibility of reach the European territory. Even, according to The Times, the company is already looking for premises to start opening establishments of this type in the United Kingdom.

Learn step by step about the Amazon Go purchase process to have a better experience

Learn step by step about the Amazon Go purchase process to have a better experience

If you want live the Amazon Go shopping experience and you are located in any of the cities where they have a presence, you just have to follow a series of simple steps. Remember that this project is designed to simplify the user experience, so its process is very easy to carry out.

We explain the step by step:

Download the app

The first thing to do is make sure you have a Amazon account. After that, download the free Amazon Go app on your mobile, regardless of whether it is iOS or Android. Then you have to link standard Amazon account in app and select payment method of your preference for the purchases you will make in stores.

Scan the QR code

When you have made the first configurations, you will be shown a QR code which is the one you will use to enter the establishment. That is, every time you want to enter you have to open the app and scan the QR code on the store door. The QR code fulfills the function of tracking the movements of the customer in the store, in order to determine which products are being selected.

Choose the products

After going through the registration process and scanning the QR code, you can now enter the establishment and feel in the freedom of select all products that you want to take with you. As simple as it seems. Then choose the products from the shelf and then you can leave.

Receive the invoice

Within minutes, The purchase will be charged to your Amazon account and you will receive a receipt with the details of the purchase.. In this way, in a few minutes you will have the products you need in your hands, without having to queue to pay.

FAQ about Amazon Go; at IPAP we answer the most common questions and answers

FAQ about Amazon Go;  at IPAP we answer the most common questions and answers

Because Amazon Go is an innovative project, it is normal that questions arise regarding the subject.

Therefore, at IPAP we will help you clarify the most common ones related to whether there are staff working in the store, when they will arrive in other countries, etc:

Are there employees on Amazon Go?

Yes. Once you enter the establishment, there are employees who welcome you and are available to answer all your questions that can be presented. Apart from this, there are personnel in charge of ordering the shelves, requesting the identification of users who are going to buy alcoholic beverages.

Equally, there are people in charge of preparing the food that is sold. Despite Amazon focuses on optimizing processesIts strategy really consists of combining the efforts of machines and people, so that the customer gets the best possible experience.

Can I leave the store without paying? Can I go to jail if I do it?

The idea of ​​going to Amazon Go establishments is to leave without paying. Thus, you will not have any problems If you select and product and you take it without going through a box. Remember that these supermarkets use a technology that is based on the tracking of objects removed from the shelves. In this way, they can monitor exactly what you are taking to load it later to your Amazon account.

Besides, in these stores there are cameras that are strategically located to constantly check the purchasing processes. In summary, you will not have any legal problem when you leave the store without paying. Therefore, enter with confidence, select the products you require and leave without worries. Thanks to sensors, everything will be added to your cart and voila.

When will Amazon Go arrive in Spain and Latin America?

For the moments, there is no specific information regarding plans to open stores outside the United States. According to The Times, they were planning to open their first establishment of this type in the UK, however, at the moment the expansion project has not been finalized. Although there are no concrete plans for its expansion yet, it would not be surprising if Amazon decides to take it to other borders. All this with the purpose of improving the shopping experience of its users around the world.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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