Analyze Facebook Live Statistics  Step by Step Guide ▷ 2021

Every year Facebook Live usage doubles among different people and brands who seek to generate new and better content. Since its launch in 2016, this streaming platform has created better ways to measure the impact that video broadcasting has on the audience. In this article we will review how to access this monitoring.

Undoubtedly, live broadcasts improve engagement with followers, allows you to have opinions in real time and share the best of the offer you have for them.

A great way to being more competitive is constantly measuring whether your followers like what you do and that’s what the review of the main statistics that Facebook has in terms of transmissions.

Why is it important to analyze the numbers and insight of your transmissions on Facebook Live?

When you post without getting feedback on what you do, it’s like driving a car without seeing where you’re going. The best way to waste time and effort is to publish a live video without being sure that more people will see it each time, and this can be avoided if you measure the statistics after each broadcast.

Analyzing the numbers and insight allows you to know the tastes of the people, the time they dedicate to your videos and the real reach that they have in each transmission, so you can have a better idea of ​​what they want to receive.

The tool also gives clarity about the type of audience that follows you, what is your average age, where do you follow your live videos from and where they are located in order to have a better detail of the publications that may have a better hook on them. One of the best metrics is average watch timeWith this data, you will know if it is worth it for your transmissions to last a minute, longer than that time or if there is simply an impact when the videos last less than 30 seconds.

Learn step by step how to access the statistics of your Facebook Live videos from any device

What on Facebook there are several types of statistics, it is important that for the purposes of measuring your live broadcasts you only focus on the metrics offered by the Creator Studio section, which is specifically intended for video content.

This is how this section is accessed:

On a computer

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • If you manage several Fan Pages at the same time, go to the page you want to monitor.
  • On the left side, select the option “Statistics”.
  • You’ll see the general statistics of your Fan Page, but we want you to know the specific statistics of your videos.
  • Choose the option “Creator Studio”, located on the left side.

Facebook Live Creator Studio

Up to this point, you notice that Facebook now takes you to the Creator Studio section, which has been under development since March 2021 so that more people and brands can better monitor their content:

  • On the left side, you find the option “Statistics”.
  • You will see in the central area data such as “Minutes played”, “Featured videos” Y “Featured Pages”.
  • You will see a submenu with options such as “Summary”, “Public” Y “Fidelity”.

Facebook Live statistics

  • Each of those sections shows you different interesting facts about your audience.

From a mobile and tablet

You already know that Facebook has different applications that offer specific services, however, You must download the Creator Studio app from Google Play or the App Store to access specific video statistics.

Go for it:

Mobile statistics on Facebook Live

  • After installing the app, keep it open. It will ask you to select the Fan Page you want to monitor.
  • At the bottom and center, we find a symbol of “Statistics”, you must press it.
  • There you can change the time parameter for you to measure the impact of the videos in the last seven days, 14 days, 28 days and up to 90 days.
  • You find a summary of the performance, “Minutes played”, “Interactions with videos” Y “Followers”.
  • Too you get the duration of the reproductions.
  • Finally, Facebook gives you a quick guide to what all those metrics mean and how to get the best out of them.
  • If you have the Business Suite application, also from Facebook, you will see general statistics of the Fan Page and the linked account of Instagram, but it is about the general statistics like likes, followers and comments.

Mobile statistics on Facebook Live

  • So, if you require specific data from the videos and live broadcasts, Creator Studio is the best application to have access to this information of your interest.

Generalities in Fan Page

If you prefer not to have access to so many details about your videos, there is another way to see some numbers from the Statistics section of the page, in your Fan Page:

  • Log in on your Facebook account.
  • Go to page you want to analyze.
  • On the left, select “Page statistics”.

Video statistics on the Fan Page

  • Now select the option “Videos”.
  • You will be able to see a limited number of measurements to give you an idea of ​​the scope of your videos, but do not include live broadcasts.

We teach you the most important KPIs of your Facebook Live videos and how to interpret them correctly

All social media activity must be results-oriented, if you are a community manager, you know the importance of correctly reviewing the statistics to generate more likes and keep customers happy. And if you are an entrepreneur and you manage your own Fan Pages, then you want to earn a reputation and increase your sales. Whatever the case, you will be successful only if you know the indicators and you learn to interpret them.

Meet some of them:


The first thing you will see is a section that summarizes the result of everything you do in the Fan Pages, but there is a small warning that takes you to additional statistics regarding videos, is at the top of that section.

We show you the ways in which Facebook summarizes the information:

  • Minutes played: This shows you if people stayed a minute or three seconds in your live, this tells you if the content and what they saw they liked from the first moment. When there are more plays for just three seconds, then it’s time to change your strategy.
  • Comparison of reproductions: you see a line graph comparing the current measurement span to the previous span, which is also seven days. It is another way to see if the popularity of your transmissions is maintained, decreased or increased during the week.
  • Show by: If you pay for advertising, this section is useful because you compare whether or not it is worthwhile to continue investing in advertising within Facebook. Here you note if the largest entry of views is for organic movements or for paid content.


Within this category are the sections of Performance, Loyalty and Retention, this is the basis of the measurement you should do frequently.

You find several subsections with more data of interest:

  • Performance: here you have at your fingertips the same information that you get in the Summary section. Additionally, you get the top list of the videos best valued by the followers, where they summarize the minutes played and the interactions.
  • Fidelity: In this category you measure how often people return to your fan page, the moments and publications that allow you to have new followers and more details about the frequency of video playback and live views.
  • Retention: here highlights the possibility of seeing how people accessed your videos and live, which may be due to Facebook recommendations, because someone shared your video or because followers saw the publication in their feed. The best thing that can happen to you is that the highest percentage is by people who shared the post and chose to enter.


All posts, even live ones, can be shared in storiesThat is why this section is important for you to measure the number of followers that interact with you through this channel. You can see how many unique views your stories had, all the interactions and reactions that there were from your followers. What’s more, outlines the total number that were posted by all administrators of the site in that period and in the transmission.

Instant articles

In this section you get a summary of the actions you ask users to do, how to enter a link and the depth that they dedicate to them.

This works if you usually post content outside of the Fan Pages as articles on web pages:

  • Call to action: here you get the new registrations in the newsletter, the times people like it and the times an app suggested by you is installed through the stories. You can make strategic exchanges if you have a lot of people who can react to these actions.
  • Performance: It is a summary of the number of articles reviewed by followers and the time they spend reading the suggestions that you send them through external links. You can also compare your current performance with that of the previous period.
  • Increase in income: It is useful when you publish paid content and want to better track the performance of these types of publications. If you haven’t paid on Facebook, there simply won’t be any stats to look at.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks! 😉

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