ANDROID BEAM  What is it? + How does it work? ▷ 2020

The uses of radio frequency and wireless connections have evolved a lot since their arrival and they have generated many benefits in terms of data transfer, either with the Internet or simply local transfers.

These technologies have served to very well replace the transfer by wiring, even so, there are some that have not been fully disclosed.

So today we are going to talk about Android Beam, a technology a little discontinued but still operational on many mobile devices. It is very effective when sending information from one mobile to another without having the Internet.

What is the Android Beam app and what is it for on my smartphone?

If you are in the group of people who still have a mobile phone with Android Beam, then you should know that it is a unique feature that allows the information transfer easily and quickly.

Its operation is given thanks to the NFC technology and thanks to it, users who have this feature can transfer between their mobiles:

  • Web addresses.
  • Contact information.
  • Navigation markers.
  • Physical addresses.
  • YouTube video links.

All this simply by bringing the mobiles close to a short distance and without any prior pairing as in other technologies, just make a small touch of the screen to launch the information to the other mobile.

It is important to note that other types of files that are not merely informational cannot be transferred. Well this technology does not support large amounts of storage, that is to say, cannot be transferred with Android Beam:

  • Photographs.
  • Videos.
  • Documents

NFC technology What are the advantages of using this technology?

Near field communication or NFC for its acronym in English, It is one of the many technologies that radio frequency has left us. It is a wireless technology that allows the transfer of information between any of the devices that have a chip of this type inside.

In addition to the transfer of data in small proportions, also is implemented to make payments, which has been praised as one of the safest ways in physical establishments.

NFC is a great technology and brings great advantages:

  • Speed: This technology works instantly when it comes to transferring data in small amounts. The way to connect is also very fast, since it only requires bringing the two devices closer together.
  • Security: When used to pay, this technology handles very secure protocols by generating unique codes for each transaction, which makes it impossible for it to be violated.
  • Low energy consumption: its operation is instantaneous and does not consume large amounts of energy like other radio frequency technologies, for example, WiFi or Bluetooth.

Even so, NFC has two observations, one of them is that in order to connect the devices must be within less than 20 centimeters and that transfer amounts should be small.

NFC vs Bluetooth What is the best technology to connect and send data?

Bluetooth is another of the great applications of radio frequency And it allows its users to transfer large amounts of data, or at least much more than NFC.

It is important that in order to correctly compare Bluetooth with NFC, we understand that, although both are derived from radio frequency, each one has its specific application, and when it comes to data transfer you have to be clear about what type of data they are.

Let’s see then what are the characteristics in which these two technologies differ:


Although both are wireless implementations, the two operate on different frequencies. While Bluetooth works with 2.4 GHz, which is very common, NFC works with 13.56 GHz.


Although the frequency of the NFC is higher than that of Bluetooth, it is not faster, since it only reaches 424 Kilobits per second. Which is fine as we said for informational data transfers like payment codes, contacts, and addresses.

On the other hand, Bluetooth can reach in its best conditions up to 20 Megabytes per second, which is enough to transfer images, videos and documents.


At this point, we should already be clear that bluetooth has much more range, as this is known to even serve to listen to music remotely with wireless speakers or headphones. While with NFC devices should be practically on top of each other. But, this if we analyze it well can be a real advantage when making payments for the security issue.

Energy consumption

As already mentioned, the NFC consumes much less, as it generates practically no battery costs when used. While the expense generated by Bluetooth can easily download a mobile if it is used for a long time.

To come to a healthy conclusion, both technologies are very good at their specialty, but when it comes to data transfer bluetooth wins for obvious reasons.

Steps to send information through Android Beam fast and easy

We are going to quickly know how is the complete process to send files with this efficient wireless network:

Check NFC settings

To verify that the phone has the ability to make this type of transfers, we must access the section of “Settings”.

  • Next, we must access the “Advanced settings” of the “Wireless and networks”. In this case, it is done by pressing the button “Plus …”, but this may vary slightly depending on your device.

Advanced wireless and network settings

  • In the next window we must check that the NFC settings are active and if not, activate it.
  • successively you must press where it says “Android beam”.

Android Beam

  • Finally, here you have to activate this function if it is disabled.

Activate Android Beam

Zoom in on devices

Once the connection is activated, it will only be necessary locate the file or information that is going to be transferred and bring the mobile device closer to another. These must be placed in parallel, but with the backs facing the front.

back mobiles

Transfer the information

When the two mobile phones are on the back, the screen of the mobile that has the information will become small and floating, so the user must make a small touch with the finger so that the information jumps from your mobile to the other.

Touch to send

What do I do if I don’t use Android Beam? How to deactivate the application

If we are not using Android Beam then it is advisable to keep it off, since although this does not generate energy costs, it is always better to take care of the mobile battery.

To turn it off, it is necessary to travel the route that we already showed in the previous point, first we access the Device “Settings” and then we enter the “Advanced settings” of connections. From there we can make sure to deactivate both NFC technology, such as Beam.

Android Beam

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you! 😉

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